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Lien, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Region Filling with the Use of the Discrete Green Theorem

Lien, B.K.[Brian K.] Co Author Listing * Reversible data hiding for ordered dithered halftone images

Lien, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Hardware Implementation of HOG Feature Extraction for Human Detection, An
* Efficient VLSI Architecture for Edge-Oriented Demosaicking

Lien, C.C. Co Author Listing * Complex-Subband Transform for Subband-Based Motion Estimation/Compensation and Coding
* Fast Macroblock Mode Decision Algorithm for the Baseline Profile in the H.264 Video Coding Standard, A
* Fast Mode Decision Method for H.264/AVC Using the Spatial-Temporal Prediction Scheme, A
* Large Area Video Surveillance System with Handoff Scheme among Multiple Cameras
* Model-Based Articulated Hand Motion Tracking For Gesture Recognition
* Model-Based Dynamic Hand Posture Identification Using Genetic Algorithm, The
* multi-view vision-based hand motion capturing system, A
* scalable model-based hand posture analysis system, A
* Scene-based event detection for baseball videos
* Sign language recognition using 3-D Hopfield neural network
Includes: Lien, C.C. Lien, C.C.[Cheng-Chang]
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Lien, C.T.[Chou Tien] Co Author Listing * Detection of Insect Damage in Green Coffee Beans Using VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Imaging
Includes: Lien, C.T.[Chou Tien] Lien, C.T.[Chou-Tien]

Lien, C.W.[Chi Wei] Co Author Listing * Challenges and Opportunities of Biometric User Authentication in the Age of IoT: A Survey
Includes: Lien, C.W.[Chi Wei] Lien, C.W.[Chi-Wei]

Lien, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Image Restoring Algorithm for Interlaced Video, A
* Sports Field Registration via Keypoints-aware Label Condition
Includes: Lien, C.Y. Lien, C.Y.[Chi-Yu]

Lien, F.[Fong] Co Author Listing * Method for transforming an image from a resolution to a lower resolution

Lien, J.J.J.[Jenn Jier James] Co Author Listing * AdaBoost Learning for Human Detection Based on Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Automated Face Analysis by Feature Point Tracking Has High Concurrent Validity with Manual FACS Coding
* Automated Facial Expression Recognition Based on FACS Action Units
* Automatic Location of Facial Feature Points and Synthesis of Facial Sketches Using Direct Combined Model
* Automatic Recognition of Facial Expressions Using Hidden Markov Models and Estimation of Expression Intensity
* Automatic Vehicle Detection Using Local Features: A Statistical Approach
* Automatic Vehicle Detection Using Statistical Approach
* Colored exaggerative caricature creation using inter- and intra-correlations of feature shapes and positions
* Detection, Tracking, and Classification of Action Units in Facial Expression
* Efficient Object Segmentation Using Digital Matting for MPEG Video Sequences
* Facial expression recognition system based on rigid and non-rigid motion separation and 3D pose estimation
* Facial Occlusion Reconstruction: Recovering Both the Global Structure and the Local Detailed Texture Components
* Fast Directional Image Completion
* Fast Image Replacement Using Multi-resolution Approach
* Feature-Point Tracking by Optical Flow Discriminates Subtle Differences in Facial Expression
* Heuristic Pre-clustering Relevance Feedback in Region-Based Image Retrieval
* High Dynamic Range Scene Realization Using Two Complementary Images
* Human action recognition based on graph-embedded spatio-temporal subspace
* Human Action Recognition Using Spatio-temporal Classification
* Incremental Perspective Motion Model for Rigid and Non-rigid Motion Separation
* Kernel Discriminant Analysis Based on Canonical Differences for Face Recognition in Image Sets
* Kernel discriminant transformation for image set-based face recognition
* Learning-Based Super-Resolution System Using Single Facial Image and Multi-resolution Wavelet Synthesis
* Photography Enhancement Based on the Fusion of Tone and Color Mappings in Adaptive Local Region
* Rapid Image Completion System Using Multiresolution Patch-Based Directional and Nondirectional Approaches
* Subtly Different Facial Expression Recognition and Expression Intensity Estimation
* Synthesis of Exaggerative Caricature with Inter and Intra Correlations
* Using the Orthographic Projection Model to Approximate the Perspective Projection Model for 3D Facial Reconstruction
* view-based statistical system for multi-view face detection and pose estimation, A
* Weighted Map for Reflectance and Shading Separation Using a Single Image
Includes: Lien, J.J.J.[Jenn Jier James] Lien, J.J.J.[Jenn-Jier James] Lien, J.J.J. Lien, J.J.J.[James J.J.]
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Lien, J.M.[Jyh Ming] Co Author Listing * Continuous Visibility Feature
* Creating building ground plans via robust K-way union: A step toward large-scale simulation in urban environment
* Dual-Space Decomposition of 2D Complex Shapes
* Generating seamless surfaces for transport and dispersion modeling in GIS
* Material Editing Using a Physically Based Rendering Network
* Multi-camera tele-immersion system with real-time model driven data compression: A new model-based compression method for massive dynamic point data
* Skeleton-Based Compression of 3-D Tele-Immersion Data
* Skeleton-Based Data Compression for Multi-camera Tele-Immersion System
Includes: Lien, J.M.[Jyh Ming] Lien, J.M.[Jyh-Ming] Lien, J.M.
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Lien, K.C.[Kuo Chin] Co Author Listing * Exploring Visual and Motion Saliency for Automatic Video Object Extraction
* Eye Gaze Correction with a Single Webcam Based on Eye-Replacement
* High-order regularization for stereo color editing
* Multi-view-based Cooperative Tracking of Multiple Human Objects in Cluttered Scenes
* Multiview-Based Cooperative Tracking of Multiple Human Objects
* SATPlate: A Germany License Plate Detection Dataset and Baselines
Includes: Lien, K.C.[Kuo Chin] Lien, K.C.[Kuo-Chin]

Lien, N.T.H.[Nguyen Thi Huong] Co Author Listing * Two channel digital watermarking for music based on exponential time-spread echo kernel

Lien, S. Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Prediction Model for Baby Accidents, A

Lien, W.H.[Wei Hung] Co Author Listing * Spectral Derivatives of Optical Depth for Partitioning Aerosol Type and Loading
Includes: Lien, W.H.[Wei Hung] Lien, W.H.[Wei-Hung]

Lien, Y.H.[Yun Hsuan] Co Author Listing * Style-Structure Disentangled Features and Normalizing Flows for Diverse Icon Colorization
Includes: Lien, Y.H.[Yun Hsuan] Lien, Y.H.[Yun-Hsuan]

Lienard, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Method for the automatic resetting of images
* Motion Estimation in X-Ray Image Sequences with Bi-Distributed Transparency
* Multiresolution Parametric Estimation of Transparent Motions
Includes: Lienard, J.[Jean] Lienard, J.

Lienard, J.S.[Jean Sylvail] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Feature Extraction from the Visual Environment in an Active Vision System
Includes: Lienard, J.S.[Jean Sylvail] Liénard, J.S.[Jean-Sylvail]

Lienemann, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Time-Dependent Joint Segmentation and Registration Model: Application to Longitudinal Registration of Hepatic DCE-MRI Sequences, A

Lienemann, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of NMR Spectra by Ensembles of Local Experts
* Automatic Detection of Song Changes in Music Mixes Using Stochastic Models
* SVM ensemble classification of NMR spectra based on different configurations of data processing techniques

Lienen, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Monocular Depth Estimation via Listwise Ranking using the Plackett-Luce Model

Lienert, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Image processing in experiments on, and simulations of plastic deformation of polycrystals

Lieng, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Quadtree Decomposition Texture Analysis in Paper Formation Determination

Lienhard, A. Co Author Listing * Fully automated facial picture evaluation using high level attributes
* How to predict the global instantaneous feeling induced by a facial picture?
Includes: Lienhard, A. Lienhard, A.[Arnaud]

Lienhardt, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Border Operator for Generalized Maps
* Equivalence between Closed Connected n-G-Maps without Multi-Incidence and n-Surfaces
* Equivalence Between Regular n-G-Maps and n-Surfaces
* Hierarchies Relating Topology and Geometry
* Homology Computation During an Incremental Construction Process
* nD generalized map pyramids: Definition, representations and basic operations
* Removal and contraction operations to define combinatorial pyramids: Application to the design of a spatial modeler
* Topological Map: An Efficient Tool to Compute Incrementally Topological Features on 3D Images
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Lienhart, R. Co Author Listing * Abstracting Digital Movies Automatically
* Activity-Conditioned Continuous Human Pose Estimation for Performance Analysis of Athletes Using the Example of Swimming
* Algorithm competition
* All Keypoints You Need: Detecting Arbitrary Keypoints on the Body of Triple, High, and Long Jump Athletes
* Bundle min-Hashing
* Calibration of visual sensors and actuators in distributed computing platforms
* Comparing Local Feature Descriptors in pLSA-Based Image Models
* Consistency Regularization for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Continuous visual vocabulary models for pLSA-based scene recognition
* Covid Detection and Severity Prediction with 3d-convnext and Custom Pretrainings
* Decoupling Video and Human Motion: Towards Practical Event Detection in Athlete Recordings
* Deriving a discriminative color model for a given object class from weakly labeled training data
* Detecting Arbitrary Intermediate Keypoints for Human Pose Estimation with Vision Transformers
* Detecting Arbitrary Keypoints on Limbs and Skis with Sparse Partly Correct Segmentation Masks
* Empirical Analysis of Detection Cascades of Boosted Classifiers for Rapid Object Detection
* Error Bounds of Projection Models in Weakly Supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Evaluation of Discriminative Models for the Reconstruction of Hand-Torn Documents
* extended set of Haar-like features for rapid object detection, An
* Fisher vector encoding of micro color features for (real world) jigsaw puzzles
* Fusing Local Image Descriptors for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
* Future directions in multimedia retrieval: impact of new technology
* Haystack: A Panoptic Scene Graph Dataset to Evaluate Rare Predicate Classes
* High-Resolution Dual-Stage Multi-Level Feature Aggregation for Single Image and Video Deblurring
* Holy Grail of Multimedia Information Retrieval: So Close or Yet So Far Away?, The
* Image retrieval on large-scale image databases
* Impact of Pseudo Depth on Open World Object Segmentation with Minimal User Guidance
* Improving VLAD: Hierarchical coding and a refined local coordinate system
* Key-Pose Prediction in Cyclic Human Motion
* Kinematic Pose Rectification for Performance Analysis and Retrieval in Sports
* Learning an object class representation on a continuous viewsphere
* Learning to Reassemble Shredded Documents
* Localizing and segmenting text in images and videos
* Mining TV broadcasts for recurring video sequences
* Multilayer pLSA for multimodal image retrieval
* Multimodal Image Retrieval
* Norm-Induced Entropies for Decision Forests
* On the optimal placement of multiple visual sensors
* On the Segmentation of Text in Videos
* Recognition of Freely Selected Keypoints on Human Limbs
* Reliable Transition Detection in Videos: A Survey And Practitioner's Guide
* Saliency-guided selective magnification for company logo detection
* Scalable logo recognition in real-world images
* Self-calibrating 3D context for retrieving people with luggage
* Synchronized Audio-Visual Frames with Fractional Positional Encoding for Transformers in Video-to-Text Translation
* Synthetically trained multi-view object class and viewpoint detection for advanced image retrieval
* system for effortless content annotation to untold the semantics in videos, A
* System for Reliable Dissolve Detection in Videos, A
* Uplift and Upsample: Efficient 3D Human Pose Estimation with Uplifting Transformers
* Video Abstracting
* Video OCR: A Survey and Practitioner's Guide
Includes: Lienhart, R. Lienhart, R.[Rainer]
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Lienhart, W.[Werner] Co Author Listing * Method for Efficient Quality Control and Enhancement of Mobile Laser Scanning Data, A

Lienkamp, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * RadarGNN: Transformation Invariant Graph Neural Network for Radar-based Perception
* RID: Roof Information Dataset for Computer Vision-Based Photovoltaic Potential Assessment
* Scenario Understanding and Motion Prediction for Autonomous Vehicles: Review and Comparison

Liensberger, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Skin Paths for Contextual Flagging Adult Videos

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