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Frosch, S.[Stina] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral imaging based on diffused laser light for prediction of astaxanthin coating concentration

Froschl, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Taylor: Impersonation of AI for Audiovisual Content Documentation and Search
Includes: Froschl, G.[Gabriele] Fr÷schl, G.[Gabriele] (Maybe also Froeschl, G.)

Frosini, A. Co Author Listing * 1-Color Problem and the Brylawski Model, The
* Ambiguity Results in the Characterization of hv-convex Polyominoes from Projections
* Binary Matrices Under the Microscope: A Tomographical Problem
* Binary Pictures with Excluded Patterns
* Characterization and Reconstruction of Hypergraphic Pattern Sequences
* decomposition theorem for homogeneous sets with respect to diamond probes, A
* Generalized Microscopic Image Reconstruction Problem for Hypergraphs, The
* Geometrical Characterization of the Uniqueness Regions Under Special Sets of Three Directions in Discrete Tomography
* How to Decompose a Binary Matrix into Three hv-convex Polyominoes
* On the Degree Sequence of 3-Uniform Hypergraph: A New Sufficient Condition
* On the Degree Sequences of Uniform Hypergraphs
* Planar Configurations Induced by Exact Polyominoes
* Reconstructing Binary Matrices with Neighborhood Constraints: An NP-hard Problem
* Solving Some Instances of the 2-Color Problem
* Solving the Two Color Problem: An Heuristic Algorithm
* Tiling the Plane with Permutations
* Tomographical Interpretation of a Sufficient Condition on h-Graphical Sequences, A
* Uniqueness Regions under Sets of Generic Projections in Discrete Tomography
Includes: Frosini, A. Frosini, A.[Andrea]
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Frosini, P. Co Author Listing * 3D relevance feedback via multilevel relevance judgements
* Coherent Matching Distance in 2D Persistent Homology, The
* Describing shapes by geometrical-topological properties of real functions
* Global Method for Reducing Multidimensional Size Graphs, A
* k-dimensional Size Functions for Shape Description and Comparison
* Multidimensional Size Functions for Shape Comparison
* Multilevel Relevance Feedback for 3D Shape Retrieval
* new algorithm for computing the 2-dimensional matching distance between size functions, A
* Persistent Betti Numbers for a Noise Tolerant Shape-Based Approach to Image Retrieval
* Special section on computational topology in image context
* Study of Monodromy in the Computation of Multidimensional Persistence, A
* Use of Size Functions for Comparison of Shapes Through Differential Invariants, The
* Using matching distance in size theory: A survey
Includes: Frosini, P. Frosini, P.[Patrizio]
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Frosio, I.[Iuri] Co Author Listing * Accelerometer-based correction of skewed horizon and keystone distortion in digital photography
* Augmenting Legacy Networks for Flexible Inference
* Best Defense is a Good Offense: Adversarial Augmentation Against Adversarial Attacks, The
* Camera re-calibration after zooming based on sets of conics
* Conic Based Camera Re-calibration after Zooming
* Enhanced vector quantization for data reduction and filtering
* Enhancing Digital Cephalic Radiography With Mixture Models and Local Gamma Correction
* Importance Estimation for Neural Network Pruning
* Linear pose estimate from corresponding conics
* new and reliable Poisson noise estimator for radiographic images, A
* Optimal Choice of Regularization Parameter in Image Denoising
* Real-time accurate circle fitting with occlusions
* Retrieving gray-level information from a Binary Sensor and its application to gesture detection
* Robust Model-Based 3D Head Pose Estimation
* Statistical Based Impulsive Noise Removal in Digital Radiography
* Statistical Nearest Neighbors for Image Denoising
* Tackling 3D ToF Artifacts Through Learning and the FLAT Dataset
Includes: Frosio, I.[Iuri] Frosio, I.
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Froslev, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Danish Fungi 2020: Not Just Another Image Recognition Dataset
Includes: Froslev, T.[Tobias] Fr°slev, T.[Tobias]

Frossard, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition using sparse spherical representations
* 3D face recognition with sparse spherical representations
* Adaptive data augmentation for image classification
* Adaptive Entropy-constrained Matching Pursuit Quantization
* Adaptive Prioritized Random Linear Coding and Scheduling for Layered Data Delivery From Multiple Servers
* Adaptive Streaming in Interactive Multiview Video Systems
* Alignment of uncalibrated images for multi-view classification
* AMISP: a complete content-based MPEG-2 error-resilient scheme
* Analysis of Descent-Based Image Registration
* Analysis of Image Registration with Tangent Distance
* Anchor View Allocation for Collaborative Free Viewpoint Video Streaming
* Automated Eardrum Registration from Light-Field Data
* Bayesian Early Mode Decision Technique for View Synthesis Prediction-Enhanced Multiview Video Coding
* Bulged Eardrum Detection From 3D Data
* Coding Structure and Replication Optimization for Interactive Multiview Video Streaming
* Coding with Temporal Layers or Multiple Descriptions for Lossy Video Transmission
* Complexity constrained representation selection for dynamic adaptive streaming
* Consistent view synthesis in interactive multiview imaging
* Correlation estimation from compressed images
* Correlation-Aware Packet Scheduling in Multi-Camera Networks
* Curvature analysis of pattern transformation manifolds
* DeepFool: A Simple and Accurate Method to Fool Deep Neural Networks
* Delay-Power-Rate-Distortion Optimization of Video Representations for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming
* Dense disparity estimation from omnidirectional images
* Dictionary Learning for Fast Classification Based on Soft-thresholding
* Dictionary Learning for Stereo Image Representation
* Discretization of Parametrizable Signal Manifolds
* Distortion-buffer optimized TCP video streaming
* Distributed classification of multiple observations by consensus
* Distributed Coding of Multiresolution Omnidirectional Images
* Distributed Image Processing
* Distributed media rate allocation in multipath networks
* Distributed Rate Allocation in Inter-Session Network Coding
* Distributed Representation of Geometrically Correlated Images With Compressed Linear Measurements
* Emerging Field of Signal Processing on Graphs: Extending High-Dimensional Data Analysis to Networks and Other Irregular Domains, The
* Empirical Study of the Topology and Geometry of Deep Networks
* Encoder-Driven Inpainting Strategy in Multiview Video Compression
* EXIT-Based Side Information Refinement in Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Extended Layered Depth Image Representation in Multiview Navigation
* Fast encoding techniques for Multiview Video Coding
* Flexible forward error correction codes with application to partial media data recovery
* Flexible motion-adaptive video coding with redundant expansions
* Forward Error Correction for Multipath Media Streaming
* GeoDA: A Geometric Framework for Black-Box Adversarial Attacks
* Geometric Robustness of Deep Networks: Analysis and Improvement
* Geometry-based distributed coding of multi-view omnidirectional images
* Geometry-Based Distributed Scene Representation With Omnidirectional Vision Sensors
* Geometry-Consistent Light Field Super-Resolution via Graph-Based Regularization
* Geometry-Inspired Decision-Based Attack, A
* Graph Based Non-Uniform Sampling and Reconstruction of Depth Maps
* Graph Transform Optimization With Application to Image Compression
* Graph-based classification for multiple observations of transformed patterns
* Graph-based classification of multiple observation sets
* Graph-Based Classification of Omnidirectional Images
* Graph-Based Compression of Dynamic 3D Point Cloud Sequences
* Graph-Based Detection of Seams In 360-Degree Images
* Graph-based motion estimation and compensation for dynamic 3D point cloud compression
* Graph-Based Representation for Multiview Image Geometry
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Visual Computing in the Cloud: Mobile Computing
* Guided inpainting with cluster-based auxiliary information
* Image inpainting through neural networks hallucinations
* Image reconstruction from compressed linear measurements with side information
* Image Registration with Sparse Approximations in Parametric Dictionaries
* Improving Filling Level Classification with Adversarial Training
* In-network view re-sampling for interactive free viewpoint video streaming
* In-Network View Synthesis for Interactive Multiview Video Systems
* Interactive Multiview Video System With Low Complexity 2D Look Around at Decoder
* Interactive multiview video system with low decoding complexity
* Introduction to the special section on 3D representation, compression, and rendering
* Joint decoding of stereo JPEG image Pairs
* Joint Graph-Based Depth Refinement and Normal Estimation
* Joint Reconstruction of Multiview Compressed Images
* Joint Registration and Super-Resolution With Omnidirectional Images
* Joint source and sending rate modeling in adaptive video streaming
* Joint source/FEC rate selection for quality-optimal MPEG-2 video delivery
* Key view selection in distributed multiview coding
* LAF-Net: Locally Adaptive Fusion Networks for Stereo Confidence Estimation
* Landmarking for Navigational Streaming of Stored High-Dimensional Media
* Learning from sparse codes
* Learning pattern transformation manifolds for classification
* Learning Smooth Pattern Transformation Manifolds
* Low-Rate and Flexible Image Coding With Redundant Representations
* Luminance coding in graph-based representation of multiview images
* M-Term Pursuit for Image Representation and Progressive Compression, The
* Manitest: Are classifiers really invariant?
* Markov Decision Process Based Energy-Efficient On-Line Scheduling for Slice-Parallel Video Decoders on Multicore Systems
* Measuring the effect of nuisance variables on classifiers
* Media Streaming With Network Diversity
* Minimum Distance between Pattern Transformation Manifolds: Algorithm and Applications
* Multi-stream partitioning and parity rate allocation for scalable IPTV delivery
* Multicamera Information Processing: Acquisition, Collaboration, Interpretation, and Production
* Multiple Description Coding with Redundant Expansions and Application to Image Communications
* Multiple Description Video Coding With H.264/AVC Redundant Pictures
* Multiview video representations for quality-scalable navigation
* MVMP: Multi-view Matching Pursuit with geometry constraints
* Navigation Domain Representation For Interactive Multiview Imaging
* Network Coding Meets Multimedia: A Review
* Network Coding of Rateless Video in Streaming Overlays
* New dictionary and fast atom searching method for matching pursuit representation of displaced frame difference
* non-stationary Hidden Markov Model of multiview video traffic, A
* Nonsmooth Graph-Based Approach to Light Field Super-Resolution, A
* Object Shape Approximation and Contour Adaptive Depth Image Coding for Virtual View Synthesis
* Omnidirectional Views Selection for Scene Representation
* OmniSIFT: Scale invariant features in omnidirectional images
* Optical flow and depth from motion for omnidirectional images using a TV-L1 variational framework on graphs
* Optimal Image Alignment With Random Projections of Manifolds: Algorithm and Geometric Analysis
* Optimal Lagrange multipliers for dependent rate allocation in video coding
* Optimal layered representation for adaptive interactive multiview video streaming
* Optimal Representations for Adaptive Streaming in Interactive Multiview Video Systems
* Optimism in the Face of Adversity: Understanding and Improving Deep Learning Through Adversarial Robustness
* Optimized Data Representation for Interactive Multiview Navigation
* Optimized MVC Prediction Structures for Interactive Multiview Video Streaming
* Optimized Packet Scheduling in Multiview Video Navigation Systems
* Optimizing landmark insertions for interactive light field streaming
* OSLO: On-the-Sphere Learning for Omnidirectional Images and Its Application to 360-Degree Image Compression
* Packet scheduling in multicamera capture systems
* Pattern Detection by Distributed Feature Extraction
* Plenoptic based super-resolution for omnidirectional image sequences
* Plenoptic spherical sampling
* Price-Based Controller for Utility-Aware HTTP Adaptive Streaming
* PRIME: A Few Primitives Can Boost Robustness to Common Corruptions
* Prioritized Distributed Video Delivery With Randomized Network Coding
* Privacy-Preserving Image Acquisition for Neural Vision Systems
* Profit Optimization for Wireless Video Broadcasting Systems Based on Polymatroidal Analysis
* Progressive Coding of 3-D Objects Based on Overcomplete Decompositions
* QoE-Driven Mobile Edge Caching Placement for Adaptive Video Streaming
* Quality-Constrained Encoding Optimization for Omnidirectional Video Streaming
* R-D optimized auxiliary information for inpainting-based view synthesis
* Redundant image representations in security applications
* Reference View Selection in DIBR-Based Multiview Coding
* Robustness of Deep Networks: A Geometrical Perspective, The
* Robustness via Curvature Regularization, and Vice Versa
* Sampling-aware polar descriptors on the sphere
* Scale-Invariant Features and Polar Descriptors in Omnidirectional Imaging
* Seismic Simultaneous Source Separation via Patchwise Sparse Representation
* Selection of Network Coding Nodes for Minimal Playback Delay in Streaming Overlays
* Self-Supervision By Prediction for Object Discovery In Videos
* Sparse Approximation Using M-Term Pursuit and Application in Image and Video Coding
* Sparse molecular image representation
* Sparse stereo image coding with learned dictionaries
* SparseFool: A Few Pixels Make a Big Difference
* Special issue on image and video coding beyond standards
* Special issue on resource-aware adaptive video streaming
* Special Section on Interactive Multimedia
* Stereo Confidence Estimation via Locally Adaptive Fusion and Knowledge Distillation
* Structured Dictionary Perspective on Implicit Neural Representations, A
* Super-resolution from unregistered omnidirectional images
* Symmetric distributed coding of stereo omnidirectional images
* Temporal and Inter-View Consistent Error Concealment Technique for Multiview Plus Depth Video
* Toward Robust Sensing for Autonomous Vehicles: An Adversarial Perspective
* TV-regularized generation of planar images from omnicams
* U-Boost NAS: Utilization-Boosted Differentiable Neural Architecture Search
* Universal Adversarial Perturbations
* User-Oriented QoS Analysis in MPEG-2 Video Delivery
* Variational Framework for Structure from Motion in Omnidirectional Image Sequences, A
* Video Packet Selection and Scheduling for Multipath Streaming
* Visual Distortions in 360░ Videos
* Wide-Baseline Foreground Object Interpolation Using Silhouette Shape Prior
* Wyner-Ziv Coding of Multi-View Omnidirectional Images with Overcomplete Decompositions
Includes: Frossard, P.[Pascal] Frossard, P.
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Frossyniotis, D. Co Author Listing * clustering method based on boosting, A

Frost, A.[Anja] Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Space Borne Optical and SAR Data to Improve Knowledge about Sea Ice for Shipping

Frost, C.E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Adjustment Procedure for Rational Splines, An

Frost, D.[Duncan] Co Author Listing * Detection and tracking of moving objects in a maritime environment using level set with shape priors

Frost, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Visualizations for Communicating Intelligent Agent Generated Courses of Action

Frost, G.V.[Gerald V.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of LiDAR and Spectral Techniques for High-Resolution Mapping of Sporadic Permafrost on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska
* Drivers of Landscape Changes in Coastal Ecosystems on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska
* Regional Patterns and Asynchronous Onset of Ice-Wedge Degradation since the Mid-20th Century in Arctic Alaska
* Regional Quantitative Cover Mapping of Tundra Plant Functional Types in Arctic Alaska

Frost, J.D. Co Author Listing * Extraction of motion strength and motor activity signals from video recordings of neonatal seizures
* Quantifying Motion in Video Recordings of Neonatal Seizures by Regularized Optical Flow Methods

Frost, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Validation of the Two Standard MODIS Satellite Burned-Area Products and an Empirically-Derived Merged Product in South Africa

Frost, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Art and Argument: Indigitization of a Kiowa Historical Map for Teaching and Research
* Major automatic diabetic retinopathy screening systems and related core algorithms: a review
* Visualizing and Understanding Inherent Image Features in CNN-based Glaucoma Detection
Includes: Frost, S.[Sarah] Frost, S.[Shaun]

Frost, S.R.[Stephen R.] Co Author Listing * Exploration of Shape Variation Using Localized Components Analysis

Frost, V.S. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Classification of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
* Model for Radar Images and Its Application to Adaptive Digital Filtering for Multiplicative Noise, A

Frost, W.O. Co Author Listing * Compendium of Redundancy Removal Processes

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