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Frau, C.M.[Carlos Mena] Co Author Listing * Drift Correction of Lightweight Microbolometer Thermal Sensors On-Board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Frau, D.C.[David Cuesta] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Nanocolumnar Crystals from Microscopic Images

Frauche, A.L.V.[Athayde L.V.] Co Author Listing * 3D Weather Radar Image Compression Using Multiscale Recurrent Patterns

Frauel, Y.[Yann] Co Author Listing * Detection of a polymorphic Mesoamerican symbol using a rule-based approach
* Graph-Based Methods for Retinal Mosaicing and Vascular Characterization
* Reduction of speckle in digital holography by discrete Fourier filtering
* robust Graph Transformation Matching for non-rigid registration, A
* Segmentation of three-dimensional objects from background in digital holograms
* Speckle reduction using the discrete Fourier filtering technique
* Speckle removal using a maximum-likelihood technique with isoline gray-level regularization
* Three-Dimensional Imaging and Processing Using Computational Holographic Imaging
* Vision-Based Localization for Mobile Robots Using a Set of Known Views
Includes: Frauel, Y.[Yann] Frauel, Y.
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Frauenberger, O.[Olaf] Co Author Listing * In-orbit Geometric Calibration of Firebird's Infrared Line Cameras
* Orthorectification of Helicopter-Borne High Resolution Experimental Burn Observation from Infra Red Handheld Imagers
* Persistent Hot Spot Detection and Characterisation Using SLSTR

Frauendorfer, D. Co Author Listing * Hire me: Computational Inference of Hirability in Employment Interviews Based on Nonverbal Behavior

Frauenfelder, R.[Regula] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal Satellite Image Composites in Google Earth Engine for Improved Landslide Visibility: A Case Study of a Glacial Landscape
* Space-Borne and Ground-Based InSAR Data Integration: The Åknes Test Site

Fraundorfer, F.[Friedrich] Co Author Listing * 3D model search and pose estimation from single images using VIP features
* Absolute scale in structure from motion from a single vehicle mounted camera by exploiting nonholonomic constraints
* Aerial image sequence geolocalization with road traffic as invariant feature
* Aerial Road Segmentation in the Presence of Topological Label Noise
* ATLAS-MVSNet: Attention Layers for Feature Extraction and Cost Volume Regularization in Multi-View Stereo
* Automatic 3-D Building Model Reconstruction from Very High Resolution Stereo Satellite Imagery
* Automatic Alignment of Indoor and Outdoor Building Models Using 3D Line Segments
* Automatic and Semantically-Aware 3D UAV Flight Planning for Image-Based 3D Reconstruction
* Automatic Annotation of Airborne Images by Label Propagation Based on a Bayesian-CRF Model
* Automatic UAV Image Geo-Registration by Matching UAV Images to Georeferenced Image Data
* Automatically Annotating Indoor Images with CAD Models via RGB-D Scans
* Belief Propagation Reloaded: Learning BP-Layers for Labeling Problems
* benchmarking tool for MAV visual pose estimation, A
* Binning Scheme for Fast Hard Drive Based Image Search, A
* BP-MVSNet: Belief-Propagation-Layers for Multi-View-Stereo
* Buildings Detection in VHR SAR Images Using Fully Convolution Neural Networks
* Casting Geometric Constraints in Semantic Segmentation as Semi-Supervised Learning
* Closing the Loop in Appearance Guided SfM for Omnidirectional Cameras
* Combining Monocular and Stereo Cues for Mobile Robot Localization Using Visual Words
* Comparison of monocular depth estimation methods using geometrically relevant metrics on the IBims-1 dataset
* Damage Estimation of Explosions in Urban Environments By Simulation
* DeepC-MVS: Deep Confidence Prediction for Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction
* DELS-MVS: Deep Epipolar Line Search for Multi-View Stereo
* Detecting Distinguished Regions by Saliency
* Evaluation of CNN-Based Single-Image Depth Estimation Methods
* Evaluations on multi-scale camera networks for precise and geo-accurate reconstructions from aerial and terrestrial images with user guidance
* FC-DCNN: A densely connected neural network for stereo estimation
* FCDSN-DC: An Accurate and Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Stereo Estimation with Depth Completion
* GA-Net-Pyramid: An Efficient End-to-End Network for Dense Matching
* General 3d Room Layout from a Single View by Render-and-compare
* Homography Based Egomotion Estimation with a Common Direction
* Homography Formulation to the 3pt Plus a Common Direction Relative Pose Problem, A
* Image Localization in Satellite Imagery with Feature-Based Indexing
* intelligent flying eye, The
* Machine-learned Regularization and Polygonization of Building Segmentation Masks
* MD-Net: Multi-Detector for Local Feature Extraction
* Methods for Combined Monocular and Stereo Mobile Robot Localization
* Minimal Case Solution to the Calibrated Relative Pose Problem for the Case of Two Known Orientation Angles, A
* Minimal Cases for Computing the Generalized Relative Pose using Affine Correspondences
* Minimal Solutions for Relative Pose With a Single Affine Correspondence
* Minimal solutions for the rotational alignment of IMU-camera systems using homography constraints
* Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose Estimation of Multi-Camera Systems using Affine Correspondences
* Monte Carlo Scene Search for 3D Scene Understanding
* MonteFloor: Extending MCTS for Reconstructing Accurate Large-Scale Floor Plans
* MSCC: Maximally Stable Corner Clusters
* Multi-Label Learning based Semi-Global Matching Forest
* Multi-Task cGAN for Simultaneous Spaceborne DSM Refinement and Roof-Type Classification
* Natural, salient image patches for robot localization
* novel performance evaluation method of local detectors on non-planar scenes, A
* OmniTour: Semi-automatic generation of interactive virtual tours from omnidirectional video
* Optimization of OpenStreetMap Building Footprints Based on Semantic Information of Oblique UAV Images
* Piecewise planar scene reconstruction from sparse correspondences
* PolyWorld: Polygonal Building Extraction with Graph Neural Networks in Satellite Images
* Prioritized multi-view stereo depth map generation using confidence prediction
* RegGAN: An End-to-End Network for Building Footprint Generation with Boundary Regularization
* Regularized 3D Modeling from Noisy Building Reconstructions
* Relative Pose Estimation for a Multi-camera System with Known Vertical Direction
* Relative Pose Estimation with a Single Affine Correspondence
* Roof Type Selection Based On Patch-based Classification Using Deep Learning for High Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Scalable Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds with Extreme Scale and Density Diversity
* Semantically Aware Urban 3D Reconstruction with Plane-Based Regularization
* Structure-from-motion for MAV image sequence analysis with photogrammetric applications
* TUM-DLR Multimodal Earth Observation Evaluation Benchmark, The
* UAV-Based Autonomous Image Acquisition with Multi-view Stereo Quality Assurance by Confidence Prediction
* UAV-Based Monitoring of Pedestrian Groups
* Using Self-Contradiction to Learn Confidence Measures in Stereo Vision
Includes: Fraundorfer, F.[Friedrich] Fraundorfer, F.
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