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Harwath, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Everything at Once - Multi-modal Fusion Transformer for Video Retrieval
* Jointly Discovering Visual Objects and Spoken Words from Raw Sensory Input
* Learning Words by Drawing Images
* Multimodal Clustering Networks for Self-supervised Learning from Unlabeled Videos
* Spoken Moments: Learning Joint Audio-Visual Representations from Video Descriptions

Harwerth, R.S.[Ronald S.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscopy for in vivo imaging of lamina cribrosa

Harwin, S. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Georeferenced Point Clouds Produced Via Multi-view Stereo Techniques Applied to Imagery Acquired Via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, An
* Assessing the Accuracy of Georeferenced Point Clouds Produced via Multi-View Stereopsis from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery
* Impact of the Calibration Method on the Accuracy of Point Clouds Derived Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Multi-View Stereopsis, The
* Using a Micro-UAV for Ultra-High Resolution Multi-sensor Observations Of Antarctic Moss Beds
Includes: Harwin, S. Harwin, S.[Steve]

Harwin, W.S. Co Author Listing * Kinematic Modeling of Head-Neck Movements
* Rapid Design and Prototyping of Customized Rehabilitation Aids
Includes: Harwin, W.S. Harwin, W.S.[William S.]

Harwitz, S. Co Author Listing * Ankle cartilage surface segmentation using directional gradient vector flow snakes

Harwood, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * Building and Querying a P2P Virtual World
* Event Based Simulator for Parallel Computing over the Wide Area Network for Real Time Visualization

Harwood, B. Co Author Listing * Deep Metric Learning and Image Classification with Nearest Neighbour Gaussian Kernels
* FANNG: Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbour Graphs
* Generalised Zero-shot Learning with Multi-modal Embedding Spaces
* Smart Mining for Deep Metric Learning
* Temporally Coherent Embeddings for Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning
Includes: Harwood, B. Harwood, B.[Ben]

Harwood, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Harwood, D.[David]: harwood AT cfar umd edu
* Active outdoor surveillance
* Appearance-Based Automatic Target Recognition in Overhead LADAR Range Imagery
* Appearance-based Body Model for Multiple People Tracking, An
* Background and foreground modeling using nonparametric kernel density estimation for visual surveillance
* Background modeling and subtraction by codebook construction
* Background Updating for Visual Surveillance
* Backpack: Detection of People Carrying Objects Using Silhouettes
* Comparative Study of Texture Measures with Classification Based on Feature Distributions, A
* Composite Discriminant Factor analysis
* Edge Information in Color Images Based on Histograms of Differences
* Fast Background Scene Modeling and Maintenance for Outdoor Surveillance, A
* Ghost: A Human Body Part Labeling System Using Silhouettes
* Human appearance modeling for matching across video sequences
* Human Detection Using Partial Least Squares Analysis
* Hydra: Multiple People Detection and Tracking Using Silhouettes
* Local Estimation of the Uniform Error Threshold
* Multivalued Default Logic for Identity Maintenance in Visual Surveillance
* New Class of Edge-Preserving Smoothing Filters, A
* non-parametric approach to extending generic binary classifiers for multi-classification, A
* Non-Parametric Model for Background Subtraction
* Parallel Algorithms for Image Enhancement and Segmentation by Region Growing with an Experimental Study
* Parallel Calculation of 3-D Pose of a Known Object in a Single View
* Performance Evaluation of Texture Measures with Classification Based on Kullback Discrimination of Distributions
* Real-time foreground-background segmentation using codebook model
* Statistical Approach for Real-time Robust Background Subtraction and Shadow Detection, A
* Texture Classification by Local Rank Correlation
* Top-down, bottom-up multivalued default reasoning for identity maintenance
* Tracking People's Hands and Feet Using Mixed Network AND/OR Search
* Two-Dimensional Object Recognition by Matching Local Properties of Contour Points
* UMD_VDT, an Integration of Detection and Tracking Methods for Multiple Human Tracking
* Vehicle Detection Using Partial Least Squares
* Vehicle detection using PLS Hough transform
* VidMAP: video monitoring of activity with Prolog
* Visual Surveillance and Monitoring
* W4: A Real Time System for Detecting and Tracking People
* W4: Real-Time Surveillance of People and Their Activities
* W4: Who? When? Where? What? A Real Time System for Detecting and Tracking People
* W4S: A real-time system for detecting and tracking people in 2 1/2-D
Includes: Harwood, D.[David] Harwood, D.
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Harwood, D.A.[David A.] Co Author Listing * Appearance-based person recognition using color/path-length profile
* Color Segmentation by Hierarchical Connected Components Analysis with Image Enhancements by Symmetric Neighborhood Filters
* Depth from Three Camera Stereo
* Interpreting Aerial Photographs by Segmentation and Search
* Iterative Hough Procedure for Three-Dimensional Object Recognition, An
* Multiple-Camera Contour Stereo
* Object Recognition Using Oriented Model Points
* Pose Determination of a Three-Dimensional Object Using Triangle Pairs
* Three Dimensional Object Recognition Using Oriented Model Points
* Triangle-Based Pose Determination of 3-D Objects
Includes: Harwood, D.A.[David A.] Harwood, D.A. Harwood, D.A.[David]
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Harwood, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Satellite Reflectance Algorithms for Estimating Phycocyanin Values and Cyanobacterial Total Biovolume in a Temperate Reservoir Using Coincident Hyperspectral Aircraft Imagery and Dense Coincident Surface Observations

Harwood, J.H.[Joseph H.] Co Author Listing * Nearshore Benthic Mapping in the Great Lakes: A Multi-Agency Data Integration Approach in Southwest Lake Michigan

Harwood, L.A.[Leopold A.] Co Author Listing * Interfield image motion detector for video signals

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