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Pagacz, S.[Stanislaw] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Alternative Flight Plans in Thermal Drone Wildlife Surveys: Simulation Study

Pagalthivarthi, K.V.[Krishnan V.] Co Author Listing * Temporal Bayesian Network based contextual framework for structured information mining

Pagan, B.R.[Brianna R.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Potential of Satellite Solar-Induced Fluorescence to Constrain Global Transpiration Estimates
* Impact of Drought on Isoprene Fluxes Assessed Using Field Data, Satellite-Based GLEAM Soil Moisture and HCHO Observations from OMI
Includes: Pagan, B.R.[Brianna R.] Pagán, B.R.[Brianna R.] Pagán, B.R.[Brianna Rita]

Pagan, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * Rurality and Origin-Destination Trajectories of Medical School Application and Matriculation in the United States
* Spatiotemporal Optimization for the Placement of Automated External Defibrillators Using Mobile Phone Data
Includes: Pagan, J.A.[Jose A.] Pagán, J.A.[José A.]

Pagan, J.I. Co Author Listing * ADAtools: Automatic Detection and Classification of Active Deformation Areas from PSI Displacement Maps
* Semi-Automatic Identification and Pre-Screening of Geological-Geotechnical Deformational Processes Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Datasets
Includes: Pagan, J.I. Pagán, J.I. Pagán, J.I.[José Ignacio]

Paganelli, F. Co Author Listing * Coordination of Planetary Coordinate System Recommendations By the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2020 Status and Future

Pagani, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Pagani, A.[Alain]: alain pagani AT dfki de
* Architecture for Prototyping and Application Development of Visual Tracking Systems, An
* BoxMask: Revisiting Bounding Box Supervision for Video Object Detection
* Feature Management for Efficient Camera Tracking
* Integral P-channels for fast and robust region matching
* LBS Augmented Reality Assistive System For Utilities Infrastructure Management Through Galileo And Egnos
* Learning Attention Propagation for Compositional Zero-Shot Learning
* Learning Local Patch Orientation with a Cascade of Sparse Regressors
* New Merit Version for MPEG-2 Encoded Files, A
* Real-Time Head Pose Estimation Using Multi-variate RVM on Faces in the Wild
* Robust Point Matching in HDRI through Estimation of Illumination Distribution
* Sensors For Location-based Augmented Reality The Example Of Galileo And Egnos
* SIFT in perception-based color space
* SLAM in the Field: An Evaluation of Monocular Mapping and Localization on Challenging Dynamic Agricultural Environment
* SlamCraft: Dense Planar RGB Monocular SLAM
* Sparse-MVRVMs Tree for Fast and Accurate Head Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Structure from Motion using full spherical panoramic cameras
* Superior Tracking Approach: Building a Strong Tracker through Fusion, A
Includes: Pagani, A.[Alain] Pagani, A.
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Pagani, M. Co Author Listing * Classification of Functional Patterns in SPECT Brain Scans Based on Partial Least Squares Analysis

Pagani, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Hand Gesture Recognition for Collaborative Workstations: A Smart Command System Prototype

Pagani, S.M.C.[Silvia M. C.] Co Author Listing * Geometrical Characterization of the Uniqueness Regions Under Special Sets of Three Directions in Discrete Tomography
* Uniqueness Regions under Sets of Generic Projections in Discrete Tomography

Paganin, D.M. Co Author Listing * Imaging Breast Microcalcifications Using Dark-Field Signal in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast Tomography
* Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction for Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast X-Ray CT including Models for the Source and the Detector
* On the van Cittert-Zernike theorem for intensity correlations and its applications
* Stability of phase-contrast tomography
* X-Ray Dark-Field and Phase Retrieval Without Optics, via the Fokker-Planck Equation
Includes: Paganin, D.M. Paganin, D.M.[David M.]

Paganini, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sentinel-2 and RapidEye for Retrieval of Leaf Area Index in a Saltmarsh Using a Radiative Transfer Model
* Evaluating Prediction Models for Mapping Canopy Chlorophyll Content Across Biomes
* Surface Water Dynamics from Space: A Round Robin Intercomparison of Using Optical and SAR High-Resolution Satellite Observations for Regional Surface Water Detection

Pagano, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Intra-cardiac Signatures of Atrial Arrhythmias Identified by Machine Learning and Traditional Features

Pagano, C.C. Co Author Listing * Carryover effects of calibration to visual and proprioceptive information on near field distance judgments in 3D user interaction

Pagano, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * ArcStereoNet: A New ArcGIS® Toolbox for Projection and Analysis of Meso- and Micro-Structural Data

Pagano, P. Co Author Listing * HOG-Dot: A Parallel Kernel-Based Gradient Extraction for Embedded Image Processing
* Is ICT mature for an EU-wide intelligent transport system?
* low-cost vehicle counter for next-generation ITS, A
Includes: Pagano, P. Pagano, P.[Paolo]

Pagano, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * CubeSat platform will lower cost of weather modeling and forecasting

Pagano, T.S.[Thomas S.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Absolute Calibration Accuracy and Stability of AIRS Using the CMC SST
* Influence of Droughts on Mid-Tropospheric CO2
* Prelaunch and in-flight radiometric calibration of the atmospheric infrared sounder (AIRS)
* SI-Traceability and Measurement Uncertainty of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Version 5 Level 1B Radiances
Includes: Pagano, T.S.[Thomas S.] Pagano, T.S.

Paganone, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Geophysical Surveys for Geotechnical Model Reconstruction and Slope Stability Modelling

Pagany, R.[Raphaela] Co Author Listing * Do Crash Barriers and Fences Have an Impact on Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions?: An Artificial Intelligence and GIS-Based Analysis
* Private Graphs: Access Rights On Graphs For Seamless Navigation
* Spatiotemporal Analysis For Wildlife-vehicle-collisions Based On Accident Statistics Of The County Straubing-bogen In Lower Bavaria
Includes: Pagany, R.[Raphaela] Pagany, R.

Pagarigan, M.A.L.[Mark Austin L.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Face Mask Wearing Conditions with Lightweight CNN Models on Raspberry Pi 4 and Jetson Nano

Pagay, V.[Vinay] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Feasibility of Using Sentinel-2 Imagery to Quantify the Impact of Heatwaves on Irrigated Vineyards
* Estimation of Grapevine Crop Coefficient Using a Multispectral Camera on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Plant Viral Disease Detection: From Molecular Diagnosis to Optical Sensing Technology: A Multidisciplinary Review

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