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Herlambang, G.A.[Gilang Aulia] Co Author Listing * Application of Improved MODIS-Based Potential Evapotranspiration Estimates in a Humid Tropic Brantas Watershed: Implications for Agricultural Water Management, An

Herle, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Geospatial IoT: The Need for Event-Driven Architectures in Contemporary Spatial Data Infrastructures
* Geostatistics on Real-Time Geodata Streams-High-Frequent Dynamic Autocorrelation with an Extended Spatiotemporal Moran's I Index
* Geostatistics on Real-Time Geodata Streams: An Extended Spatiotemporal Moran's I Index with Distributed Stream Processing Technologies
* Scalable Architecture for Real-Time Stream Processing of Spatiotemporal IoT Stream Data: Performance Analysis on the Example of Map Matching, A
Includes: Herle, S.[Stefan] Herlé, S.[Stefan]

Herledan, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Knowledge Gaps and Impact of Future Satellite Missions to Facilitate Monitoring of Changes in the Arctic Ocean
* Salinity Pilot-Mission Exploitation Platform (Pi-MEP): A Hub for Validation and Exploitation of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Data, The
Includes: Herledan, S.[Sylvain] Herlédan, S.[Sylvain]

Herler, J. Co Author Listing * Coral Reef Surveillance: Infrared-Sensitive Video Surveillance Technology as a New Tool for Diurnal and Nocturnal Long-Term Field Observations

Herley, C. Co Author Listing * Area-Based Interpolation for Scaling of Images from a CCD
* Automatic Occlusion Removal from Minimum Number of Images
* Detection and deterrence of counterfeiting of valuable documents
* Document Capture Using a Digital Camera
* Efficient inscribing of noisy rectangular objects in scanned images
* Joint Space-Frequency Segmentation Using Balanced Wavelet Packet Trees for Least-Cost Image Representation
* Minimum Rate Sampling of Signals with Arbitrary Frequency Support
* Occam Filters for Stochastic Sources with Application to Digital Images
* post-processing algorithm for compressed digital camera images, A
* Recursive method to extract rectangular objects from scans
* Securing Images Online: A Protection Mechanism That Does Not Involve Watermarking
* Space-frequency quantization for a space-varying wavelet packet image coder
* Trade-offs between color saturation and noise sensitivity in image sensors
* Wavelets, Subband Coding, and Best Bases
Includes: Herley, C. Herley, C.[Cormac]
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Herlin, A.H.[Anders H.] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural network-based cow interaction watchdog

Herlin, I. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Cloudy Structures Evolution on Meteorological Satellite Acquisitions
* Curves Matching Using Geodesic Paths
* Detection and Tracking of Vortices on Oceanographic Images
* Face Identification by Deformation Measure
* Fast and Stable Vector Spline Method for Fluid Apparent Motion Estimation
* General Surface Matching Model: Application to Ground Evolution Tracking, A
* Generalized Optical Flow Constraint and its Physical Interpretation, A
* Geodesic Distance Evolution of Surfaces: A New Method for Matching Surfaces
* Matching Structures by Computing Minimal Paths on a Manifold
* Modeling and Temporal Evolution of a Family of Curves
* Modeling high rainfall regions for flash flood nowcasting
* Motion Computation and Interpretation Framework for Oceanographic Satellite Images, A
* Multi-scale Vector Spline Method for Estimating the Fluids Motion on Satellite Images, A
* Non Uniform Multiresolution Method for Optical Flow and Phase Portrait Models: Environmental Applications
* Non-linear observation equation for motion estimation
* Non-rigid Motion without Relying on Local Features: A Surface Model Applied to Vortex Tracking
* Numerical Model for Large Deformation, A
* Object Based Optical Flow Estimation with an Affine Prior Model
* Object's tracking by advection of a distance map
* Optical Flow and Phase Portrait Methods for Environmental Satellite Image Sequences
* Optimal Orthogonal Basis and Image Assimilation: Motion Modeling
* Recovering Missing Data on Satellite Images
* remote sensing data fusion approach to monitor agricultural areas, A
* Surface Matching with Large Deformations and Arbitrary Topology: A Geodesic Distance Evolution Scheme on a 3-Manifold
* Temporal Tracking of Oceanographic Images by Implicit Functions
* Tracking Meteorological Structures Through Curve Matching Using Geodesic Paths
* Use of Topographic Information to Improve a Land Cover Classification Image: Preliminary Results
Includes: Herlin, I. Herlin, I.[Isabelle]
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Herlin, I.L.[Isabelle L.] Co Author Listing * Coupling reduced models for optimal motion estimation
* Deformable Region Model Using Stochastic Processes Applied to Echocardiographic Images, A
* Divergence-Free Motion Estimation
* Efficient Motion Modelling and Visualization of Deformable Structures
* Estimating Apparent Motion on Satellite Acquisitions with a Physical Dynamic Model
* Estimation of a Motion Field on Satellite Images from a Simplified Ocean Circulation Model
* Features extraction and analysis methods for sequences of ultrasound Images
* model for detecting phasimetric SAR effects coming from rainy events, A
* Performing Segmentation of Ultrasound Images Using Temporal Information
* Segmentation of echocardiographic images with Markov random fields
* Segmentation of Temporal Effects on Phasimetric SAR Images
* Stochastic Segmentation of Ultrasound Images
* Texture Analysis by a Perceptual Model
Includes: Herlin, I.L.[Isabelle L.] Herlin, I.L.
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Herlin, P. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Via Multiple Active Contour Models and Fuzzy Clustering with Biomedical Applications
* Texture-Based Multiscale Segmentation: Application to Stromal Compartment Characterization on Ovarian Carcinoma Virtual Slides
* Top-Down Segmentation of Histological Images Using a Digital Deformable Model
* Using active contours and mathematical morphology tools for quantification of immunohistochemical images
Includes: Herlin, P. Herlin, P.[Paulette]

Herline, A.J. Co Author Listing * Registration of physical space to laparoscopic image space for use in minimally invasive hepatic surgery

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