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Niebel, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Advantage of cooperative traffic light control algorithms

Nieberding, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Classification of South Patagonian Peat Bog Microforms Reveals Potential Gaps in Up-Scaled CH4 Fluxes by use of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and CIR Imagery

Niebles, J.C. Co Author Listing * Action Genome: Actions As Compositions of Spatio-Temporal Scene Graphs
* Action-Agnostic Human Pose Forecasting
* ActivityNet: A large-scale video benchmark for human activity understanding
* Agent-Centric Risk Assessment: Accident Anticipation and Risky Region Localization
* Align and Prompt: Video-and-Language Pre-training with Entity Prompts
* Camera Motion and Surrounding Scene Appearance as Context for Action Recognition
* CoCon: Cooperative-Contrastive Learning
* Connectionist Temporal Modeling for Weakly Supervised Action Labeling
* D3TW: Discriminative Differentiable Dynamic Time Warping for Weakly Supervised Action Alignment and Segmentation
* DAPs: Deep Action Proposals for Action Understanding
* Deformer: Dynamic Fusion Transformer for Robust Hand Pose Estimation
* Dense-Captioning Events in Videos
* Detecting Human-Object Relationships in Videos
* Discriminative Hierarchical Modeling of Spatio-temporally Composable Human Activities
* Disentangling Human Dynamics for Pedestrian Locomotion Forecasting with Noisy Supervision
* Efficient extraction of human motion volumes by tracking
* End-to-End Joint Semantic Segmentation of Actors and Actions in Video
* Explaining VQA predictions using visual grounding and a knowledge base
* Extracting Moving People from Internet Videos
* Fast Temporal Activity Proposals for Efficient Detection of Human Actions in Untrimmed Videos
* Few-Shot Video Classification via Temporal Alignment
* Finding It: Weakly-Supervised Reference-Aware Visual Grounding in Instructional Videos
* Graph Distillation for Action Detection with Privileged Modalities
* Hierarchical Model of Shape and Appearance for Human Action Classification, A
* Hierarchical Pose-Based Approach to Complex Action Understanding Using Dictionaries of Actionlets and Motion Poselets, A
* Home Action Genome: Cooperative Compositional Action Understanding
* Identifying Auxiliary or Adversarial Tasks Using Necessary Condition Analysis for Adversarial Multi-task Video Understanding
* Imitation Learning for Human Pose Prediction
* Interpretable Visual Question Answering by Visual Grounding From Attention Supervision Mining
* Learning Privacy-preserving Optics for Human Pose Estimation
* Learning Temporal Action Proposals With Fewer Labels
* Liquid Pouring Monitoring via Rich Sensory Inputs
* Mask-Free OVIS: Open-Vocabulary Instance Segmentation without Manual Mask Annotations
* Metadata Normalization
* Mining discriminative adjectives and prepositions for natural scene recognition
* Modeling Temporal Structure of Decomposable Motion Segments for Activity Classification
* Neural Task Graphs: Generalizing to Unseen Tasks From a Single Video Demonstration
* On the relationship between visual attributes and convolutional networks
* Open Vocabulary Object Detection with Pseudo Bounding-Box Labels
* Peeking Into the Future: Predicting Future Person Activities and Locations in Videos
* PreViTS: Contrastive Pretraining with Video Tracking Supervision
* PrivHAR: Recognizing Human Actions from Privacy-Preserving Lens
* Procedure Planning in Instructional Videos
* Procedure-Aware Pretraining for Instructional Video Understanding
* Representation Learning with Statistical Independence to Mitigate Bias
* Risky Region Localization with Point Supervision
* Robust Manhattan Frame estimation from a single RGB-D image
* RubiksNet: Learnable 3D-Shift for Efficient Video Action Recognition
* Sparse composition of body poses and atomic actions for human activity recognition in RGB-D videos
* Spatial-Temporal correlatons for unsupervised action classification
* Spatio-Temporal Graph for Video Captioning With Knowledge Distillation
* Spatio-temporal Human-Object Interactions for Action Recognition in Videos
* SST: Single-Stream Temporal Action Proposals
* Temporal Modular Networks for Retrieving Complex Compositional Activities in Videos
* Title Generation for User Generated Videos
* TRiPOD: Human Trajectory and Pose Dynamics Forecasting in the Wild
* ULIP: Learning a Unified Representation of Language, Images, and Point Clouds for 3D Understanding
* Unsupervised Learning of Human Action Categories Using Spatial-Temporal Words
* Unsupervised Visual-Linguistic Reference Resolution in Instructional Videos
* Visual Forecasting by Imitating Dynamics in Natural Sequences
* What Makes a Video a Video: Analyzing Temporal Information in Video Understanding Models and Datasets
Includes: Niebles, J.C. Niebles, J.C.[Juan Carlos]
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Niebling, F. Co Author Listing * Geo-information Technologies for a Multimodal Access On Historical Photographs and Maps for Research and Communication in Urban History
* Giving Historical Photographs a New Perspective: Introducing Camera Orientation Parameters as New Metadata in a Large-Scale 4D Application
* Historical Photos and Visualizations: Potential for Research
* Photogrammetric Analysis of Historical Image Repositories for Virtual Reconstruction in the Field of Digital Humanities
* Research and Communication of Urban History in 4D Using Historical Photographs: A Status Report of the Research Group UrbanHistory4D
* Urban History in 4 Dimensions: Supporting Research And Education
* Using Augmented Reality and Interactive Simulations to Realize Hybrid Prototypes
Includes: Niebling, F. Niebling, F.[Florian]
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Niebner, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Exploiting uncertainty in regression forests for accurate camera relocalization
* Learning 3D Scene Priors with 2D Supervision
Includes: Niebner, M.[Matthias] NieBner, M.[Matthias]

Niebuhr, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Assisting Flood Disaster Response with Earth Observation Data and Products: A Critical Assessment

Niebur, E.[Ernst] Co Author Listing * Model of Saliency-Based Visual Attention for Rapid Scene Analysis, A
* Visual Attention and Applications in Multimedia Technologies
Includes: Niebur, E.[Ernst] Niebur, E.

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