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Furuakwa, R.[Ryo] Co Author Listing * Multi-view reconstruction for projector camera systems based on bundle adjustment

Furuhashi, Y.[Yukihito] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality System for Surgical Navigation using Robust Target Vision

Furuhata, M. Co Author Listing * Online Cost-Sharing Mechanism Design for Demand-Responsive Transport Systems

Furui, S.[Sadaoki] Co Author Listing * 40 Years of Progress in Automatic Speaker Recognition
* Fundamental Technologies in Modern Speech Recognition
* High-Level Feature Extraction Using SIFT GMMs and Audio Models
* Multimodal Speaker Verification Using Ear Image Features Extracted by PCA and ICA
* Robust Gait Recognition Against Speed Variation
* Robust Gait-Based Person Identification against Walking Speed Variations
* Robust Highlight Extraction Using Multi-Stream Hidden Markov Models for Baseball Video
* Robust Scene Extraction Using Multi-Stream HMMs for Baseball Broadcast
* robust scene recognition system for baseball broadcast using data-driven approach, A
* statistical approach for person verification using human behavioral patterns, A
* Statistical Person Verification Using Behavioral Patterns from Complex Human Motion
Includes: Furui, S.[Sadaoki] Furui, S.
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Furuichi, T.[Takahisa] Co Author Listing * Mapping Land Use/Land Cover Changes and Forest Disturbances in Vietnam Using a Landsat Temporal Segmentation Algorithm

Furuie, S.S.[Sergio S.] Co Author Listing * Inferring the Performance of Medical Imaging Algorithms
* Parallel Implementation of the Drlse Algorithm
* Projection estimation in 3D PET reconstruction: a statistical evaluation
* Relevance of Statistically Significant Differences Between Reconstruction Algorithms
Includes: Furuie, S.S.[Sergio S.] Furuie, S.S.[Sérgio Shiguemi] Furuie, S.S.

Furukane, T.[Tatsuya] Co Author Listing * Efficient distinction of road surface conditions using surveillance camera images in night time

Furukawa, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * 3D Multiple-Contextual ROI-Attention Network for Efficient and Accurate Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation
* Liver tumor detection in CT images by adaptive contrast enhancement and the EM/MPM algorithm
* Morphologic Analysis of Cirrhotic Liver in CT Images, A
* Pilot study of applying shape analysis to liver cirrhosis diagnosis
* Preliminary study on statistical shape model applied to diagnosis of liver cirrhosis
* Segmentation of Liver in Low-Contrast Images Using K-Means Clustering and Geodesic Active Contour Algorithms

Furukawa, D. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Ensemble Learning Based Segmentation of Metastatic Liver Tumours in Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography
* Spine posture estimation method from human images using 3D spine model: computation of the rough approximation of the physical forces working on vertebral bodies
Includes: Furukawa, D. Furukawa, D.[Daisuke]

Furukawa, F.[Flavio] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Conventional Change Detection Methodologies Using High-Resolution Imagery to Find Forest Damage Caused by Typhoons
* UAV Video-Based Approach to Identify Damaged Trees in Windthrow Areas

Furukawa, H. Co Author Listing * Multiple Skip Connections of Dilated Convolution Network for Semantic Segmentation

Furukawa, I. Co Author Listing * Contrast Mapping and Evaluation for Electronic X-Ray Images on CRT Display Monitor
* Hierarchical sub-band coding of super high definition image with adaptive block-size multistage VQ
* Signal Analysis and Compression Performance Evaluation of Pathological Microscopic Images
Includes: Furukawa, I. Furukawa, I.[Isao]

Furukawa, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Fast Full Search Block Matching Algorithm for MPEG-4 Video, A

Furukawa, K.[Kazuhiro] Co Author Listing * Automated Ulcer Detection Method from CT Images for Computer Aided Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease
* Calibration of the Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar Onboard the Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory
* Obstacle detection using projective invariant and vanishing lines
* Onboard surveillance system for automobiles using image processing LSI
* Tracking Accuracy Evaluation of Electromagnetic Sensor-Based Colonoscope Tracking Method
Includes: Furukawa, K.[Kazuhiro] Furukawa, K.[Kinji] Furukawa, K.

Furukawa, N. Co Author Listing * Constellation Matching and Its Application, The
* Document-Form Identification Using Constellation Matching of Keywords Abstracted by Character Recognition
* Form reading based on form-type identification and form-data recognition
* Toward Personalized Digital Library for Providing Information JIT
Includes: Furukawa, N. Furukawa, N.[Naohiro]

Furukawa, R.[Ryo] Co Author Listing * 3D acquisition system using uncalibrated line-laser projector
* 3D Endoscope System Using Asynchronously Blinking Grid Pattern Projection for HDR Image Synthesis
* 3D Scanning Method for Fast Motion using Single Grid Pattern with Coarse-to-fine Technique
* Active One-Shot Scan for Wide Depth Range Using a Light Field Projector Based on Coded Aperture
* Active Tubes in Multiscale Image Queue
* Adaptive arithmetic coding for point cloud compression
* Auto-calibration Method for Active 3D Endoscope System Using Silhouette of Pattern Projector
* Autoenhancer: Transformer on U-net Architecture Search for Underwater Image Enhancement
* Automatic feature extraction using CNN for robust active one-shot scanning
* Calibration Technique for Underwater Active Oneshot Scanning System with Static Pattern Projector and Multiple Cameras
* CNN Based Dense Underwater 3D Scene Reconstruction by Transfer Learning Using Bubble Database
* Dense 3D Reconstruction from High Frame-Rate Video Using a Static Grid Pattern
* Dense 3D Reconstruction Method Using a Single Pattern for Fast Moving Object
* Dense 3D Reconstruction method using Coplanarities and Metric Constraints for Line Laser Scanning
* Dense 3D Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Active Stereo System
* Dense 3D Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Stereo System using Coded Structured Light
* Dense one-shot 3D reconstruction by detecting continuous regions with parallel line projection
* Dense Pixel-wise Micro-motion Estimation of Object Surface by Using Low Dimensional Embedding of Laser Speckle Pattern
* Depth Estimation Using Structured Light Flow: Analysis of Projected Pattern Flow on an Object's Surface
* Dynamic Compression of Curve-Based Point Cloud
* Dynamic scene shape reconstruction using a single structured light pattern
* Efficient meta-information annotation and view-dependent representation system for 3D objects on the Web
* Entire model acquisition system using handheld 3D digitizer
* Entire shape scan system with multiple pro-cams using texture information and accurate silhouette creating technique
* Exemplar-Based Hole-Filling Technique for Multiple Dynamic Objects
* Generalization of pixel-wise phase estimation by CNN and improvement of phase-unwrapping by MRF optimization for one-shot 3D scan
* Geometrical constraint based 3D reconstruction using implicit coplanarities
* Grid-Based Active Stereo with Single-Colored Wave Pattern for Dense One-shot 3D Scan
* Improved Space Carving Method for Merging and Interpolating Multiple Range Images Using Information of Light Sources of Active Stereo
* Interactive shape acquisition using marker attached laser projector
* Laser range scanner based on self-calibration techniques using coplanarities and metric constraints
* Linear solution for oneshot active 3D reconstruction using two projectors
* Local Embedding for Axial Attention
* Metamerism-based shading illusion
* Method for Adding Motion-Blur on Arbitrary Objects by Using Auto-Segmentation and Color Compensation Techniques, A
* Mixing Paints for Generating Metamerism Art under 2 Lights and 3 Object Colors
* Multi-scale CNN Stereo and Pattern Removal Technique for Underwater Active Stereo System
* Multiview projectors/cameras system for 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes
* One-shot Entire Shape Acquisition Method Using Multiple Projectors and Cameras
* One-Shot Entire Shape Scanning by Utilizing Multiple Projector-Camera Constraints of Grid Patterns
* One-shot range scanner using coplanarity constraints
* One-shot scanning method using an uncalibrated projector and camera system
* Patch-Based BTF Synthesis for Real-Time Rendering
* Point cloud compression for grid-pattern-based 3D scanning system
* Polarization-Based Dehazing Using Two Reference Objects
* Polarization-Based Surface Normal Estimation of Black Specular Objects from Multiple Viewpoints
* Registration and entire shape acquisition for grid based active one-shot scanning techniques
* Robust and Accurate One-Shot 3D Reconstruction by 2C1P System with Wave Grid Pattern
* Robust Structured Light System Against Subsurface Scattering Effects Achieved by CNN-Based Pattern Detection and Decoding Algorithm
* Self-Calibration of Multiple Laser Planes for 3D Scene Reconstruction
* Shape Acquisition and Registration for 3D Endoscope Based on Grid Pattern Projection
* Shape Reconstruction and Camera Self-Calibration Using Cast Shadows and Scene Geometries
* Shape Reconstruction from Cast Shadows Using Coplanarities and Metric Constraints
* Shape-merging and interpolation using class estimation for unseen voxels with a GPU-based efficient implementation
* Simultaneous Independent Image Display Technique on Multiple 3D Objects
* Simultaneous Shape Registration and Active Stereo Shape Reconstruction using Modified Bundle Adjustment
* Single Color One-Shot Scan Using Topology Information
* Single colour one-shot scan using modified penrose tiling pattern
* Single-shot dense active stereo with pixel-wise phase estimation based on grid-structure using CNN and correspondence estimation using GCN
* Single-wavelength and multi-parallel dotted- and solid-lines for dense and robust active 3D reconstruction
* Super-Resolution of Multiple Moving 3D Objects with Pixel-Based Registration
* System for Capturing Textured 3D Shapes Based on One-Shot Grid Pattern with Multi-band Camera and Infrared Projector, A
* Temporal Shape Super-Resolution by Intra-frame Motion Encoding Using High-fps Structured Light
* Tissue Shape Acquisition with a Hybrid Structured Light and Photometric Stereo Endoscopic System
* Triangle Mesh Reconstruction Method Taking into Account Silhouette Images, A
* Two Plane Volumetric Display for Simultaneous Independent Images at Multiple Depths
* Uncalibrated Active Stereo for Wide and Dense 3D Data Acquisition
* Uncalibrated multiple image stereo system with arbitrarily movable camera and projector for wide range scanning
* Underwater Active Oneshot Scan with Static Wave Pattern and Bundle Adjustment
* Video Deblurring and Super-Resolution Technique for Multiple Moving Objects
Includes: Furukawa, R.[Ryo] Furukawa, R. Furukawa, R.[Ryouichi]
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Furukawa, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Abnormality supervising system
* Automatic tracking lighting equipment, lighting controller and tracking apparatus

Furukawa, T.[Toshihiro] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image inpainting algorithm based on generalized principal component analysis
* Colorization-based image coding using graph Fourier transform
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Manga Show-Through Cancellation
* High resolution depth image recovery algorithm based on the modeling of the sum of an average distance image and a surface image
* Image colorization based on the mixed L0/L1 norm minimization
* Mixed L0/L1 Norm Minimization Approach to Image Colorization
* Mixed lp/l1 Norm Minimization Approach to Intra-Frame Super-Resolution
* Multiple Subspace Model and Image-Inpainting Algorithm Based on Multiple Matrix Rank Minimization
* New Method for Discriminating Printers Based on Contours Qualities of Printed Characters Using Wavelet Decomposition, A
* New Method of Identification of Handwriting Using Volumes of Indentations, The
* Nuclear Norm Heuristic Approach to Fractionally Spaced Blind Channel Equalization, A
* Rank minimization approach to image inpainting using null space based alternating optimization
* Representative pixels compression algorithm using graph signal processing for colorization-based image coding
* Subspace method with multi scale wavelet for recognition of printer property
Includes: Furukawa, T.[Toshihiro] Furukawa, T. Furukawa, T.[Takeshi]
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Furukawa, Y.[Yasutaka] Co Author Listing * Accurate and robust line segment extraction by analyzing distribution around peaks in Hough space
* Accurate Camera Calibration from Multi-View Stereo and Bundle Adjustment
* Accurate Geo-Registration by Ground-to-Aerial Image Matching
* Accurate, Dense, and Robust Multi-View Stereopsis
* Accurate, Dense, and Robust Multiview Stereopsis
* Building Rome in a day
* Building Rome in a Day
* Bundle Pooling for Polygonal Architecture Segmentation Problem
* Carved Visual Hulls for Image-Based Modeling
* Conv-MPN: Convolutional Message Passing Neural Network for Structured Outdoor Architecture Reconstruction
* Dense 3D motion capture for human faces
* Dense 3D motion capture from synchronized video streams
* Exploiting 2D Floorplan for Building-Scale Panorama RGBD Alignment
* Extreme Structure from Motion for Indoor Panoramas without Visual Overlaps
* Floor-SP: Inverse CAD for Floorplans by Sequential Room-Wise Shortest Path
* FloorNet: A Unified Framework for Floorplan Reconstruction from 3D Scans
* Gradient descent learning of nearest neighbor classifiers with outlier rejection
* HEAT: Holistic Edge Attention Transformer for Structured Reconstruction
* Heterogeneous Grid Convolution for Adaptive, Efficient, and Controllable Computation
* Hierarchical Neural Memory Network for Low Latency Event Processing
* House-GAN++: Generative Adversarial Layout Refinement Network towards Intelligent Computational Agent for Professional Architects
* House-gan: Relational Generative Adversarial Networks for Graph-constrained House Layout Generation
* HouseDiffusion: Vector Floorplan Generation via a Diffusion Model with Discrete and Continuous Denoising
* Layered Scene Decomposition via the Occlusion-CRF
* Learning Pairwise Inter-plane Relations for Piecewise Planar Reconstruction
* Manhattan-world stereo
* Multi-View Stereo: A Tutorial
* NeuMap: Neural Coordinate Mapping by Auto-Transdecoder for Camera Localization
* Neural Inertial Localization
* Neural Procedural Reconstruction for Residential Buildings
* Occluding Contours for Multi-view Stereo
* Photo Tours
* Photo Uncrop
* Piecewise Planar and Compact Floorplan Reconstruction from Images
* Plan2Scene: Converting Floorplans to 3D Scenes
* PlaneNet: Piece-Wise Planar Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image
* PlaneRCNN: 3D Plane Detection and Reconstruction From a Single Image
* Polarimetric Dense Monocular SLAM
* Preserving Form-Features in Interactive Mesh Deformation
* Projective Visual Hulls
* Raster-to-Vector: Revisiting Floorplan Transformation
* Reconstructing Building Interiors from Images
* Reconstructing Rome
* Reconstructing the World's Museums
* RIDI: Robust IMU Double Integration
* Robust Structure and Motion from Outlines of Smooth Curved Surfaces
* Roof-GAN: Learning to Generate Roof Geometry and Relations for Residential Houses
* SANet: Scene Agnostic Network for Camera Localization
* Special Issue on Large-Scale 3D Modeling of Urban Indoor or Outdoor Scenes from Images and Range Scans
* Structure and Motion from Images of Smooth Textureless Objects
* Structured Indoor Modeling
* Structured Outdoor Architecture Reconstruction by Exploration and Classification
* Study of situation adaptive drive assist system
* Synthesizing Diverse Lung Nodules Wherever Massively: 3D Multi-Conditional GAN-Based CT Image Augmentation for Object Detection
* Towards Internet-scale multi-view stereo
* Turning an Urban Scene Video into a Cinemagraph
* Vectorizing Building Blueprints
* Vectorizing World Buildings: Planar Graph Reconstruction by Primitive Detection and Relationship Inference
* Visual Turing Test for Scene Reconstruction, The
Includes: Furukawa, Y.[Yasutaka] Furukawa, Y. Furukawa, Y.[Yoshiyuki]
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Furukori, F.[Fumihiro] Co Author Listing * Embedding a Mathematical OCR Module into OCRopus
* OCR System with OCRopus for Scientific Documents Containing Mathematical Formulas, An
Includes: Furukori, F.[Fumihiro] Furukori, F.

Furumi, S. Co Author Listing * Vegetation Index to Estimate Terrestrial Gross Primary Production Capacity for the Global Change Observation Mission-Climate (GCOM-C)/Second-Generation Global Imager (SGLI) Satellite Sensor, A

Furumoto, J.I. Co Author Listing * Denoising Atmospheric Radar Signals Using Spectral-Based Subspace Method Applicable for PBS Wind Estimation
* Performance Analysis of Optimum Tilt Angle and Beam Configuration to Derive Horizontal Wind Velocities by Postset Beam Steering Technique

Furusawa, H.[Haruki] Co Author Listing * Methods of Traffic Flow Measurement using Spatio-Temporal Image

Furusawa, K. Co Author Listing * Determining Utterance Timing of a Driving Agent With Double Articulation Analyzer
* Improved Hand Gesture Recognition with Two-Stage Convolution Neural Networks Using a Hand Color Image and its Pseudo-Depth Image, An

Furusawa, T.[Takanori] Co Author Listing * Channel coding scheme for in HDTV digital VCR

Furuse, T.[Tatsuhiko] Co Author Listing * Synchronous Detection for Robust 3-D Shape Measurement against Interreflection and Subsurface Scattering

Furusho, H.[Hiroyuki] Co Author Listing * General-purpose road boundary detection with stereo camera

Furusho, Y. Co Author Listing * Objective Subjective Evaluation Models of Pencil Still Drawings for Art Education
* Picture quality evaluation model for color coded images: Considering observing points and local feature of image

Furuta, K. Co Author Listing * Evacuation Planning Based on the Contraflow Technique With Consideration of Evacuation Priorities and Traffic Setup Time

Furuta, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-fine strategy for efficient cost-volume filtering
* Cross-Domain Weakly-Supervised Object Detection Through Progressive Domain Adaptation
* Development of a Radar Reflector Kit for Older Adults to Use to Signal Their Location and Needs in a Large-Scale Earthquake Disaster
* Domain Adaptive Hand Keypoint and Pixel Localization in the Wild
* Efficient and Interactive Spatial-Semantic Image Retrieval
* Fast Volume Seam Carving With Multipass Dynamic Programming
* Feature Point Matching in Cross-Spectral Images with Cycle Consistency Learning
* Fine-grained Affordance Annotation for Egocentric Hand-Object Interaction Videos
* Painting Style-Aware Manga Colorization Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
* PixelRL: Fully Convolutional Network With Reinforcement Learning for Image Processing
* Sentinel-1 Spatiotemporal Simulation Using Convolutional LSTM for Flood Mapping
Includes: Furuta, R.[Ryosuke] Furuta, R. Furuta, R.[Ryoichi]
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Furuta, T. Co Author Listing * Application of BPCS steganography to wavelet compressed video

Furutani, T. Co Author Listing * Attempt To Develop An Environmental Information System Of Ecological Infrastructure For Evaluating Functions Of Ecosystem-based Solutions For Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR), An

Furuya, D.E.G.[Danielle Elis Garcia] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Approach for Mapping Forest Vegetation in Riparian Zones in an Atlantic Biome Environment Using Sentinel-2 Imagery, A
* Semantic Segmentation of Tree-Canopy in Urban Environment with Pixel-Wise Deep Learning

Furuya, K.[Ken] Co Author Listing * Primary Production, an Index of Climate Change in the Ocean: Satellite-Based Estimates over Two Decades

Furuya, M.T.G.[Michelle Tais Garcia] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Approach for Mapping Forest Vegetation in Riparian Zones in an Atlantic Biome Environment Using Sentinel-2 Imagery, A
Includes: Furuya, M.T.G.[Michelle Tais Garcia] Furuya, M.T.G.[Michelle Taís Garcia]

Furuya, N.[Naoyuki] Co Author Listing * Application of UAV Photogrammetry with LiDAR Data to Facilitate the Estimation of Tree Locations and DBH Values for High-Value Timber Species in Northern Japanese Mixed-Wood Forests
* Assessment of LiDAR-Derived Tree Heights Estimated from Different Flight Altitude Data in Mountainous Forests with Poor Laser Penetration Rates
* Estimation of Airborne Lidar-Derived Tropical Forest Canopy Height Using Landsat Time Series in Cambodia
* Object-Based Mapping of Aboveground Biomass in Tropical Forests Using LiDAR and Very-High-Spatial-Resolution Satellite Data
Includes: Furuya, N.[Naoyuki] Furuya, N.

Furuya, S. Co Author Listing * Lightweight Encryption Method Suitable For Copyright Protection, A
* Marker-removal Networks to Collect Precise 3D Hand Data for RGB-based Estimation and its Application in Piano
Includes: Furuya, S. Furuya, S.[Shinichi]

Furuya, T. Co Author Listing * Case Study of a Forest Carbon Stock Monitoring System for Redd+ in Lao P.D.R., A
* comparison of 3D shape retrieval methods based on a large-scale benchmark supporting multimodal queries, A
* comparison of methods for sketch-based 3D shape retrieval, A
* Deep Aggregation of Local 3D Geometric Features for 3D Model Retrieval
* Dense sampling and fast encoding for 3D model retrieval using bag-of-visual features
* Distance metric learning and feature combination for shape-based 3D model retrieval
* Fusing Multiple Features for Shape-based 3D Model Retrieval
* Hashing Cross-Modal Manifold for Scalable Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Learning part-in-whole relation of 3D shapes for part-based 3D model retrieval
* Local Goemetrical Feature With Spatial Context For Shape-Based 3d Model Retrieval
* Scale-weighted dense bag of visual features for 3D model retrieval from a partial view 3D model
* Self-supervised learning of rotation-invariant 3D point set features using transformer and its self-distillation
* SHREC'09 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'09 Track: Querying With Partial Models
* SHREC'09 Track: Structural Shape Retrieval On Watertight Models
* SHREC'10 Track: Generic 3d Warehouse
* SHREC'10 Track: Large Scale Retrieval
* SHREC'10 Track: Non-Rigid 3d Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'10 Track: Range Scan Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'12 Track: Generic 3d Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'12 Track: Sketch-Based 3d Shape Retrieval
* Transcoding across 3D shape representations for unsupervised learning of 3D shape feature
* Verification of Polarimetric Calibration Method Including Faraday Rotation Compensation Using PALSAR Data
* Visual Saliency Weighting and Cross-Domain Manifold Ranking for Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
Includes: Furuya, T. Furuya, T.[Takahiko]
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Furuyama, J.[Junko] Co Author Listing * Video-Based Person Re-identification by 3D Convolutional Neural Networks and Improved Parameter Learning

Furuyama, N.[Nobuhiro] Co Author Listing * Gesture, Speech, and Gaze Cues for Discourse Segmentation

Furuzawa, F.A. Co Author Listing * Quantifying Uncertainties in Land-Surface Microwave Emissivity Retrievals

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