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Cros, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Summer Crops Using High Spatial Resolution Optical Image Time Series
Includes: Cros, J.[Jerome] Cros, J.[Jérôme]

Cros, O. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of micro-channels within the human mastoid bone based on local structure tensor analysis
* Non-ring Filters for Robust Detection of Linear Structures
Includes: Cros, O. Cros, O.[Olivier]

Crosas, C.[Carles] Co Author Listing * Mapping Food and Health Premises in Barcelona. An Approach to Logics of Distribution and Proximity of Essential Urban Services

Crosby, B.T.[Benjamin T.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Two Methods of Surface Change Detection on an Evolving Thermokarst Using High-Temporal-Frequency Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Selawik River, Alaska

Crosby, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Emergent Challenges for Science sUAS Data Management: Fairness through Community Engagement and Best Practicse Development
* Leading Progress in Digital Terrain Analysis and Modeling
* Seamless Synthetic Aperture Radar Archive for Interferometry Analysis
* Statewide USGS 3DEP Lidar Topographic Differencing Applied to Indiana, USA
Includes: Crosby, C.[Christopher] Crosby, C.

Crosby, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Correlation Analysis With Non-Overlapping Imagery Indication
* Comparison of directly measured to derived polarization imagery using an adaptive signature detection algorithm
* Curvelet decomposition for detection of cylindrical targets
* Geometric correction through complex interpolation
* Triangulation-Based Coverage Path Planning, A
* Wavelet difference reduction with region-of-interest priority in multispectral video: Small Target Detection
Includes: Crosby, F.[Frank] Crosby, F.

Crosby, M.K.[Michael K.] Co Author Listing * Use of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery to Determine the Status of a Large-Scale Outbreak of Southern Pine Beetle, The

Crosetto, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Above-Ground Biomass Retrieval over Tropical Forests: A Novel GNSS-R Approach with CyGNSS
* Active Reflectors for Interferometric SAR Deformation Measurement
* ADAfinder Tool Applied to EGMS Data for the Structural Health Monitoring of Urban Settlements
* ADAtools: Automatic Detection and Classification of Active Deformation Areas from PSI Displacement Maps
* Analysis of X-Band Very High Resolution Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Data over Urban Areas
* Approach to Persistent Scatterer Interferometry, An
* Calibration and validation of SAR interferometry for DEM generation
* Change Detection and Dynamic Analysis Based on Remote Sensing Images
* Comparison of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and SAR Tomography Using Sentinel-1 in Urban Environment
* Deformation measurement using terrestrial laser scanning data and least squares 3D surface matching
* Deformation Monitoring At European Scale: the Copernicus Ground Motion Service
* Deformation Monitoring Using SAR Interferometry and Active and Passive Reflectors
* Discontinuous GBSAR deformation monitoring
* Displacement Monitoring and Health Evaluation of Two Bridges Using Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Displacement monitoring and modelling of a high-speed railway bridge using C-band Sentinel-1 data
* Editorial for the Special Issue Urban Deformation Monitoring using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and SAR Tomography
* ELULC-10, a 10 m European Land Use and Land Cover Map Using Sentinel and Landsat Data in Google Earth Engine
* Evaluating the Uncertainty in Coherence-Change-Detection-Based Maps of Torrential Sediment Transport in Arid Environments
* Evolution of Wide-Area DInSAR: From Regional and National Services to the European Ground Motion Service, The
* Exploitation of the full potential of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry data
* First Evaluation of Topography on GNSS-R: An Empirical Study Based on a Digital Elevation Model
* Generation of Advanced ERS and Envisat Interferometric SAR Products Using the Stable Point Network Technique
* Ground Deformation Monitoring At Continental Scale: The European Ground Motion Service
* Ground-based and Spaceborne SAR Interferometric Techniques Supporting The Management of Emergencies In the Heimdall Project
* Ground-Based Radar Interferometry for Monitoring the Dynamic Performance of a Multitrack Steel Truss High-Speed Railway Bridge
* Impact of the Elevation Angle on CYGNSS GNSS-R Bistatic Reflectivity as a Function of Effective Surface Roughness over Land Surfaces
* Measuring thermal expansion using X-band persistent scatterer interferometry
* Methodology to Detect and Update Active Deformation Areas Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Images, A
* Multi-Temporal Satellite Interferometry for Fast-Motion Detection: An Application to Salt Solution Mining
* Multi-Temporal Small Baseline Interferometry Procedure Applied to Mining-Induced Deformation Monitoring, A
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Procedure Based on Stable Areas to Filter the Atmospheric Component, A
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Procedure to Monitor Urban Subsidence, A
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry: A review
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry: potential and limits
* review of ground-based SAR interferometry for deformation measurement, A
* Review of Satellite Interferometry for Landslide Detection in Italy
* SAR Coherence in Detecting Fluvial Sediment Transport Events in Arid Environments
* Semi-Automatic Identification and Pre-Screening of Geological-Geotechnical Deformational Processes Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Datasets
* Spaceborne Differential SAR Interferometry: Data Analysis Tools for Deformation Measurement
* Spatio-Temporal Quality Indicators for Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Ground Motion Time Series Classification from InSAR Data
* Theme Issue Innovative applications of SAR interferometry from modern satellite sensors
* TLS Deformation Measurement Using LS3D Surface and Curve Matching
* Using Tailored Graphical Tools to Improve the Quality of Displacement Maps AT CTTC: The Vetools
Includes: Crosetto, M.[Michele] Crosetto, M.
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Crosier, M.S.[Mike S.] Co Author Listing * Basic Image Features (BIFs) Arising from Approximate Symmetry Type
* Texture classification with a dictionary of basic image features
* Using Basic Image Features for Texture Classification
* Zipf's Law in Image Coding Schemes
Includes: Crosier, M.S.[Mike S.] Crosier, M.S.[Michael S.]

Crosilla, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Assessing the 3D Structure of the Single Crowns in Mixed Alpine Forests
* Automatic modeling of laser point clouds by statistical analysis of surface curvature values
* Automatic morphological pre-alignment and global hybrid registration of close range images
* Automatic Non Parametric Procedures for Terrestrial Laser Point Clouds Processing
* Curvature Analysis of Lidar Data for Single Tree Species Classification in alpine Latitude Forests
* Full-Waveform Airborne LiDAR Data Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Generalized Factored Stochastic Model for Optimal Registration of LIDAR Range Images, A
* Global registration of multiple point clouds embedding the Generalized Procrustes Analysis into an ICP framework
* Improving the Morphological Analysis for Tree Extraction: A Dynamic Approach to Lidar Data
* Investigating the Performance of a Handheld Mobile Mapping System In Different Outdoor Scenarios
* Laserscanning survey of the Aquileia basilica (Italy) and automatic modeling of the volumetric primitives
* Points Classification By A Sequential Higher-Order Moments Statistical Analysis Of Lidar Data
* Reliable Exterior Orientation by a Robust Anisotropic Orthogonal Procrustes Algorithm
* segmentation procedure of LiDAR data by applying mixed parametric and nonparametric models, A
* Shadow detection and removal in RGB VHR images for land use unsupervised classification
* Simplified Analytical Model for a-priori Lidar Pointpositioning Error Estimation and a Review of Lidar Error Sources, A
* Solving bundle block adjustment by generalized anisotropic Procrustes analysis
* Solving the PnP Problem with Anisotropic Orthogonal Procrustes Analysis
* Statistically Proven Automatic Curvature Based Classification Procedure of Laser Points, A
* Unsupervised Classification of Raw Full-Waveform Airborne Lidar Data by Self Organizing Maps
* Use of generalised Procrustes analysis for the photogrammetric block adjustment by independent models
Includes: Crosilla, F.[Fabio] Crosilla, F.
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Crosman, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Multi-Scale Ultra-High Resolution (MUR) Analysis of Lake Surface Temperature
* Meteorological Drivers of Permian Basin Methane Anomalies Derived from TROPOMI

Cross Zamirski, J.O.[Jan Oscar] Co Author Listing * Class-Guided Image-to-Image Diffusion: Cell Painting from Brightfield Images with Class Labels
Includes: Cross Zamirski, J.O.[Jan Oscar] Cross-Zamirski, J.O.[Jan Oscar]

Cross, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images

Cross, A.D.J.[Andrew D.J.] Co Author Listing * Convergence of a hill-climbing genetic algorithm for graph matching
* Corner Detection Using Vector Potential
* Corner Detection Via Topographic Analysis of Vector Potential
* Edge location with electrostatic region attractors
* Genetic Search for Structural Matching
* Graph Matching with a Dual-Step EM Algorithm
* Holistic matching
* Inexact Graph Matching Using Genetic Search
* Perspective matching using the EM algorithm
* Recognizing Building Patterns Using Matched-Filters and Genetic Search
* Relational Matching with Stochastic Optimisation
* Scale space vector fields for symmetry detection
* Scale-Space Vector Fields for Feature Analysis
* Structural Matching with Active Triangulations
Includes: Cross, A.D.J.[Andrew D.J.] Cross, A.D.J.
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Cross, A.T.[Adam T.] Co Author Listing * Methodological Ambiguity and Inconsistency Constrain Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as A Silver Bullet for Monitoring Ecological Restoration

Cross, B.[Brent] Co Author Listing * Computed Tomography Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Cross, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Predicting Table Beet Root Yield with Multispectral UAS Imagery
* Watermarking for self-authentication of compressed video
Includes: Cross, D.[Daniel] Cross, D.

Cross, D.E.[Donall E.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Open and Vegetated Water Bodies Using Sentinel-1 to Map African Malaria Vector Mosquito Breeding Habitats
Includes: Cross, D.E.[Donall E.] Cross, D.E.[Dónall E.]

Cross, G.[Geoff] Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Model Construction for Turn-Table Sequences
* Bi-Layer Segmentation of Binocular Stereo Video
* Bilayer Segmentation of Live Video
* Parallax Geometry of Smooth Surfaces in Multiple Views
* Probabilistic Fusion of Stereo with Color and Contrast for Bi-Layer Segmentation
* Quadric Reconstruction from Dual-Space Geometry
Includes: Cross, G.[Geoff] Cross, G.[Geoffrey] Cross, G.

Cross, G.M.T. Co Author Listing * Affine Visual Servoing

Cross, G.R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Polygonal Approximation of a Digital Object, An
* Markov Random Field Texture Models
* Measures of Homogeneity in Texture
* On Representation of a Shape's Skeleton
* Two-Step String Matching Procedure, A
Includes: Cross, G.R. Cross, G.R.[George R.]

Cross, K.[Kelley] Co Author Listing * SChISM: Semantic Clustering via Image Sequence Merging for Images of Human-Decomposition

Cross, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Classification of Tropical Forest Tree Species Using Meter-Scale Image Data
* Negotiating Corners With Teleoperated Mobile Robots With Time Delay
Includes: Cross, M.[Matthew] Cross, M.

Cross, M.S. Co Author Listing * Privacy as a Feature for Body-Worn Cameras

Cross, S.[Sam] Co Author Listing * Robust Two-Stage Planning Model for the Charging Station Placement Problem Considering Road Traffic Uncertainty, A

Cross, S.S. Co Author Listing * Application of the Fuzzy Artmap Neural-Network Model to Medical Pattern-Classification Tasks
* automated pattern recognition system for the quantification of inflammatory cells in hepatitis-C-infected liver biopsies, An
Includes: Cross, S.S. Cross, S.S.[Simon S.]

Cross, W.[Wendi] Co Author Listing * Pose-based Body Language Recognition for Emotion and Psychiatric Symptom Interpretation

Crosse, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Establishing the Capabilities of the Murchison Widefield Array as a Passive Radar for the Surveillance of Space

Crossley, C.[Carrie] Co Author Listing * Using iBeacons for Location-Based Tracking in Alternate Reality Games: A Pilot Study

Crossley, K.J.[Kelly J.] Co Author Listing * Full Field X-Ray Scatter Tomography

Crossley, P.A. Co Author Listing * Measuring Photolithographic Overlay Accuracy and Critical Dimensions by Correlating Binarized Laplacian of Gaussian Convolutions

Crossley, R.E. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Digitizer for Stereo Image Processing, A

Crossley, S. Co Author Listing * Benchmarking of Bootstrap Temporal Stereo using Statistical and Physical Scene Modelling
* Improving accuracy, robustness and computational efficiency in 3D computer vision
* Multistage Approach to the Dense Estimation of Disparity from Stereo SEM Images, A
* Robust Stereo via Temporal Consistency
* Surface Approximation from Industrial SEM Images

Crosson, W.L. Co Author Listing * Assimilation of SMOS Retrievals in the Land Information System
* Correlating Remote Sensing Data with the Abundance of Pupae of the Dengue Virus Mosquito Vector, Aedes aegypti, in Central Mexico
Includes: Crosson, W.L. Crosson, W.L.[William L.]

Crosswhite, N.[Nate] Co Author Listing * Template adaptation for face verification and identification

Crosta, A.P.[Alvaro Penteado] Co Author Listing * Morphometric Analysis of Pluto's Impact Craters
Includes: Crosta, A.P.[Alvaro Penteado] Crósta, A.P.[Alvaro Penteado]

Crosta, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites from Geo-Hazards: The PROTHEGO Project, The

Crosta, G.B.[Giovanni B.] Co Author Listing * Damage to Buildings in Large Slope Rock Instabilities Monitored with the PSInSAR™ Technique
* Flow Velocity Variations and Surface Change of the Destabilised Plator Rock Glacier (Central Italian Alps) from Aerial Surveys
* Multivariate Time Series Analysis of Ground Deformation Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry, A
* Unraveling Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneities of Very Slow Rock-Slope Deformations with Targeted DInSAR Analyses
Includes: Crosta, G.B.[Giovanni B.] Crosta, G.B.[Giovanni Battista]

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