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Mama, A.[Azusa] Co Author Listing * Energy-Based Tree Illustration System: ETIS

Mama, R. Co Author Listing * Seq2seq Vs Sketch Filling Structure for Natural Language to SQL Translation

Mamada, T.[Takahiro] Co Author Listing * Flat Multi-scalable Coding for Failure-free Video Transmission

Mamaev, N. Co Author Listing * Dermatological Image Denoising Using Adaptive Henlm Method
* Image Ridge Denoising Using No-Reference Metric
Includes: Mamaev, N. Mamaev, N.[Nikolay]

Mamagiannou, E.[Elisavet] Co Author Listing * FIR, IIR and Wavelet Algorithms for the Rigorous Filtering of GOCE SGG Data to the GOCE MBW

Mamagiannou, E.G.[Elisavet G.] Co Author Listing * GOCE Downward Continuation to the Earth's Surface and Improvements to Local Geoid Modeling by FFT and LSC

Mamalet, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * Achieving robustness in classification using optimal transport with hinge regularization
* Fast and Robust Face Detection on a Parallel Optimized Architecture Implemented on FPGA
* ICDAR2015 competition on Text Image Super-Resolution
* Sparse shift-invariant representation of local 2D patterns and sequence learning for human action recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder for Sequence Classification
* Text recognition in multimedia documents: A study of two neural-based OCRs using and avoiding character segmentation
Includes: Mamalet, F.[Franck] Mamalet, F.

Maman, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * TypeNet: Towards Camera Enabled Touch Typing on Flat Surfaces through Self-Refinement

Maman, D. Co Author Listing * Target segmentation and event detection at video-rate: The EAGLE project

Maman, L.[Lior] Co Author Listing * Coherent Multi-Dwell Processing of Un-Synchronized Dwells for High Velocity Estimation and Super-Resolution in Radar

Maman, S.[Shimrit] Co Author Listing * Combining TerraSAR-X and Landsat Images for Emergency Response in Urban Environments
* Evaluation of Manning's n Roughness Coefficient in Arid Environments by Using SAR Backscatter
* Hyperspectral Reflectance and Indices for Characterizing the Dynamics of Crop-Weed Competition for Water
* Large Oil Spill Classification Using Sar Images Based On Spatial Histogram
* Monitoring Tree Population Dynamics In Arid Zone Through Multiple Temporal Scales: Integration Of Spatial Analysis, Change Detection And Field Long Term Monitoring
* Spec Tool; an online education and research resource
* Utilizing SAR and Multispectral Integrated Data For Emergency Response
Includes: Maman, S.[Shimrit] Maman, S.
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Mamane, B.[Bako] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Groundwater Storage Change and Recharge Using GRACE Data: A Case Study of Aquifers in Niger, West Africa

Mamano, N.[Nil] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Stable Matching and Clustering in a Grid

Mamassian, P. Co Author Listing * Perception of stereo at different vergence distances: Implications for realism

Mamat, A.[Aynur] Co Author Listing * Coupling and Coordination Relationships between Urban Expansion and Ecosystem Service Value in Kashgar City
* new clustering approach based on graph partitioning for navigation patterns mining, A
Includes: Mamat, A.[Aynur] Mamat, A.[Ali]

Mamat, D.[Dilxat] Co Author Listing * Analytical Method and Research of Uyghur Language Chunks Based on Digital Forensics

Mamat, H.[Hornisa] Co Author Listing * Script Identification of Central Asia Based on Fused Texture Features

Mamat, R. Co Author Listing * Impact of Ambulance Dispatch Policies on Performance of Emergency Medical Services

Mamata, H. Co Author Listing * Efficient construction of histology slide mosaics via phase correlation registration of high resolution tiles

Mamatha, S. Co Author Listing * Relationship Between Rice Residue Burning and Increasing Air Pollution In North-west India

Mamatjan, Y. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Real-Time Monitoring of Data Quality in Electrical Impedance Tomography
* Imaging of hemorrhagic stroke in magnetic induction tomography: An in vitro study
Includes: Mamatjan, Y. Mamatjan, Y.[Yasin]

Mamatsi, E.[Eirini] Co Author Listing * Handwriting Classification of Byzantine Codices via Geometric Transformations Induced by Curvature Deformations

Mamatsis, A.R.[Athanasios Rafail] Co Author Listing * Handwriting Classification of Byzantine Codices via Geometric Transformations Induced by Curvature Deformations

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