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Verbancsics, P.[Phillip] Co Author Listing * Image Classification Using Generative Neuro Evolution for Deep Learning

Verbeck, P.W. Co Author Listing * New Implementation for the Binary and Minkowski Operators, A

Verbeeck, G. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based System for the Delineation of Blood Vessels on Subtraction Angiograms, A

Verbeeck, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Characterising Termite Mounds in a Tropical Savanna with UAV Laser Scanning
* Evaluating Data Inter-Operability of Multiple UAV-LiDAR Systems for Measuring the 3D Structure of Savanna Woodland
* Historical Aerial Surveys Map Long-Term Changes of Forest Cover and Structure in the Central Congo Basin
* Improved Supervised Learning-Based Approach for Leaf and Wood Classification From LiDAR Point Clouds of Forests
* Semi-automatic extraction of liana stems from terrestrial LiDAR point clouds of tropical rainforests
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Detect Liana Impact on Forest Structure
* Thirty Years of Land Cover and Fraction Cover Changes over the Sudano-Sahel Using Landsat Time Series
* Tree species classification using structural features derived from terrestrial laser scanning
Includes: Verbeeck, H.[Hans] Verbeeck, H.
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Verbeeck, R. Co Author Listing * Computer-Assisted Stereotaxic Neurosurgery
* Continuous Voxel Classification by Stochastic Relaxation - Theory and Application to MR-Imaging and MR-Angiography

Verbeek, F.J. Co Author Listing * Deformation correction using Euclidean contour distance maps
* efficient and robust hybrid method for segmentation of zebrafish objects from bright-field microscope images, An
* Multi-modal 3d reconstruction and measurements of zebrafish larvae and its organs using axial-view microscopy
* Supervised Segmentation of NO2 Plumes from Individual Ships Using TROPOMI Satellite Data
Includes: Verbeek, F.J. Verbeek, F.J.[Fons J.]

Verbeek, G. Co Author Listing * Methodology for Processing Seismograms Containing Total Internal Reflections

Verbeek, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Accurate Image Search Using the Contextual Dissimilarity Measure
* Action and Event Recognition with Fisher Vectors on a Compact Feature Set
* Approximate Fisher Kernels of Non-iid Image Models for Image Categorization
* Areas of Attention for Image Captioning
* Automatic face naming with caption-based supervision
* Category Level Object Segmentation by Combining Bag-of-Words Models with Dirichlet Processes and Random Fields
* Circulant Temporal Encoding for Video Retrieval and Temporal Alignment
* Combining appearance models and Markov Random Fields for category level object segmentation
* contextual dissimilarity measure for accurate and efficient image search, A
* Discrete Point Flow Networks for Efficient Point Cloud Generation
* Distance-Based Image Classification: Generalizing to New Classes at Near-Zero Cost
* Dual Mesh Convolutional Networks for Human Shape Correspondence
* Efficient Action Localization with Approximately Normalized Fisher Vectors
* Event Retrieval in Large Video Collections with Circulant Temporal Encoding
* Face Recognition from Caption-Based Supervision
* FeaStNet: Feature-Steered Graph Convolutions for 3D Shape Analysis
* FlexIT: Towards Flexible Semantic Image Translation
* Frankenstein: Learning Deep Face Representations Using Small Data
* Fusion of Speech, Faces and Text for Person Identification in TV Broadcast
* Heterogeneous Face Recognition with CNNs
* Hierarchical Scene Coordinate Classification and Regression for Visual Localization
* Image categorization using Fisher kernels of non-iid image models
* Image Classification with the Fisher Vector: Theory and Practice
* Improving People Search Using Query Expansions: How Friends Help to Find People
* Improving the Fisher Kernel for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Improving web image search results using query-relative classifiers
* Is that you? Metric learning approaches for face identification
* Joint Future Semantic and Instance Segmentation Prediction
* Learning Color Names for Real-World Applications
* Learning Color Names from Real-World Images
* Learning Nonlinear Image Manifolds by Global Alignment of Local Linear Models
* Learning structured prediction models for interactive image labeling
* Learning Tree-structured Quantizers for Image Categorization
* Metric Learning for Large Scale Image Classification: Generalizing to New Classes at Near-Zero Cost
* Modeling spatial layout with Fisher vectors for image categorization
* Multi-fold MIL Training for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Multimodal semi-supervised learning for image classification
* Multiple Instance Metric Learning from Automatically Labeled Bags of Faces
* Patch-Level Spatial Layout for Classification and Weakly Supervised Localization
* Phase Retrieval from 4-Dimensional Electron Diffraction Datasets
* Predicting Deeper into the Future of Semantic Segmentation
* Predicting Future Instance Segmentation by Forecasting Convolutional Features
* Region Classification with Markov Field Aspect Models
* ResMLP: Feedforward Networks for Image Classification With Data-Efficient Training
* Robust and Efficient Video Representation for Action Recognition, A
* Scene Coordinate Regression with Angle-Based Reprojection Loss for Camera Relocalization
* Segmentation Driven Object Detection with Fisher Vectors
* Sparse weakly supervised models for object localization in road environment
* Spatio-temporal Object Detection Proposals
* TagProp: Discriminative metric learning in nearest neighbor models for image auto-annotation
* Three Things Everyone Should Know About Vision Transformers
* Trans Media Relevance Feedback for Image Autoannotation
* Transformation invariant component analysis for binary images
* Tree-Structured CRF Models for Interactive Image Labeling
* Unifying Conditional and Unconditional Semantic Image Synthesis with OCO-GAN
* Unsupervised metric learning for face identification in TV video
* Using High-Level Visual Information for Color Constancy
* Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Multi-Fold Multiple Instance Learning
Includes: Verbeek, J.[Jakob] Verbeek, J. Verbeek, J.[Jacob] Verbeek, J.[Johan]
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Verbeek, J.J.[Jakob J.] Co Author Listing * Adaptative Inference Cost With Convolutional Neural Mixture Models
* Coordinated Local Metric Learning
* Gaussian fields for semi-supervised regression and correspondence learning
* global k-means clustering algorithm, The
* k-segments algorithm for finding principal curves, A
Includes: Verbeek, J.J.[Jakob J.] Verbeek, J.J.

Verbeek, P.W. Co Author Listing * 2-D Adaptive Smoothing by 3-D Distance Transformation
* Applicability of Neural Networks to Non-linear Image Processing, The
* Application of a Local Dimensionality Estimator to the Analysis of 3-D Microscopic Network Structures, The
* Binary And Grey-Value Skeletons: Metrics And Algorithms
* Block position dithering in DCT-coded sequences
* Class of Sampling-Error Free Measures in Oversampled Band-Limited Images, A
* Confidence and Curvature Estimation of Curvilinear Structures in 3-D
* Continuous Orientation Representation for Arbitrary Dimensions: A Generalized Knutsson Mapping
* Curvature Estimation from Orientation Fields
* Curvature Estimation in Oriented Patterns Using Curvilinear Models Applied to Gradient Vector Fields
* Curvature estimation of surfaces in 3d grey-value images
* D-Dimensional Inverse Vector-Gradient Operator and Its Application for Scale-Free Image Enhancement, The
* Design Considerations for a Range Image Sensor Containing a PSD Array and an On-Chip Multiplexor
* Edge Localization by MOG Filters: Multiple-of-Gaussians
* Edge Preserving Orientation Adaptive Filtering
* Edge Preserving Texture Analysis
* Efficient Uniform Cost Algorithm Applied to Distance Transforms, An
* Estimation of Curvature Based Shape Properties of Surfaces in 3D Grey-Value Images
* estimator of edge length and surface area in digitized 2D and 3D images, An
* Fast Analytical Medial-Axis Localization in Convex Polyhedra
* Freeman-Code Probabilities of Object Boundary Quantized Contours
* generalized Radon transform: Sampling, accuracy and memory considerations, The
* High Speed Acquisition of Range Images
* Implementation of Cellular-Logic Operators Using 3X3 Convolution and Table Lookup Hardware
* Improved Curvature and Anisotropy Estimation for Curved Line Bundles
* Improved Orientation Selectivity for Orientation Estimation
* Line and edge detection by symmetry filters
* New Measure for the Effect of Sharpening and Smoothing Filters on Images, A
* New Sharpness Measure Based on Gaussian Lines and Edges, A
* On Curvature Estimation of ISO Surfaces in 3D Gray-Value Images and the Computation of Shape Descriptors
* On The Location Error of Curved Edges in Low-Pass Filtered 2-D and 3-D Images
* Recursive Gaussian Derivative Filters
* Robust Curve Detection Using a Radon Transform in Orientation Space
* Scale-adaptive Landmark Detection, Classification and Size Estimation in 3d Object-background Images
* Shading from Shape, the Eikonal Equation Solved by Grey-Weighted Distance Transform
* smallest box around a package, The
* Three-Dimensional Skeletonization: Principle and Algorithm
* Weight Set Decorrelating Algorithm for Neural Network Interpretation and Symmetry Breaking, A
Includes: Verbeek, P.W. Verbeek, P.W.[Piet W.]
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Verbeiren, B.[Boud] Co Author Listing * Automatic Proba-V Processor: TREX: Tool for Raster Data Exploration
* Harmonization of Multi-Mission High-Resolution Time Series: Application to BELAIR
* Improved DisTrad for Downscaling Thermal MODIS Imagery over Urban Areas
* Location- and Time-Specific Hydrological Simulations with Multi-Resolution Remote Sensing Data in Urban Areas

Verbeiren, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Assessing the impact of the orbital drift of SPOT-VGT1 by comparing with SPOT-VGT2 data

Verbeke, A. Co Author Listing * Two-stage multi-criteria analysis and the future of intelligent transport systems-based safety innovation projects

Verbeke, L.P.C. Co Author Listing * Object based forest stand density estimation from very high resolution optical imagery using wavelet based texture measures
* Semi-automated forest stand delineation using wavelet-based segmentation of very high resolution optical imagery in Flanders, Belgium

Verbeke, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm to Set Active Contour
* PCA-Based Technique to Detect Moving Objects, A

Verbeke, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Characterization of SWOT Water Level Errors on Seine Reservoirs and La Bassée Gravel Pits: Impacts on Water Surface Energy Budget Modeling

Verbeke, W. Co Author Listing * Model for Range Estimation and Energy-Efficient Routing of Electric Vehicles in Real-World Conditions, A
* Monitoring Urban-Freight Transport Based on GPS Trajectories of Heavy-Goods Vehicles

Verbel, D. Co Author Listing * Multifeature Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Gleason Grading of Histological Images

Verberne, M.J. Co Author Listing * Coding Gain and Tuning for Parametrized Visual Quality Metrics

Verbesselt, J. Co Author Listing * Assessing intra-annual vegetation regrowth after fire using the pixel based regeneration index
* Assessment of Workflow Feature Selection on Forest LAI Prediction with Sentinel-2A MSI, Landsat 7 ETM+ and Landsat 8 OLI
* Bayesian Approach to Combine Landsat and ALOS PALSAR Time Series for Near Real-Time Deforestation Detection, A
* BFAST Lite: A Lightweight Break Detection Method for Time Series Analysis
* Consistent forest change maps 198-2000 from the AVHRR time series: Case studies for South America and Indonesia
* Detecting Clear-Cuts and Decreases in Forest Vitality Using MODIS NDVI Time Series
* Dimension Reduction of Multi-Spectral Satellite Image Time Series to Improve Deforestation Monitoring
* Downsampling Method Addressing the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem in Remote Sensing, A
* Evaluating the Potential of PROBA-V Satellite Image Time Series for Improving LC Classification in Semi-Arid African Landscapes
* Implementation of BFASTmonitor Algorithm on Google Earth Engine to Support Large-Area and Sub-Annual Change Monitoring Using Earth Observation Data
* Magnitude- and Shape-Related Feature Integration in Hyperspectral Mixture Analysis to Monitor Weeds in Citrus Orchards
* Mapping Clearances in Tropical Dry Forests Using Breakpoints, Trend, and Seasonal Components from MODIS Time Series: Does Forest Type Matter?
* Mapping Disturbance Dynamics In Wet Sclerophyll Forests Using Time Series Landsat
* Monitoring Deforestation at Sub-Annual Scales as Extreme Events in Landsat Data Cubes
* Monitoring forest cover loss using multiple data streams, a case study of a tropical dry forest in Bolivia
* Monitoring Forest Phenology and Leaf Area Index with the Autonomous, Low-Cost Transmittance Sensor PASTiS-57
* openEO API-Harmonising the Use of Earth Observation Cloud Services Using Virtual Data Cube Functionalities, The
* robust approach for phenological change detection within satellite image time series, A
* Shifts in Global Vegetation Activity Trends
* Spatio-temporal change detection from multidimensional arrays: Detecting deforestation from MODIS time series
* Thirty Years of Land Cover and Fraction Cover Changes over the Sudano-Sahel Using Landsat Time Series
* Trend Change Detection in NDVI Time Series: Effects of Inter-Annual Variability and Methodology
* Trends in Spring Phenology of Western European Deciduous Forests
* Uncovering Dryland Woody Dynamics Using Optical, Microwave, and Field Data: Prolonged Above-Average Rainfall Paradoxically Contributes to Woody Plant Die-Off in the Western Sahel
* Using Space-Time Features to Improve Detection of Forest Disturbances from Landsat Time Series
Includes: Verbesselt, J. Verbesselt, J.[Jan]
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Verbeurgt, J. Co Author Listing * Extracting Dimensions and Locations of Doors, Windows, and Door Thresholds Out of Mobile Lidar Data Using Object Detection to Estimate The Impact of Floods
* Measuring Surface Moisture on a Sandy Beach based on Corrected Intensity Data of a Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR
* Monitoring spatiotemporal variation in beach surface moisture using a long-range terrestrial laser scanner
* Post Mining Ground Deformations Transition Related to Coal Mines Closure in the Campine Coal Basin, Belgium, Evidenced by Three Decades of MT-InSAR Data
Includes: Verbeurgt, J. Verbeurgt, J.[Jeffrey]

Verbickas, R. Co Author Listing * SqueezeMap: Fast Pedestrian Detection on a Low-Power Automotive Processor Using Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks

Verbiest, F. Co Author Listing * Combining image and model based rendering of an archaeological site
* Drift Detection and Removal for Sequential Structure from Motion Algorithms
* From Image Sequences to 3D Models
* Modeling the Effects of Windshield Refraction for Camera Calibration
* Photometric stereo with coherent outlier handling and confidence estimation
* Real-Time Image Based Rendering from Uncalibrated Images
* Surviving Dominant Planes in Uncalibrated Structure and Motion Recovery
* Video-to-3D
* Visual Modeling with a Hand-Held Camera
Includes: Verbiest, F. Verbiest, F.[Frank]
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Verbiest, N.[Nele] Co Author Listing * FRPS: A Fuzzy Rough Prototype Selection method

Verbin, D.[Dor] Co Author Listing * Crossing the Road Without Traffic Lights: An Android-Based Safety Device
* Field of Junctions: Extracting Boundary Structure at Low SNR
* Mip-NeRF 360: Unbounded Anti-Aliased Neural Radiance Fields
* Ref-NeRF: Structured View-Dependent Appearance for Neural Radiance Fields
* Toward a Universal Model for Shape From Texture
* Unique Geometry and Texture From Corresponding Image Patches
Includes: Verbin, D.[Dor] Verbin, D.

Verbist, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-Based Adaptation of the Local Climate Zones Framework to a South African Context
* Supervised Classification of Tree Cover Classes in the Complex Mosaic Landscape of Eastern Rwanda

Verbist, F.[Frederik] Co Author Listing * Applying Open-Loop Coding in Predictive Coding Systems
* Distributed coding of endoscopic video

Verbist, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * Sixteen Years of Agricultural Drought Assessment of the BioBío Region in Chile Using a 250 m Resolution Vegetation Condition Index (VCI)

Verbitskiy, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * ERANNs: Efficient residual audio neural networks for audio pattern recognition

Verborgh, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Open transport data for maximising reuse in multimodal route planners: a study in Flanders

Verbout, S.M. Co Author Listing * Improving a Template-Based Classifier in a SAR Automatic Target Recognition System by Using 3-D Target Information

Verboven, P.[Pieter] Co Author Listing * Neural netwok based X-ray tomography for fast inspection of apples on a conveyor belt system

Verbovsek, T.[Timotej] Co Author Listing * Improved Automatic Classification of Litho-Geomorphological Units by Using Raster Image Blending, Vipava Valley (SW Slovenia)
* Using a Lidar-Based Height Variability Method for Recognizing and Analyzing Fault Displacement and Related Fossil Mass Movement in the Vipava Valley, SW Slovenia
* VAT Method for Visualization of Mass Movement Features: An Alternative to Hillshaded DEM
Includes: Verbovsek, T.[Timotej] Verbovšek, T.[Timotej]

Verbraeck, A. Co Author Listing * Coordinated ramp metering with priorities

Verbree, E. Co Author Listing * Approach for Indoor Wayfinding Replicating Main Principles of an Outdoor Navigation System for Cyclists, An
* Benefits of Linked Data for Interoperability During Crisis Management
* Comparative Study of Point Clouds Semantic Segmentation Using Three Different Neural Networks on the Railway Station Dataset, A
* Construction of the Planar Partition Postal Code Map Based on Cadastral Registration
* Delaunay Tetrahedralizations: Honor Degenerated Cases
* Distance-Value-Added Panoramic Images as the Base Data Model For 3D-GIS
* Graph-matching Approach to Indoor Localization Using a Mobile Device And a Reference BIM, A
* Indoor Navigation by Using Segmentation of Range Images Obtained by Laser Scanners
* Inferring Roof Semantics for More Accurate Solar Potential Assessment
* Installed Base Registration of Decentralised Solar Panels with Applications in Crisis Management
* Organizing and visualizing point clouds with continuous levels of detail
* Placement Optimization of Positioning Nodes: Maximizing The Distinction Of Indoor Zones
* To localise or to be localised with WiFi in the Hubei museum?
* Towards a 3D Geo-Information Standard in the Netherlands
* Towards a National 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure: Case of The Netherlands
Includes: Verbree, E. Verbree, E.[Edward]
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Verbrugge, C.[Clark] Co Author Listing * Sequential Pose Estimation Using Linearized Rotation Matrices

Verbrugge, S.[Sofie] Co Author Listing * C-ITS road-side unit deployment on highways with ITS road-side systems: A techno-economic approach
* Feasibility of expanding traffic monitoring systems with floating car data technology
Includes: Verbrugge, S.[Sofie] Verbrugge, S.

Verbruggen, R.[Renaat] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Blood Glucose Using Contextual LifeLog Data

Verburg, D.J. Co Author Listing * Pre-crash system validation with PRESCAN and VEHIL

Verburg, F.A. Co Author Listing * Study-Parameter Impact in Quantitative 90-Yttrium PET Imaging for Radioembolization Treatment Monitoring and Dosimetry

Verburg, P.H.[Peter H.] Co Author Listing * Regional Scale Mapping of Grassland Mowing Frequency with Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Upscaling Household Survey Data Using Remote Sensing to Map Socioeconomic Groups in Kampala, Uganda

Verbyla, D. Co Author Listing * Browning of Alaska's Boreal Forest, The
* Remote Sensing of 2000-2016 Alpine Spring Snowline Elevation in Dall Sheep Mountain Ranges of Alaska and Western Canada
Includes: Verbyla, D. Verbyla, D.[David]

Verbyla, D.L.[David L.] Co Author Listing * Landscape Effects of Wildfire on Permafrost Distribution in Interior Alaska Derived from Remote Sensing

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