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Tannant, D.D.[Dwayne D.] Co Author Listing * Low-Altitude Aerial Methane Concentration Mapping

Tannast, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * Non-rigid free-form 2D-3D registration using a B-spline-based statistical deformation model
* Non-rigid Free-Form 2D-3D Registration Using Statistical Deformation Model

Tanne, D. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Intraventricular Flow Mapping by Digital Processing Conventional Color-Doppler Echocardiography Images

Tannenbaum, A.[Allan] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Tannenbaum, A.[Allan]: tannenba AT ece gatech edu
* Affine Invariant Erosion of 3D Shapes
* Affine Invariant Scale-Space
* Affine Invariants Detection: Edges, Active Contours, and Segments
* Algorithms for stochastic approximations of curvature flows
* Analysis and design of anisotropic diffusion for image processing
* Analysis of blood vessel topology by cubical homology
* Angle-preserving mappings for the visualization of multi-branched vessels
* Area and Length Minimizing Flows for Shape Segmentation
* Area and Length Preserving Geometric Invariant Scale-Spaces
* Area Minimizing Flows
* Area-Based Medial Axis of Planar Curves
* Automatic Segmentation of the Left Atrium From MR Images via Variational Region Growing With a Moments-Based Shape Prior
* Behavioral Analysis of Anisotropic Diffusion in Image Processing
* Blind Deconvolution of Medical Ultrasound Images: A Parametric Inverse Filtering Approach
* Comparative Analysis of Kernel Methods for Statistical Shape Learning
* Complete System for Automatic Extraction of Left Ventricular Myocardium From CT Images Using Shape Segmentation and Contour Evolution, A
* Cubical Homology and the Topological Classification of 2d and 3d Imagery
* Deform PF-MT: Particle Filter With Mode Tracker for Tracking Nonaffine Contour Deformations
* Differential and Numerically Invariant Signature Curves Applied to Object Recognition
* Differential Invariant Signatures and Flows in Computer Vision: A Symmetry Group Approach
* Dynamic Denoising of Tracking Sequences
* Dynamic geodesic snakes for visual tracking
* Entropy Scale-Space
* Experiments on geometric image enhancement
* Fast Multigrid Optimal Mass Transport for Image Registration and Morphing
* Finsler Active Contours
* Finsler Level Set Segmentation for Imagery in Oriented Domains
* Fire and smoke detection in video with optimal mass transport based optical flow and neural networks
* Flattening Maps for the Visualization of Multibranched Vessels
* Flux driven fly throughs
* Framework for Image Segmentation Using Shape Models and Kernel Space Shape Priors, A
* Generic Framework for Tracking Using Particle Filter With Dynamic Shape Prior, A
* Geometric Approach To Joint 2d Region-Based Segmentation and 3D Pose Estimation Using A 3d Shape Prior, A
* Geometric Observers for Dynamically Evolving Curves
* Graph Cut Approach to Image Segmentation in Tensor Space, A
* Graph Cut Segmentation with Nonlinear Shape Priors
* Hamilton-Jacobi Skeleton, The
* Hamilton-Jacobi Skeletons
* Image Morphing Based on Mutual Information and Optimal Mass Transport
* Image Morphing Technique Based on Optimal Mass Preserving Mapping, An
* Image Segmentation Using Active Contours Driven by the Bhattacharyya Gradient Flow
* Interactive Medical Image Segmentation Using PDE Control of Active Contours
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Partial-Differential Equations and Geometry-Driven Diffusion in Image-Processing and Analysis
* Kalman Filtering Perspective for Multiatlas Segmentation, A
* Kernel-based high-dimensional histogram estimation for visual tracking
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation of SAR Data with Learned Priors
* Knowledge-based segmentation of SAR images
* Label Space: A Multi-object Shape Representation
* Layered Active Contours for Tracking
* Localized statistics for DW-MRI fiber bundle segmentation
* Localizing Region-Based Active Contours
* Locally-Constrained Region-Based Methods for DW-MRI Segmentation
* Mathematical Methods in Computer Vision
* Missile Tracking Using Knowledge-based Adaptive Thresholding
* Monte Carlo sampling for visual pose tracking
* Multi-Object Tracking Through Clutter Using Graph Cuts
* Multigrid Computation of Rotationally Invariant Non-Linear Optical Flow
* Multiscale 3-D Shape Representation and Segmentation Using Spherical Wavelets
* new distance measure based on generalized Image Normalized Cross-Correlation for robust video tracking and image recognition, A
* Noise-Resistant Affine Skeletons of Planar Curves
* Non-rigid 2D-3D pose estimation and 2D image segmentation
* Nondistorting flattening maps and the 3-D visualization of colon CT images
* Nonrigid Kernel-Based Framework for 2D-3D Pose Estimation and 2D Image Segmentation, A
* Object Tracking and Target Reacquisition Based on 3-D Range Data for Moving Vehicles
* On ill-posed anisotropic diffusion models
* On Optimal Control Methods in Computer Vision and Image Processing
* On the computation of the affine skeletons of planar curves and the detection of skew symmetry
* On the Detection of Simple Points in Higher Dimensions Using Cubical Homology
* On the Evolution of Curves Via a Function of Curvature. I. The Classical Case
* On the Evolution of the Skeleton
* On the Evolution of Vector Distance Functions of Closed Curves
* On the Laplace-Beltrami operator and brain surface flattening
* Optical Flow Estimation for Flame Detection in Videos
* Optimal Mass Transport and Image Registration
* Optimal Mass Transport for Registration and Warping
* Particle Filtering for Geometric Active Contours with Application to Tracking Moving and Deforming Objects
* Particle filtering for registration of 2D and 3D point sets with stochastic dynamics
* Particle Filtering with Dynamic Shape Priors
* Particle Filtering with Region-Based Matching for Tracking of Partially Occluded and Scaled Targets
* Particle filters and occlusion handling for rigid 2D-3D pose tracking
* Point Set Registration via Particle Filtering and Stochastic Dynamics
* Range based object tracking and segmentation
* Robust 3D Pose Estimation and Efficient 2D Region-Based Segmentation from a 3D Shape Prior
* Segmentation of Medical Ultrasound Images using Active Contours
* Segmentation of Tracking Sequences Using Dynamically Updated Adaptive Learning
* Segmenting Images on the Tensor Manifold
* Self-Crossing Detection and Location for Parametric Active Contours
* Shape-Based Approach to Robust Image Segmentation using Kernel PCA
* Shape-Based Approach to Robust Image Segmentation, A
* Sparse Texture Active Contour
* statistically based flow for image segmentation, A
* Stochastic Approach to Diffeomorphic Point Set Registration with Landmark Constraints, A
* stokes flow boundary integral measurement of tubular structure cross sections in two dimensions, A
* TAC: Thresholding active contours
* Temporal registration of partial data using particle filtering
* Tracking Deforming Objects Using Particle Filtering for Geometric Active Contours
* Tracking through changes in scale
* Tracking Through Clutter Using Graph Cuts
* Tubular Surface Segmentation for Extracting Anatomical Structures From Medical Imagery
* variational framework combining level-sets and thresholding., A
* video analytics framework for amorphous and unstructured anomaly detection, A
Includes: Tannenbaum, A.[Allan] Tannenbaum, A.[Allen] Tannenbaum, A.
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Tannenbaum, A.R. Co Author Listing * Coupled Global Registration and Segmentation Framework With Application to Magnetic Resonance Prostate Imagery, A
* Exploring the Shape Manifold: the Role of Conservation Laws
* Filtering in the Diffeomorphism Group and the Registration of Point Sets
* geometric snake model for segmentation of medical imagery, A
* Gradient Flows and Geometric Active Contour Models
* Hyperbolic Smoothing of Shapes
* Optical-Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach
* Shapes, Shocks and Wiggles
* Shapes, Shocks, and Deformations I: The Components of Two-Dimensional Shape and the Reaction-Diffusion Space
* Simultaneous Multi-object Segmentation Using Local Robust Statistics and Contour Interaction
* Toward a Computational Theory of Shape: An Overview
Includes: Tannenbaum, A.R. Tannenbaum, A.R.[Allen R.]
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Tanner, A.B.[Alan B.] Co Author Listing * TEMPEST-D Radiometer: Instrument Description and Prelaunch Calibration

Tanner, B.K.[Brian K.] Co Author Listing * Color-coordinate system from a 13th-century account of rainbows

Tanner, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Isotropic Total Variation Regularization of Displacements in Parametric Image Registration
* Method for the Comparison of Biomechanical Breast Models, A
* New Validation Method for Establishing Correspondence Between Pairs of X-Ray Mammograms
* New Validation Method for X-ray Mammogram Registration Algorithms Using a Projection Model of Breast X-ray Compression, A
* Nonrigid image registration with two-sided space-fractional partial differential equations
* Reducing Navigators in Free-Breathing Abdominal MRI via Temporal Interpolation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Synchrotron X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging and Deep Neural Networks for Cardiac Collagen Quantification in Hypertensive Rat Model
* Validation of nonrigid image registration using finite-element methods: application to breast MR images
Includes: Tanner, C.[Christine] Tanner, C.
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Tanner, F. Co Author Listing * Overhead imagery research data set: An annotated data library & tools to aid in the development of computer vision algorithms

Tanner, F.R.[Franklin R.] Co Author Listing * High-Confidence Registration of Binary Imagery
* Statistics-Based Approach to Binary Image Registration with Uncertainty Analysis, A

Tanner, H.G.[Herbert G.] Co Author Listing * Detection-based Approach to Multiview Action Classification in Infants, A

Tanner, J. Co Author Listing * Approximate Message Passing Algorithm For Rapid Parameter-Free Compressed Sensing MRI, An

Tanner, J.B.[Joshua B.] Co Author Listing * Inter- and Intra-City Image Geolocalization
* To Keystone or Not to Keystone, that is the Correction

Tanner, K.B.[Kaylee Brooke] Co Author Listing * LASSO (L1) Regularization for Development of Sparse Remote-Sensing Models with Applications in Optically Complex Waters Using GEE Tools
* Spatial Long-Term Trend Analysis of Estimated Chlorophyll-a Concentrations in Utah Lake Using Earth Observation Data, A
Includes: Tanner, K.B.[Kaylee Brooke] Tanner, K.B.[Kaylee Brook]

Tanner, M. Co Author Listing * NID-SLAM: Robust Monocular SLAM Using Normalised Information Distance

Tanner, R.[Rudolf] Co Author Listing * People Detection and Tracking with TOF Sensor

Tanner, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Registration of PET and MR Hand Volumes Using Bayesian Networks

Tanner, T.[Toni] Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Camera Scene Detection on Smartphones

Tanniru, S.[Srinivasarao] Co Author Listing * Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow Depth: Techniques, Challenges and Future Directions

Tanno, O.[Osamu] Co Author Listing * Synthesis of Facial Images with Foundation Make-Up

Tanno, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * AR DeepCalorieCam: An iOS App for Food Calorie Estimation with Augmented Reality
* DeepStyleCam: A Real-Time Style Transfer App on iOS
* Learning from multiple annotators for medical image segmentation
* Learning From Noisy Labels by Regularized Estimation of Annotator Confusion
* Stochastic Filter Groups for Multi-Task CNNs: Learning Specialist and Generalist Convolution Kernels
Includes: Tanno, R.[Ryosuke] Tanno, R.[Ryutaro]

Tanno, Y. Co Author Listing * Image Matching for Repetitive Patterns by Clustering and Transforming in Feature Space

Tannus, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Improving Potts MRF model parameter estimation using higher-order neighborhood systems on stochastic image modeling
* novel MAP-MRF approach for multispectral image contextual classification using combination of suboptimal iterative algorithms, A
* novel pseudo-likelihood equation for Potts MRF model parameter estimation in image analysis, A
* On the asymptotic variances of Gaussian Markov Random Field model hyperparameters in stochastic image modeling

Tanny, J.[Josef] Co Author Listing * Estimating Processing Tomato Water Consumption, Leaf Area Index, and Height Using Sentinel-2 and VENÁS Imagery

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