Contours Through a Sequence

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Matching, Sequence. Contour Matching. Matching, Contours. Tracking.
See also Active Contours and Snakes, Region Segmentation Issues.

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DARPA88(423-432). The matching of high resolutions is guided by that of lower ones. First compute the zero crossing edges and find correspondences for portions of the contour from frame to frame. Expand the matching to include individual points along th econtour. This is the preliminary work with motion estimation to be added next. BibRef

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USC_IRISTR-213, 1987. BibRef 8700 USC Computer VisionContour matching for motion, the contours are know to match, the problem is to find how the points or group of points on the contour match from frame to frame. BibRef

Chapter on Registration, Matching and Recognition Using Points, Lines, Regions, Areas, Surfaces continues in
Hierarchical/Scale-Space Contour Matching and Descriptions .

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