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Chira, D.[Darius] Co Author Listing * Image Super-resolution with Deep Variational Autoencoders

Chiracharit, W.[Werapon] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Blood Vessels in Retinal Images Using Resampling High-Order Background Estimation
* Improved Radiometric Calibration by Brightness Transfer Function Based Noise & Outlier Removal and Weighted Least Square Minimization

Chiranjeevi, P. Co Author Listing * Detection of Moving Objects Using Multi-channel Kernel Fuzzy Correlogram Based Background Subtraction
* Neighborhood Supported Model Level Fuzzy Aggregation for Moving Object Segmentation
* Neutral Face Classification Using Personalized Appearance Models for Fast and Robust Emotion Detection
* New Fuzzy Texture Features for Robust Detection of Moving Objects
* Robust detection of moving objects in video sequences through rough set theory framework
* Spatially correlated background subtraction, based on adaptive background maintenance

Chiribir, A.[Amedeo] Co Author Listing * Using the Universal Atrial Coordinate System for MRI and Electroanatomic Data Registration in Patient-Specific Left Atrial Model Construction and Simulation

Chiribiri, A.[Amedeo] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Bayesian Spatial-Temporal Regression with Application to Cardiac MR-Perfusion Imaging
* Robust Non-Rigid Motion Compensation of Free-Breathing Myocardial Perfusion MRI Data
Includes: Chiribiri, A.[Amedeo] Chiribiri, A.

Chirici, G.[Gherardo] Co Author Listing * assessment approach for pixel-based image composites, An
* Biomass Estimation of Xerophytic Forests Using Visible Aerial Imagery: Contrasting Single-Tree and Area-Based Approaches
* Effect of Forest Mask Quality in the Wall-to-Wall Estimation of Growing Stock Volume, The
* Estimating Afforestation Area Using Landsat Time Series and Photointerpreted Datasets
* Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Changes on the Gross Primary Production of Italian Forests
* Global Airborne Laser Scanning Data Providers Database (GlobALS): A New Tool for Monitoring Ecosystems and Biodiversity
* Kernel Feature Cross-correlation For Unsupervised Quantification Of Damage From Windthrow In Forests
* New Method for Automated Clearcut Disturbance Detection in Mediterranean Coppice Forests Using Landsat Time Series, A
* Reusing Remote Sensing-Based Validation Data: Comparing Direct and Indirect Approaches for Afforestation Monitoring
* Segmentation based analysis of high resolution remotely sensed data for forest diversity characterization
* UAV Remote Sensing for Biodiversity Monitoring: Are Forest Canopy Gaps Good Covariates?
* Use of Remotely Sensed Data and Polish NFI Plots for Prediction of Growing Stock Volume Using Different Predictive Methods, The
Includes: Chirici, G.[Gherardo] Chirici, G.
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Chirico, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Recent Flow, and Calving Rate of the Perito Moreno Glacier Using LANDSAT and SENTINEL2 Images

Chirico, G.B.[Giovanni Battista] Co Author Listing * Assessing Crop Water Requirement and Yield by Combining ERA5-Land Reanalysis Data with CM-SAF Satellite-Based Radiation Data and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery

Chirico, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Elevation Change Thresholds between Structure-from-Motion DEMs Derived from Historical Aerial Photos and 3DEP LiDAR Data

Chirico, P.G.[Peter G.] Co Author Listing * Detection and Monitoring of Small-Scale Diamond and Gold Mining Dredges Using Synthetic Aperture Radar on the Kadei (Sangha) River, Central African Republic

Chirico, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * Application of Multispectral Remote Sensing for Mapping Flood-Affected Zones in the Brumadinho Mining District (Minas Gerais, Brasil)

Chirikjian, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Multi-person 3d Pose Estimation in Crowded Scenes Based on Multi-view Geometry

Chirikjian, G.S. Co Author Listing * Accurate Image Rotation Using Hermite Expansions
* Curvature: A signature for Action Recognition in Video Sequences
* Interconversion Between Truncated Cartesian and Polar Expansions of Images
* LSG-CPD: Coherent Point Drift with Local Surface Geometry for Point Cloud Registration
* Marching-Primitives: Shape Abstraction from Signed Distance Function
* Pattern Matching as a Correlation on the Discrete Motion Group
* Primitive-Based Shape Abstraction via Nonparametric Bayesian Inference
* Quotienting Impertinent Camera Kinematics for 3D Video Stabilization
* Robust and Accurate Superquadric Recovery: a Probabilistic Approach
* Signal Classification in Quotient Spaces via Globally Optimal Variational Calculus
* Towards Efficient Graph Convolutional Networks for Point Cloud Handling
Includes: Chirikjian, G.S. Chirikjian, G.S.[Gregory S.]
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Chirila Rus, A. Co Author Listing * Scalable, Multi-Stream MPEG-4 Video Decoder for Conferencing and Surveillance Applications, A
Includes: Chirila Rus, A. Chirila-Rus, A.

Chirila, C. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of A Complex Building 3D Model Reconstructed From Images Acquired with A Low-cost UAS
* Determining the Suitable Number of Ground Control Points for UAS Images Georeferencing by Varying Number and Spatial Distribution
* Proposed Methodology for Accuracy Improvement of LOD1 3D Building Models Created Based on Stereo Pleiades Satellite Imagery
Includes: Chirila, C. Chirila, C.[Constantin]

Chirima, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Leaf Nutrients of Wetland Plants and Agricultural Crops with Nonparametric Approach Using Sentinel-2 Imagery Data

Chirima, G.J.[George Johannes] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Systems and Pasture Modeling: A Bibliometric Trend Analysis
* Mapping Smallholder Maize Farms Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 Data in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals

Chirima, J.G.[Johannes George] Co Author Listing * Proposed Satellite-Based Crop Insurance System for Smallholder Maize Farming, A

Chirivi, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network and Optical Flow for the Assessment of Wave and Tide Parameters from Video Analysis (LEUCOTEA): An Innovative Tool for Coastal Monitoring
Includes: Chirivi, M.[Marco] Chirivý, M.[Marco]

Chirkova, D. Co Author Listing * Controlled Experiment on Oil Release Beneath Thin Sea Ice and Its Electromagnetic Detection, A

Chirlian, P.M. Co Author Listing * On Critical-Point Detection Of Digital Shapes

Chirn, G.W. Co Author Listing * Approximate Graph Matching Problem, The

Chiro, G. Co Author Listing * Pyramid-Based Error-Bounded Encoder: An Evaluation on X-Ray Chest Images

Chiron, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * 3D Tracking of Honeybees Enhanced by Environmental Context
* Detecting and tracking honeybees in 3D at the beehive entrance using stereo vision
* Discovering Emergent Behaviors from Tracks Using Hierarchical Non-parametric Bayesian Methods
* ID documents matching and localization with multi-hypothesis constraints

Chiron, P. Co Author Listing * On realistic human motion simulation for virtual manipulation tasks
* singular value approach for humanoid motion analysis and simulation, A

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