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Alahacoon, N.[Niranga] Co Author Listing * Decadal Historical Satellite Data and Rainfall Trend Analysis (2001-2016) for Flood Hazard Mapping in Sri Lanka, A
* Novel Index for Hydrological Drought Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Approach: Standardized Water Surface Index (SWSI)
* Overview of Lightning Trend and Recent Lightning Variability over Sri Lanka
* Rainfall Variability and Trends over the African Continent Using TAMSAT Data (1983-2020): Towards Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation
* Spatial Variability of Rainfall Trends in Sri Lanka from 1989 to 2019 as an Indication of Climate Change

Alahakoon, D. Co Author Listing * Online Incremental Machine Learning Platform for Big Data-Driven Smart Traffic Management

Alahakoon, L.D. Co Author Listing * novel Episodic Associative Memory model for enhanced classification accuracy, A

Alahari, K.[Karteek] Co Author Listing * Actor and Observer: Joint Modeling of First and Third-Person Videos
* Combining Appearance and Structure from Motion Features for Road Scene Understanding
* Concept Generalization in Visual Representation Learning
* Context Aware Group Activity Recognition
* Decomposing Bag of Words Histograms
* Discriminant substrokes for online handwriting recognition
* Discriminative Actions for Recognising Events
* Dynamic Events as Mixtures of Spatial and Temporal Features
* Dynamic Hybrid Algorithms for MAP Inference in Discrete MRFs
* Efficient piecewise learning for conditional random fields
* End-to-End Incremental Learning
* Enhancing energy minimization framework for scene text recognition with top-down cues
* Exact inference in multi-label CRFs with higher order cliques
* Fake it Till You Make it: Learning Transferable Representations from Synthetic ImageNet Clones
* Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Section on Higher Order Graphical Models in Computer Vision
* How Good Is My GAN?
* Image Retrieval Using Textual Cues
* Incremental Learning of Object Detectors without Catastrophic Forgetting
* Learning From Web Videos for Event Classification
* Learning Graphs to Match
* Learning Mixtures of Offline and Online features for Handwritten Stroke Recognition
* Learning Motion Patterns in Videos
* Learning to Estimate and Remove Non-uniform Image Blur
* Learning to Segment Moving Objects
* Learning Video Object Segmentation with Visual Memory
* LiDARTouch: Monocular metric depth estimation with a few-beam LiDAR
* MARS: Motion-Augmented RGB Stream for Action Recognition
* Masking Modalities for Cross-modal Video Retrieval
* Mixing Body-Part Sequences for Human Pose Estimation
* MRF Model for Binarization of Natural Scene Text, An
* Multi-modal Transformer for Video Retrieval
* Occlusion and Motion Reasoning for Long-Term Tracking
* On the Effectiveness of LayerNorm Tuning for Continual Learning in Vision Transformers
* Online Object Tracking with Proposal Selection
* Pose Estimation and Segmentation of Multiple People in Stereoscopic Movies
* Pose Estimation and Segmentation of People in 3D Movies
* Reduce, reuse & recycle: Efficiently solving multi-label MRFs
* Right Spin: Learning Object Motion from Rotation-Compensated Flow Fields, The
* Scene Text Recognition and Retrieval for Large Lexicons
* Scene Text Recognition using Higher Order Language Priors
* Self-Supervised Models are Continual Learners
* Semi-supervised learning made simple with self-supervised clustering
* soft nearest-neighbor framework for continual semi-supervised learning, A
* Top-down and bottom-up cues for scene text recognition
* Unsupervised refinement of color and stroke features for text binarization
* Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Motion Cues
* What, Where and How Many? Combining Object Detectors and CRFs
* Whole is Greater than Sum of Parts: Recognizing Scene Text Words
Includes: Alahari, K.[Karteek] Alahari, K.
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Alahi, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
* Beyond bits: Reconstructing images from Local Binary Descriptors
* Body Part-Based Representation Learning for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* CAR-Net: Clairvoyant Attentive Recurrent Network
* Cascade of descriptors to detect and track objects across any network of cameras
* Characterizing and Improving Stability in Neural Style Transfer
* Composite Relationship Fields with Transformers for Scene Graph Generation
* Convolutional Relational Machine for Group Activity Recognition
* Detecting 32 Pedestrian Attributes for Autonomous Vehicles
* Foreground silhouette extraction robust to sudden changes of background appearance
* FREAK: Fast Retina Keypoint
* From Bits to Images: Inversion of Local Binary Descriptors
* Human Trajectory Forecasting in Crowds: A Deep Learning Perspective
* Interpretable Social Anchors for Human Trajectory Forecasting in Crowds
* Jointly Learning Energy Expenditures and Activities Using Egocentric Multimodal Signals
* Keypoint Communities
* Knowledge Transfer for Scene-Specific Motion Prediction
* Learning Decoupled Representations for Human Pose Forecasting
* Learning Social Etiquette: Human Trajectory Understanding In Crowded Scenes
* Learning to Track: Online Multi-object Tracking by Decision Making
* Long-term path prediction in urban scenarios using circular distributions
* master-slave approach for object detection and matching with fixed and mobile cameras, A
* MonoLoco: Monocular 3D Pedestrian Localization and Uncertainty Estimation
* Object Detection and Matching with Mobile Cameras Collaborating with Fixed Cameras
* OpenPifPaf: Composite Fields for Semantic Keypoint Detection and Spatio-Temporal Association
* Perceiving Humans: From Monocular 3D Localization to Social Distancing
* Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution
* PifPaf: Composite Fields for Human Pose Estimation
* Recurrent Attention Models for Depth-Based Person Identification
* RGB-W: When Vision Meets Wireless
* Safety-aware Motion Prediction with Unseen Vehicles for Autonomous Driving
* Safety-Compliant Generative Adversarial Networks for Human Trajectory Forecasting
* SCOOP: A Real-Time Sparsity Driven People Localization Algorithm
* Shared Representation for Photorealistic Driving Simulators, A
* Social GAN: Socially Acceptable Trajectories with Generative Adversarial Networks
* Social LSTM: Human Trajectory Prediction in Crowded Spaces
* Social NCE: Contrastive Learning of Socially-aware Motion Representations
* Social Scene Understanding: End-to-End Multi-person Action Localization and Collective Activity Recognition
* Socially-Aware Large-Scale Crowd Forecasting
* Sparsity Driven People Localization with a Heterogeneous Network of Cameras
* Sparsity-driven people localization algorithm: Evaluation in crowded scenes environments
* Stream carving: An adaptive seam carving algorithm
* Towards Robust and Adaptive Motion Forecasting: A Causal Representation Perspective
* Towards Viewpoint Invariant 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Tracking the Untrackable: Learning to Track Multiple Cues with Long-Term Dependencies
* Unsupervised Learning of Long-Term Motion Dynamics for Videos
* Vehicle trajectory prediction works, but not everywhere
Includes: Alahi, A.[Alexandre] Alahi, A.
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Alahmad, M. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Techniques As A Tool For Environmental Monitoring

Alahmadi, A.[Amani] Co Author Listing * Passive detection of image forgery using DCT and local binary pattern

Alahmadi, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Forecasting of Built-Up Land Expansion in a Desert Urban Environment
* Improved Index for Urban Population Distribution Mapping Based on Nighttime Lights (DMSP-OLS) Data: An Experiment in Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia, An
* Three-Fold Urban Expansion in Saudi Arabia from 1992 to 2013 Observed Using Calibrated DMSP-OLS Night-Time Lights Imagery
* Using Daily Nighttime Lights to Monitor Spatiotemporal Patterns of Human Lifestyle under COVID-19: The Case of Saudi Arabia
* Using Nighttime Lights Data to Assess the Resumption of Religious and Socioeconomic Activities Post-COVID-19

Alahmadi, R.[Rehab] Co Author Listing * Improve Image Captioning by Estimating the Gazing Patterns from the Caption

Alahmer, H.[Hussein] Co Author Listing * robust deep learning approach for glasses detection in non-standard facial images, A

Alahyane, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Multiframe super-resolution based on a high-order spatially weighted regularisation

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