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Konicek, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Laser probe for determining distance

Konidaris, T. Co Author Listing * Keyword-guided word spotting in historical printed documents using synthetic data and user feedback
* old greek handwritten OCR system based on an efficient segmentation-free approach, An
* old Greek handwritten OCR system, An
* segmentation-free approach for keyword search in historical typewritten documents, A
* Segmentation-Free Recognition Technique to Assist Old Greek Handwritten Manuscript OCR, A

Konidi, A.M. Co Author Listing * 3d Image Based Geometric Documentation of A Medieval Fortress

Konieczna, A.[Anita] Co Author Listing * Geostatistical Resampling of LiDAR-Derived DEM in Wide Resolution Range for Modelling in SWAT: A Case Study of Zglowiaczka River (Poland)

Konieczny, J.[Jacek] Co Author Listing * 3D video compression by coding of disoccluded regions
* Automotive Spray Paint Simulation
* Depth-based inter-view prediction of motion vectors for improved multiview video coding
* Depth-enhanced compression for 3D video
* Extensions of the HEVC technology for efficient multiview video coding
* Fast depth estimation on mobile platforms and FPGA devices
* Football Player Detection in Video Broadcast
* High Efficiency 3D Video Coding Using New Tools Based on View Synthesis
Includes: Konieczny, J.[Jacek] Konieczny, J.[Jonathan] Konieczny, J.
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Konig, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a monitoring system for event recognition of older people

Konig, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Space Borne Optical and SAR Data to Improve Knowledge about Sea Ice for Shipping
* SVM-Based Classification of Class C GPCRs from Alignment-Free Physicochemical Transformations of Their Sequences
Includes: Konig, C.[Christine] König, C.[Christine] (Maybe also Koenig, C.)König, C.[Caroline] (Maybe also Koenig, C.)

Konig, D. Co Author Listing * Fully Convolutional Region Proposal Networks for Multispectral Person Detection
Includes: Konig, D. König, D. (Maybe also Koenig, D.)

Konig, G. Co Author Listing * E-learning Applications for Urban Modelling and OGC Standards Using Html5 Capabilities
* E-learning In Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing And Spatial Information Science
* E-learning: Best Practice In Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing And Gis - Status And Challenges
* Relative Feature Importance
Includes: Konig, G. König, G. (Maybe also Koenig, G.)König, G.[Gerhard] (Maybe also Koenig, G.)König, G.[Gunnar] (Maybe also Koenig, G.)

Konig, J. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network for Pavement Surface Crack Segmentation Using Residual Connections and Attention Gating, A
* Weakly-Supervised Surface Crack Segmentation by Generating Pseudo-Labels Using Localization With a Classifier and Thresholding
Includes: Konig, J. König, J. (Maybe also Koenig, J.)König, J.[Jacob] (Maybe also Koenig, J.)

Konig, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Highly efficient image registration for embedded systems using a distributed multicore DSP architecture
* matrix-free approach to efficient affine-linear image registration on CPU and GPU, A
Includes: Konig, L.[Lars] König, L.[Lars] (Maybe also Koenig, L.)

Konig, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Canopy-Level Spectral Variation and Classification of Diverse Crop Species with Fine Spatial Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy
* Crop Canopy Nitrogen Estimation from Mixed Pixels in Agricultural Lands Using Imaging Spectroscopy
* Implementing textural features on GPUs for improved real-time pavement distress detection
* Mapping the Bathymetry of Melt Ponds on Arctic Sea Ice Using Hyperspectral Imagery
* Mapping Water Quality in Nearshore Reef Environments Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Partial Shape Recognition for Sea Ice Motion Retrieval in the Marginal Ice Zone from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2
Includes: Konig, M.[Marcel] König, M.[Marcel] (Maybe also Koenig, M.)König, M.[Markus] (Maybe also Koenig, M.)

Konig, N.[Nils] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Water Vapour Profiles from GLORIA Nadir Observations
Includes: Konig, N.[Nils] König, N.[Nils] (Maybe also Koenig, N.)

Konig, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Development of Few-Shot Learning Capabilities in Artificial Neural Networks When Learning Through Self-Supervised Interaction
* Learning Representational Invariance Instead of Categorization
* Talking Cars, Doubtful Users: A Population Study in Virtual Reality
Includes: Konig, P.[Peter] König, P.[Peter] (Maybe also Koenig, P.)König, P. (Maybe also Koenig, P.)

Konig, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * EfficientAD: Accurate Visual Anomaly Detection at Millisecond-Level Latencies
* Examining Trade-Offs between Social, Psychological, and Energy Potential of Urban Form
* Exploring the Importance of Pretrained Feature Extractors for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection and Localization
* GFZ GRACE RL06 Monthly Gravity Field Time Series: Processing Details and Quality Assessment, The
* MVTec D2S: Densely Segmented Supermarket Dataset
* Wildfire Detection and Disaster Monitoring System Using Uas and Sensor Fusion Technologies
Includes: Konig, R.[Rebecca] König, R.[Rebecca] (Maybe also Koenig, R.)König, R.[Reinhard] (Maybe also Koenig, R.)König, R.[Rolf] (Maybe also Koenig, R.)König, R. (Maybe also Koenig, R.)

Konig, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Drought Impact on Croplands from Global to Regional Scale: A Remote Sensing Approach
Includes: Konig, S.[Simon] König, S.[Simon] (Maybe also Koenig, S.)

Konig, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Space Borne Optical and SAR Data to Improve Knowledge about Sea Ice for Shipping
Includes: Konig, T.[Thomas] König, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Koenig, T.)

Koniges, A.[Alice] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Graph Clustering Methods
* OpenMP parallelization and optimization of graph-based machine learning algorithms

Konik, H.[Hubert] Co Author Listing * Automatic Method for Visual Grading of Seed Food Products
* CAMSHIFT improvement on multi-hue object and multi-object tracking
* Color face-tuned salient detection for image quality assessment
* Edge-based method for sharp region extraction from low depth of field images
* Enhanced image saliency model based on blur identification
* Exploring human visual system: Study to aid the development of automatic facial expression recognition framework
* FPGA memory optimization for real-time imaging
* Framework for reliable, real-time facial expression recognition for low resolution images
* Human vision inspired framework for facial expressions recognition
* Mean oriented Riesz features for micro expression classification
* Micro-Expression Spotting Using the Riesz Pyramid
* Road Surface Classification by Thresholding Using Morphological Pyramid
* Robust Approach to Segment Desired Object Based on Salient Colors, A
* Texture Similarity Queries and Relevance Feedback for Image Retrieval
* Visual attention: Effects of blur
Includes: Konik, H.[Hubert] Konik, H. Konik, H.[Hubert.]
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Konik, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Comparisons of Satellite and Modeled Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll Concentrations in the Baltic Sea with In Situ Data
* Cyanobacteria Index as a Tool for the Satellite Detection of Cyanobacteria Blooms in the Baltic Sea
* Empirical Relationships between Remote-Sensing Reflectance and Selected Inherent Optical Properties in Nordic Sea Surface Waters for the MODIS and OLCI Ocean Colour Sensors
* Merged Multi-Sensor Ocean Colour Chlorophyll Product Evaluation for the British Columbia Coast
* Object-oriented approach to oil spill detection using ENVISAT ASAR images
Includes: Konik, M.[Marta] Konik, M.

Konik, T.[Tolga] Co Author Listing * Application of Transfer to American Football: From Observation of Raw Video to Control in a Simulated Environment, An

Konin, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * Learning by Aligning Videos in Time
* Permutation-Aware Activity Segmentation via Unsupervised Frame-to-Segment Alignment
* Unsupervised Action Segmentation by Joint Representation Learning and Online Clustering

Koninckx, T.P.[Thomas P.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Scanning for Online 3D Model Acquisition
* Automatic burr detection on surfaces of revolution based on adaptive 3D scanning
* Efficient, Active 3D Acquisition, Based on a Pattern-Specific Snake
* Fast Interpolated Cameras by Combining a GPU Based Plane Sweep with a Max-Flow Regularisation Algorithm
* graph cut based adaptive structured light approach for real-time range acquisition, A
* Real-Time Range Acquisition by Adaptive Structured Light
* Real-time range scanning of deformable surfaces by adaptively coded structured light
* Scene-Adapted Structured Light
Includes: Koninckx, T.P.[Thomas P.] Koninckx, T.P.
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Koning, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Towards Segmentation and Spatial Alignment of the Human Embryonic Brain Using Deep Learning for Atlas-based Registration

Koning, G. Co Author Listing * Automated contour detection in X-ray left ventricular angiograms using multiview active appearance models and dynamic programming
* novel measurement technique to assess the effects of coronary brachytherapy in clinical trials, A

Koning, O.H.J.[Olivier H.J.] Co Author Listing * Support value based stent-graft marker detection

Koning, R. Co Author Listing * Sound Processing for Better Coding of Monaural and Binaural Cues in Auditory Prostheses

Konings, A.G. Co Author Listing * Effect of Variable Soil Moisture Profiles on P-Band Backscatter, The
* Physics-Based Modeling of Active and Passive Microwave Covariations Over Vegetated Surfaces
* Promoting Connectivity of Network-Like Structures by Enforcing Region Separation
Includes: Konings, A.G. Konings, A.G.[Alexandra G.]

Konings, M.K. Co Author Listing * Development of an intravascular impedance catheter for detection of fatty lesions in arteries

Konishi, K.[Katsumi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image inpainting algorithm based on generalized principal component analysis
* Colorization-based image coding using graph Fourier transform
* High resolution depth image recovery algorithm based on the modeling of the sum of an average distance image and a surface image
* Image colorization based on the mixed L0/L1 norm minimization
* Intraoperative Magnetic Tracker Calibration Using a Magneto-Optic Hybrid Tracker for 3-D Ultrasound-Based Navigation in Laparoscopic Surgery
* Mixed L0/L1 Norm Minimization Approach to Image Colorization
* Mixed lp/l1 Norm Minimization Approach to Intra-Frame Super-Resolution
* Multiple Subspace Model and Image-Inpainting Algorithm Based on Multiple Matrix Rank Minimization
* Nuclear Norm Heuristic Approach to Fractionally Spaced Blind Channel Equalization, A
* Rank minimization approach to image inpainting using null space based alternating optimization
* Representative pixels compression algorithm using graph signal processing for colorization-based image coding
Includes: Konishi, K.[Katsumi] Konishi, K.
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Konishi, M.[Motofumi] Co Author Listing * Data output apparatus capable of rotating data output therefrom relative to data input thereto
* Estimation of subjective age based on facial images of others: Comparative studies of the Americans and the Japanese
* Estimation of subjective age based on the facial images of others: experimental verification of a younger identity caused by the effect of delusions of the accumulated memory of a known face
* Robust Estimation of Pigment Distributions from Multiband Skin Images and Its Application to Realistic Skin Image Synthesis
Includes: Konishi, M.[Motofumi] Konishi, M.[Masato] Konishi, M.[Masahiro]

Konishi, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Analysis of efficient lip reading method for various languages
* Lip Reading Based on Sampled Active Contour Model
* Novel Transducer: From Lip Motion to Voice Message, A
* Profile Lip Reading for Vowel and Word Recognition

Konishi, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Fundamental Bounds on Edge Detection: An Information Theoretic Evaluation of Different Edge Cues
* generic viewpoint assumption and planar bias, The
* KGBR Viewpoint-Lighting Ambiguity and its Resolution by Generic Constraints, The
* KGBR viewpointlighting ambiguity, The
* statistical approach to multi-scale edge detection, A
* Statistical Cues for Domain Specific Image Segmentation with Performance Analysis
* Statistical edge detection: learning and evaluating edge cues
Includes: Konishi, S.[Scott] Konishi, S.
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Konishi, Y.[Yoshinori] Co Author Listing * Facial Model Fitting Based on Perturbation Learning and It's Evaluation on Challenging Real-World Diversities Images
* Fast 6D Pose Estimation from a Monocular Image Using Hierarchical Pose Trees
* Fast and Precise Template Matching Based on Oriented Gradients
* Lite-HRNet Plus: Fast and Accurate Facial Landmark Detection
* Sparse Bayesian Regression for Head Pose Estimation
* Textureless object detection using cumulative orientation feature
* Visualizing Color-wise Saliency of Black-box Image Classification Models
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Koniusz, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * 3Mformer: Multi-order Multi-mode Transformer for Skeletal Action Recognition
* Accurate 3-DoF Camera Geo-Localization via Ground-to-Satellite Image Matching
* Adaptive Subspaces for Few-Shot Learning
* Comparative Review of Recent Kinect-Based Action Recognition Algorithms, A
* Comparison of mid-level feature coding approaches and pooling strategies in visual concept detection
* Deep Stacked Hierarchical Multi-Patch Network for Image Deblurring
* Deeper Look at Power Normalizations, A
* Distilling Self-Supervised Vision Transformers for Weakly-Supervised Few-Shot Classification and Segmentation
* Domain Adaptation by Mixture of Alignments of Second-or Higher-Order Scatter Tensors
* EASE: Unsupervised Discriminant Subspace Learning for Transductive Few-Shot Learning
* Event-guided Multi-patch Network with Self-supervision for Non-uniform Motion Deblurring
* Exploiting Field Dependencies for Learning on Categorical Data
* Face Destylization
* Few-shot Action Recognition with Permutation-invariant Attention
* Few-shot Keypoint Detection with Uncertainty Learning for Unseen Species
* Few-Shot Learning via Saliency-Guided Hallucination of Samples
* Few-shot Object Detection by Second-order Pooling
* Few-shot Shape Recognition by Learning Deep Shape-aware Features
* Hallucinating IDT Descriptors and I3D Optical Flow Features for Action Recognition With CNNs
* Higher-Order Occurrence Pooling for Bags-of-Words: Visual Concept Detection
* Higher-Order Pooling of CNN Features via Kernel Linearization for Action Recognition
* Identity-Preserving Face Recovery from Portraits
* Identity-Preserving Face Recovery from Stylized Portraits
* Improving Few-shot Learning by Spatially-aware Matching and Crosstransformer
* Kernelized Few-shot Object Detection with Efficient Integral Aggregation
* Learning Partial Correlation based Deep Visual Representation for Image Classification
* Learning Spatial-Context-Aware Global Visual Feature Representation for Instance Image Retrieval
* Manifold Learning Benefits GANs
* Meta-Learning for Multi-Label Few-Shot Classification
* Model Selection for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Multi-Level Second-Order Few-Shot Learning
* Multi-Modal Transformer for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Museum Exhibit Identification Challenge for the Supervised Domain Adaptation and Beyond
* On a Quest for Image Descriptors Based on Unsupervised Segmentation Maps
* On Learning the Geodesic Path for Incremental Learning
* On Modulating the Gradient for Meta-learning
* Power Normalizations in Fine-Grained Image, Few-Shot Image and Graph Classification
* Power Normalizing Second-Order Similarity Network for Few-Shot Learning
* Recovering Faces From Portraits with Auxiliary Facial Attributes
* Rethinking Class Relations: Absolute-relative Supervised and Unsupervised Few-shot Learning
* Robust and Scalable Visual Category and Action Recognition System Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis With Spectral Regression, A
* Robust Multi-Speaker Tracking via Dictionary Learning and Identity Modeling
* Second-Order Democratic Aggregation
* Segmentation Based Interest Points and Evaluation of Unsupervised Image Segmentation Methods
* Semantic Transfer from Head to Tail: Enlarging Tail Margin for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition
* Soft assignment of visual words as Linear Coordinate Coding and optimisation of its reconstruction error
* Sparse Coding for Third-Order Super-Symmetric Tensor Descriptors with Application to Texture Recognition
* Spatial Coordinate Coding to reduce histogram representations, Dominant Angle and Colour Pyramid Match
* Temporal-viewpoint Transportation Plan for Skeletal Few-shot Action Recognition
* Tensor Representations for Action Recognition
* Tensor Representations via Kernel Linearization for Action Recognition from 3D Skeletons
* Time-rEversed DiffusioN tEnsor Transformer: A New TENET of Few-Shot Object Detection
* Towards a Robust Differentiable Architecture Search under Label Noise
* Transductive Few-Shot Learning with Prototype-Based Label Propagation by Iterative Graph Refinement
* Uncertainty-DTW for Time Series and Sequences
* Zero-Shot Kernel Learning
Includes: Koniusz, P.[Piotr] Koniusz, P.
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