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Bock, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * OpenSpace: Bringing NASA Missions to the Public

Bock, A.M. Co Author Listing * Motion-adaptive standards conversion between formats of similar field rates

Bock, D. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Image Registration With the Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma: Application to Imaging 3-D Neural Ultrastructure With Electron Microscopy
* Chasing Rainbows: A Color-Theoretic Framework for Improving and Preserving Bad Colormaps
Includes: Bock, D. Bock, D.[David]

Bock, D.D.[Davi D.] Co Author Listing * Solving Large Multicut Problems for Connectomics via Domain Decomposition

Bock, F. Co Author Listing * Smart Parking: Using a Crowd of Taxis to Sense On-Street Parking Space Availability
* Wavelet Methods for Texture Defect Detection

Bock, H. Co Author Listing * Near-Real-Time Automatic Orbit Determination System for COSMIC and Its Follow-On Satellite Mission: Analysis of Orbit and Clock Errors on Radio Occultation, A
* On The Fusion of Camera and Lidar for 3d Object Detection And Classification

Bock, H.H. Co Author Listing * On some significance tests in cluster analysis

Bock, J. Co Author Listing * Optimisation of energy efficiency based on average driving behaviour and driver's preferences for automated driving

Bock, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * Approach towards a Holistic Management of Research Data in Planetary Science: Use Case Study Based on Remote Sensing Data
* Broadside-Split-Ring Resonator-Based Coil for MRI at 7 T, A
* Some Further Results of Experimental Comparison of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms
Includes: Bock, M.[Mathias] Böck, M.[Mathias] (Maybe also Boeck, M.)Bock, M.

Bock, M.E. Co Author Listing * geometric approach to the segmentation of range images, A
* Segmentation of Range Images Through the Integration of Different Strategies

Bock, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * GNSSseg, a Statistical Method for the Segmentation of Daily GNSS IWV Time Series

Bock, P. Co Author Listing * General Shape Generation by Contouring Fractals and Applying Linear Boundary Regression
* Identification of Objects-of-Interest in X-Ray Images
* Multi-class classification and symbolic cognitive processing with ALISA
* Speech Emotion Recognition using a backward context
* Unsupervised fuzzy-membership estimation of terms in semantic and syntactic lexical classes
* Using a hierarchical approach to avoid over-fitting in early vision
* Using Tactic-Based Learning (formerly Mentoring) to Accelerate Recovery of an Adaptive Learning System in a Changing Environment
Includes: Bock, P. Bock, P.[Peter]
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Bock, R.[Ronald] Co Author Listing * Affects in Groups: A review on automated affect processing and estimation in groups
* Classifying Glaucoma with Image-Based Features from Fundus Photographs
* Effects of Preprocessing Eye Fundus Images on Appearance Based Glaucoma Classification
Includes: Bock, R.[Ronald] Böck, R.[Ronald] (Maybe also Boeck, R.)Bock, R.[Rüdiger]

Bock, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * On the Objectivity of the Objective Function: Problems with Unsupervised Segmentation Evaluation Based on Global Score and a Possible Remedy
* Optimal Input Features for Tree Species Classification in Central Europe Based on Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Data
Includes: Bock, S.[Sebastian] Böck, S.[Sebastian] (Maybe also Boeck, S.)

Bockelman, P.S.[Patricia S.] Co Author Listing * Design Implications from Cybersickness and Technical Interactions in Virtual Reality

Bocker, W. Co Author Listing * Automated detection of fluorescent cells and measurement of their DNA-content
Includes: Bocker, W. Böcker, W. (Maybe also Boecker, W.)

Bockeria, O.L. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Image Registration in Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion CT Imaging

Bockholt, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Augmented reality supporting user-centric building information management

Bocking, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Scene Comparison and Matching in Multimodal Cytopathological Microscopic Images
* High Dynamic Range Images as a Basis for Detection of Argyrophilic Nucleolar Organizer Regions Under Varying Stain Intensities
* Segmentation and Detection of Nuclei in Silver Stained Cell Specimens for Early Cancer Diagnosis
Includes: Bocking, A. Bocking, A.[Alfred]

Bocklet, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * User State Modeling Based on the Arousal-Valence Plane: Applications in Customer Satisfaction and Health-Care

Bocklin, C.L.[Christofer L.] Co Author Listing * Self-tuning density estimation based on Bayesian averaging of adaptive kernel density estimations yields state-of-the-art performance

Bocklitz, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Separation of CARS image contributions with a Gaussian mixture model

Bockmann, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Does the Intra-Arctic Modification of Long-Range Transported Aerosol Affect the Local Radiative Budget? (A Case Study)
* Lidar-Derived Aerosol Properties from Ny-Olesund, Svalbard during the MOSAiC Spring 2020
Includes: Bockmann, C.[Christine] Böckmann, C.[Christine] (Maybe also Boeckmann, C.)

Bocko, M.F.[Mark F.] Co Author Listing * Collusion Resilient Fingerprint Design by Alternating Projections
* Inherently Stable Weighted Least-Squares Estimation of Common Acoustical Poles With the Application in Feedback Path Modeling Utilizing a Kautz Filter
* Optimal Spread Spectrum Watermark Embedding via a Multistep Feasibility Formulation
* Optimum Watermark Design by Vector Space Projections
* Semifragile Hierarchical Watermarking in a Set Theoretic Framework
Includes: Bocko, M.F.[Mark F.] Bocko, M.F.

Bocko, Y.E.[Yannick E.] Co Author Listing * First Evidence of Peat Domes in the Congo Basin using LiDAR from a Fixed-Wing Drone
* Mapping Water Levels across a Region of the Cuvette Centrale Peatland Complex

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