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Donoghue, C.R.[Claire R.] Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate global geodesic registrations using knee MRI from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* Learning Correspondences in Knee MR Images from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* Robust Global Registration through Geodesic Paths on an Empirical Manifold with Knee MRI from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI)

Donoghue, D. Co Author Listing * New Microslice Technology for Hyperspectral Imaging
* Remote Sensing Approach for Mapping the Development of Ancient Water Management in the Near East, A
Includes: Donoghue, D. Donoghue, D.[Daniel]

Donoghue, D.N.M.[Daniel N.M.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Global Forest Change Datasets for National Forest Monitoring and Reporting, An
* Earth Observation Technology Cluster, The
* High Resolution Elevation Data Derived from Stereoscopic Corona Imagery with Minimal Ground Control: An Approach Using Ikonos and Srtm Data
Includes: Donoghue, D.N.M.[Daniel N.M.] Donoghue, D.N.M. Donoghue, D.N.M.[Daniel N. M.]

Donoghue, J.P. Co Author Listing * Bayesian population coding of motor cortical activity using a Kalman filter
* Modeling and decoding motor cortical activity using a switching Kalman filter
* On the variability of manual spike sorting

Donoho, D.L. Co Author Listing * Adapting to unknown smoothness via wavelets shrinkage
* Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Galaxies by Multiscale Methods
* Compressed sensing
* Curvelet Transform for Image Denoising, The
* Deblocking of Block-Transform Compressed Images Using Weighted Sums of Symmetrically Aligned Pixels
* Denoising by Soft-Thresholding
* Fast slant stack: A notion of radon transform for data on a cartesian grid which is rapidly computable, algebraically exact, geometrically faithful, and invertible
* Gray and color image contrast enhancement by the curvelet transform
* Ideal spatial adaptation via wavelets shrinkage
* Image decomposition via the combination of sparse representations and a variational approach
* Image Manifolds which are Isometric to Euclidean Space
* Implications for Image Watermarking of Recent Work in Image Analysis and Representation
* Morphological Component Analysis: An Adaptive Thresholding Strategy
* Orthonormal ridgelet and linear singularities
* Uncertainty Principle and Ideal Atomic Decompositions
* Wavelab
* Wavelet Shrinkage: Asymptopia?
* Wedgelets: Nearly Minimax Estimations of Edges
Includes: Donoho, D.L. Donoho, D.L.[David L.]
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Donohoe, P. Co Author Listing * Runway assessment via remote sensing

Donohue, K.D. Co Author Listing * ROC analysis of ultrasound tissue characterization classifiers for breast cancer diagnosis

Donohue, R. Co Author Listing * Constrained Region-Based Segmentation of Pleural Effusion in Thin-Slice CT

Donohue, R.J.[Randall J.] Co Author Listing * To Blend or Not to Blend? A Framework for Nationwide Landsat-MODIS Data Selection for Crop Yield Prediction

Donoser, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation by Maximally Stable Volumes (MSVs)
* Bag of Optical Flow Volumes for Image Sequence Recognition
* Beyond Pairwise Shape Similarity Analysis
* Clothing Recognition in the Wild using the Amazon Catalog
* Color Blob Segmentation by MSER Analysis
* Context information from search engines for document recognition
* Detecting Paper Fibre Cross Sections in Microtomy Images
* Detecting Partially Occluded Objects with an Implicit Shape Model Random Field
* Detecting, Tracking and Recognizing License Plates
* Diffusion Processes for Retrieval Revisited
* Discrete-Continuous Gradient Orientation Estimation for Faster Image Segmentation
* Discriminative Feature-to-Point Matching in Image-Based Localization
* Discriminative Learning of Contour Fragments for Object Detection
* Efficient Maximally Stable Extremal Region (MSER) Tracking
* Efficient Partial Shape Matching of Outer Contours
* Efficient shape representation, matching, ranking, and its applications
* Evolutionary Hough Games for coherent object detection
* Fast Non-Rigid Object Boundary Tracking
* Hierarchical Segment Support for Categorical Image Labeling
* Highly Consistent Sequential Segmentation
* Hough Regions for Joining Instance Localization and Segmentation
* Incremental Surface Extraction from Sparse Structure-from-Motion Point Clouds
* Irregular lattices for complex shape grammar facade parsing
* Learning Attribute-driven Disentangled Representations for Interactive Fashion Retrieval
* Learning Edge-Specific Kernel Functions For Pairwise Graph Matching
* Linked edges as stable region boundaries
* Localized Triplet Loss for Fine-grained Fashion Image Retrieval
* Memory Efficient 3D Integral Volumes
* Multiple Model Fitting by Evolutionary Dynamics
* Object Tracking by Structure Tensor Analysis
* Online object recognition by MSER trajectories
* Optimizing 1-Nearest Prototype Classifiers
* probabilistic approach for tracking fibers, A
* Real time appearance based hand tracking
* Replicator Graph Clustering
* Revamping Cross-Modal Recipe Retrieval with Hierarchical Transformers and Self-supervised Learning
* Robust tracking of spatial related components
* ROI-SEG: Unsupervised Color Segmentation by Combining Differently Focused Sub Results
* Saliency driven total variation segmentation
* Semantic Image Labelling as a Label Puzzle Game
* Semi-Global 3D Line Modeling for Incremental Structure-from-Motion
* Shape Guided Maximally Stable Extremal Region (MSER) Tracking
* Shape Prototype Signatures for Action Recognition
* Unsupervised Facade Segmentation Using Repetitive Patterns
* Using covariance matrices for unsupervised texture segmentation
* Using Partial Edge Contour Matches for Efficient Object Category Localization
* Using web search engines to improve text recognition
Includes: Donoser, M.[Michael] Donoser, M.
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Donoso Bach, L.[Lluis] Co Author Listing * Encoding of images containing no-data regions within JPEG2000 framework
Includes: Donoso Bach, L.[Lluis] Donoso-Bach, L.[Lluis]

Donoso, F. Co Author Listing * Matching Radar and Satellite Images Employing the Hausdorff Distance for Ship Positioning and Trajectory Estimation
* Reliable Atrial Activity Extraction from ECG Atrial Fibrillation Signals
Includes: Donoso, F. Donoso, F.[Felipe]

Donoso, R.[Ramiro] Co Author Listing * Modified Expectation Maximization Algorithm for MRI Segmentation

Donovan, C.[Carl] Co Author Listing * Randomized low-rank Dynamic Mode Decomposition for motion detection

Donovan, E.F. Co Author Listing * Using attribute trees to analyse auroral appearance over Canada

Donovan, G.[Gary] Co Author Listing * Inductive Clustering: Automating Low-level Segmentation in High Resolution Images

Donovan, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Network for Region Identification in Breast Histopathology Slides

Donovan, P.F. Co Author Listing * Identifying woody vegetation on coal surface mines using phenological indicators with multitemporal Landsat imagery

Donovan, V.[Virginia] Co Author Listing * Contextual and visual modeling for detection of mild traumatic brain injury in MRI
* Detecting mild traumatic brain injury using dynamic low level context
* Visual and Contextual Modeling for the Detection of Repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Donovan, V.M.[Victoria M.] Co Author Listing * Land-Use Type as a Driver of Large Wildfire Occurrence in the U.S. Great Plains

Donovan, W. Co Author Listing * Programmable image processing in a memory controller

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