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Clouard, R.[Regis] Co Author Listing * Borg: A Knowledge-Based System for Automatic Generation of Image Processing Programs
* First Steps Toward Automatic Location of Landmarks on X-ray Images
* mutual reference shape based on information theory, A
* Using active contours and mathematical morphology tools for quantification of immunohistochemical images
Includes: Clouard, R.[Regis] Clouard, R. Clouard, R.[Régis]

Clouchoux, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * AAEGAN Optimization by Purposeful Noise Injection for the Generation of Bright-Field Brain Organoid Images

Cloude, E.B.[Elizabeth B.] Co Author Listing * Affective Dynamics and Cognition During Game-Based Learning

Cloude, S. Co Author Listing * K-space imaging algorithms applied to UWB SAR

Cloude, S.R. Co Author Listing * Forest Height Estimation from INDREX-II L-Band Polarimetric InSAR Data
* Inversion of surface parameters from polarimetric SAR
* New Polarimetric Change Detector in Radar Imagery, A
* Polarimetric Response of Rice Fields at C-Band: Analysis and Phenology Retrieval
* Polarimetric SAR Interferometry
* Rice Phenology Monitoring by Means of SAR Polarimetry at X-Band
* Single-baseline polarimetric SAR interferometry
* Spaceborne Polarimetric SAR Interferometry: Performance Analysis and Mission Concepts
* Speckle filtering and coherence estimation of polarimetric SAR interferometry data for forest applications
* Unsupervised Classification Using Polarimetric Decomposition and the Complex Wishart Classifier
* Using GEDI Waveforms for Improved TanDEM-X Forest Height Mapping: A Combined SINC + Legendre Approach
Includes: Cloude, S.R. Cloude, S.R.[Shane R.]
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Clouet, J.M.M.N.[Jean Matthieu Monnet Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Using geomatics and airborne laser scanning for rockfall risk zoning: A case study in the french alps
Includes: Clouet, J.M.M.N.[Jean Matthieu Monnet Nicolas] Clouet, J.M.M.N.[Jean-Matthieu Monnet Nicolas]

Clough, J.R. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Detection and Correction of Cardiac MR Motion Artefacts During Reconstruction for High-Quality Segmentation
* Persistent Homology-Based Topological Loss for CNN-Based Multiclass Segmentation of CMR, A
* Topological Loss Function for Deep-Learning Based Image Segmentation Using Persistent Homology, A
* Weighted Manifold Alignment using Wave Kernel Signatures for Aligning Medical Image Datasets
Includes: Clough, J.R. Clough, J.R.[James R.]

Clough, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * CLEF 2005 Automatic Medical Image Annotation Task, The
* CLEF Cross Language Image Retrieval Track (ImageCLEF) 2004, The
* ImageCLEF: Experimental Evaluation in Visual Information Retrieval
* Special issue on image and video retrieval evaluation
* study on the relevance criteria for medical images, A
Includes: Clough, P.[Paul] Clough, P.

Clough, R.E. Co Author Listing * Nonrigid Motion Modeling of the Liver From 3-D Undersampled Self-Gated Golden-Radial Phase Encoded MRI

Clouse, H.[Hamilton] Co Author Listing * Spectral Eigen Index: Military vehicle fingerprinting using Eigen analysis in spectral domain

Clouse, H.S. Co Author Listing * Metric Driven Classification: A Non-Parametric Approach Based on the Henze-Penrose Test Statistic
* Multi-level scene understanding via hierarchical classification
* Non-parametric bounds on the nearest neighbor classification accuracy based on the Henze-Penrose metric
Includes: Clouse, H.S. Clouse, H.S.[Hamilton Scott]

Cloutier, G. Co Author Listing * Dual Tissue-Doppler Optical-Flow Method for Speckle Tracking Echocardiography at High Frame Rate, A
* Estimation Method of the Homodyned K-Distribution Based on the Mean Intensity and Two Log-Moments
* High-Frame-Rate Echocardiography Using Coherent Compounding With Doppler-Based Motion-Compensation
* Intravascular Ultrasound image segmentation: A helical active contour method
* Intravascular Ultrasound Image Segmentation: A Three-Dimensional Fast-Marching Method Based on Gray Level Distributions
* new clutter rejection algorithm for doppler ultrasound, A
* Noninvasive Vascular Elastography With Plane Strain Incompressibility Assumption Using Ultrafast Coherent Compound Plane Wave Imaging
* Noninvasive Vascular Elastography: Theoretical Framework
* Parameterized Strain Estimation for Vascular Ultrasound Elastography With Sparse Representation
* Proof of Convergence of the Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Algorithm in Arbitrary Dimension, A
* Segmentation in Ultrasonic B-Mode Images of Healthy Carotid Arteries Using Mixtures of Nakagami Distributions and Stochastic Optimization
* Shear Wave Induced Resonance Elastography of Venous Thrombi: A Proof-of-Concept
* Staggered Multiple-PRF Ultrafast Color Doppler
* Tissue Characterization of Equine Tendons With Clinical B-Scan Images Using a Shock Filter Thinning Algorithm
* Unifying Concepts of Statistical and Spectral Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques
* Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque Elasticity Reconstruction Based on a Segmentation-Driven Optimization Procedure Using Strain Measurements: Theoretical Framework
Includes: Cloutier, G. Cloutier, G.[Guy]
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Cloutier, L. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and estimation of image motion by a robust method

Cloutier, R. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear dimensionality reduction for structural discovery in image processing

Clouvel, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Mapping Cropping Practices of a Sugarcane-Based Cropping System in Kenya Using Remote Sensing

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