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Funk, C. Co Author Listing * 2017 ICCV Challenge: Detecting Symmetry in the Wild
* 4D Model-Based Spatiotemporal Alignment of Scripted Taiji Quan Sequences
* Beyond Planar Symmetry: Modeling Human Perception of Reflection and Rotation Symmetries in the Wild
* Evaluation of Satellite Rainfall Estimates for Drought and Flood Monitoring in Mozambique
* From Image to Stability: Learning Dynamics from Human Pose
* Identifying Precipitation and Reference Evapotranspiration Trends in West Africa to Support Drought Insurance
* Kriging and Local Polynomial Methods for Blending Satellite-Derived and Gauge Precipitation Estimates to Support Hydrologic Early Warning Systems
* Symmetry reCAPTCHA
Includes: Funk, C. Funk, C.[Chris] Funk, C.[Christopher]
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Funk, C.C. Co Author Listing * Clustering to improve matched filter detection of weak gas plumes in hyperspectral thermal imagery

Funk, E. Co Author Listing * Implicit Surface Modeling from Imprecise Point Clouds
* IPS: A System for Real-time Navigation and 3d Modeling
* Regularized Volumetric Fusion Framework for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction, A
Includes: Funk, E. Funk, E.[Eugen]

Funk, M.[Michelle] Co Author Listing * Conterminous United States land cover change patterns 2001-2016 from the 2016 National Land Cover Database
* new generation of the United States National Land Cover Database: Requirements, research priorities, design, and implementation strategies, A

Funk, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Resolution Octree-Based Volumetric SLAM
* Using a Raster Display for Photometric Stereo
Includes: Funk, N. Funk, N.[Nathan]

Funk, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * 3d Face Recognition Algorithm Using Histogram-Based Features, A

Funka Lea, G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Cardiac Volume Analysis Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Accurate Regression-Based 4D Mitral Valve Surface Reconstruction from 2D+t MRI Slices
* Adaptive particle filtering for coronary artery segmentation from 3D CT angiograms
* Automatic Heart Isolation in 3D CT Images
* Combining Color and Geometry for the Active, Visual Recognition of Shadows
* Comprehensive Cardiovascular Image Analysis Using MR and CT at Siemens Corporate Research
* Face Completion with Semantic Knowledge and Collaborative Adversarial Learning
* Graph Cuts and Efficient N-D Image Segmentation
* Model-Driven Centerline Extraction for Severely Occluded Major Coronary Arteries
* Multi-modality model-based registration in the cardiac domain
* Segmentation and removal of pulmonary arteries, veins and left atrial appendage for visualizing coronary and bypass arteries
* Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MR Images
* Time-Varying Linear Autoregressive Models for Segmentation
* Use of Hybrid Models to Recover Cardiac Wall Motion in Tagged MR Images, The
Includes: Funka Lea, G. Funka-Lea, G. Funka-Lea, G.[Gareth]
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Funke, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Robot Authority in Human-Machine Teams: Effects of Human-Like Appearance on Compliance

Funke, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Linear Time Pose Estimation from Points and Lines
* Benchmark for Epithelial Cell Tracking, A
* Efficient automatic 3D-reconstruction of branching neurons from EM data
* Framework For Evaluating Visual SLAM, A
* Large Scale Image Segmentation with Structured Loss Based Deep Learning for Connectome Reconstruction

Funkhauser, T. Co Author Listing * Matching 3D Models with Shape Distribution

Funkhouser, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * 3DMatch: Learning Local Geometric Descriptors from RGB-D Reconstructions
* ActiveStereoNet: End-to-End Self-supervised Learning for Active Stereo Systems
* Adversarial Texture Optimization From RGB-D Scans
* Deep Depth Completion of a Single RGB-D Image
* Dilated Residual Networks
* DOPS: Learning to Detect 3D Objects and Predict Their 3D Shapes
* Fine-to-Coarse Global Registration of RGB-D Scans
* FrameNet: Learning Local Canonical Frames of 3D Surfaces From a Single RGB Image
* Im2Pano3D: Extrapolating 360 Structure and Semantics Beyond the Field of View
* Learning part-based templates from large collections of 3D shapes
* Learning Shape Templates With Structured Implicit Functions
* Learning to Infer Semantic Parameters for 3D Shape Editing
* Local Deep Implicit Functions for 3D Shape
* Local Implicit Grid Representations for 3D Scenes
* LSTM Approach to Temporal 3d Object Detection in Lidar Point Clouds, An
* Min-cut based segmentation of point clouds
* Neural Illumination: Lighting Prediction for Indoor Environments
* Physically-Based Rendering for Indoor Scene Understanding Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Pillar-based Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
* PlaneMatch: Patch Coplanarity Prediction for Robust RGB-D Reconstruction
* Reflective Symmetry Descriptor, A
* Rescan: Inductive Instance Segmentation for Indoor RGBD Scans
* ScanNet: Richly-Annotated 3D Reconstructions of Indoor Scenes
* Sea of Images: A Dense Sampling Approach for Rendering Large Indoor Environments
* Semantic alignment of LiDAR data at city scale
* Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image
* Shape-based recognition of 3D point clouds in urban environments
* Structure-Aware Shape Synthesis
* Text2Shape: Generating Shapes from Natural Language by Learning Joint Embeddings
* TextureNet: Consistent Local Parametrizations for Learning From High-Resolution Signals on Meshes
* Virtual Multi-view Fusion for 3d Semantic Segmentation
* Where Do People Draw Lines?
Includes: Funkhouser, T.[Thomas] Funkhouser, T. Funkhouser, T.[Tom]
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