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Snoeckx, J. Co Author Listing * Illumination invariant background extraction

Snoeij, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Utilising Sentinel-1's orbital stability for efficient pre-processing of sigma nought backscatter

Snoek, C.G.M.[Cees G. M.] Co Author Listing * Action Localization with Tubelets from Motion
* ActionBytes: Learning From Trimmed Videos to Localize Actions
* Active Transfer Learning with Zero-Shot Priors: Reusing Past Datasets for Future Tasks
* Actor and Action Video Segmentation from a Sentence
* Actor-Transformers for Group Activity Recognition
* Adding Semantics to Detectors for Video Retrieval
* All vehicles are cars: subclass preferences in container concepts
* APT: Action localization proposals from dense trajectories
* Attentional prototype inference for few-shot segmentation
* Attributes Make Sense on Segmented Objects
* Audio-Adaptive Activity Recognition Across Video Domains
* Background no more: Action recognition across domains by causal interventions
* Balancing thread based navigation for targeted video search
* Bayesian Prompt Learning for Image-Language Model Generalization
* Bootstrapping Visual Categorization With Relevant Negatives
* BoxeR: Box-Attention for 2D and 3D Transformers
* Cloth in the Wind: A Case Study of Physical Measurement Through Simulation
* Codemaps: Segment, Classify and Search Objects Locally
* Comparing compact codebooks for visual categorization
* comparison of color features for visual concept classification, A
* Conceptlets: Selective Semantics for Classifying Video Events
* Content-Based Analysis Improves Audiovisual Archive Retrieval
* Convex reduction of high-dimensional kernels for visual classification
* COSTA: Co-Occurrence Statistics for Zero-Shot Classification
* Counting With Focus for Free
* Dance With Flow: Two-In-One Stream Action Detection
* Detecting Objects with Context-Likelihood Graphs and Graph Refinement
* Empowering Visual Categorization With the GPU
* Evaluating Color Descriptors for Object and Scene Recognition
* Evaluating multimedia features and fusion for example-based event detection
* Evaluation of color descriptors for object and scene recognition
* Event Fisher Vectors: Robust Encoding Visual Diversity of Visual Streams
* Exploring the Long Tail of Social Media Tags
* Feature-Supervised Action Modality Transfer
* Few-Shot Transformation of Common Actions into Time and Space
* Fine-Grained Categorization by Alignments
* Fisher and VLAD with FLAIR
* Fusing concept detection and geo context for visual search
* Guess where? Actor-supervision for spatiotemporal action localization
* Guest Editorial: Large-Scale Multimedia Data Retrieval, Classification, and Understanding
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on Socio-Mobile Media Analysis and Retrieval
* Harvesting Social Images for Bi-Concept Search
* How Do You Do It? Fine-Grained Action Understanding with Pseudo-Adverbs
* How Severe Is Benchmark-Sensitivity in Video Self-Supervised Learning?
* Latent Embedding Feedback and Discriminative Features for Zero-shot Classification
* Learned Lexicon-Driven Interactive Video Retrieval
* Learned Lexicon-Driven Paradigm for Interactive Video Retrieval, A
* Learning to Learn with Variational Information Bottleneck for Domain Generalization
* Less Than Few: Self-shot Video Instance Segmentation
* Lexicon-based Browsers for Searching in News Video Archives
* Local Alignments for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Locality in Generic Instance Search from One Example
* Localizing the Common Action Among a Few Videos
* Mediamill: Advanced Browsing in News Video Archives
* MediaMill: fast and effective video search using the forkbrowser
* MediaMill: guiding the user to results using the ForkBrowser
* MediaMill: semantic video search using the RotorBrowser
* Memory-augmented Variational Adaptation for Online Few-shot Segmentation
* MetaKernel: Learning Variational Random Features With Limited Labels
* Motion-Augmented Self-Training for Video Recognition at Smaller Scale
* New Modality: Emoji Challenges in Prediction, Anticipation, and Retrieval
* No spare parts: Sharing part detectors for image categorization
* Object Priors for Classifying and Localizing Unseen Actions
* Objects2action: Classifying and Localizing Actions without Any Video Example
* On Measuring and Controlling the Spectral Bias of the Deep Image Prior
* Online Action Detection
* Open cross-domain visual search
* Order-preserving Consistency Regularization for Domain Adaptation and Generalization
* Pixelated Semantic Colorization
* Pointly-Supervised Action Localization
* PointMixup: Augmentation for Point Clouds
* Predicting Visual Features From Text for Image and Video Caption Retrieval
* Quasibinary Classifier for Images with Zero and Multiple Labels
* Query by Activity Video in the Wild
* Real-World Repetition Estimation by Div, Grad and Curl
* Recommendations for recognizing video events by concept vocabularies
* Repetition Estimation
* Repetitive Activity Counting by Sight and Sound
* Robust Scene Categorization by Learning Image Statistics in Context
* Safe Fakes: Evaluating Face Anonymizers for Face Detectors
* Searching for Actions on the Hyperbole
* Segment-based models for event detection and recounting
* Self-Guided Diffusion Models
* Self-Ordering Point Clouds
* Semantic indexing and retrieval of video
* Semantic Pathfinder: Using an Authoring Metaphor for Generic Multimedia Indexing, The
* SILCO: Show a Few Images, Localize the Common Object
* Social Fabric: Tubelet Compositions for Video Relation Detection
* Social negative bootstrapping for visual categorization
* Spatial-Aware Object Embeddings for Zero-Shot Localization and Classification of Actions
* Special issue on weakly supervised learning
* Special section on learning from multiple evidences for large scale multimedia analysis
* Spherical Regression: Learning Viewpoints, Surface Normals and 3D Rotations on N-Spheres
* Spot On: Action Localization from Pointly-Supervised Proposals
* SuperDisco: Super-Class Discovery Improves Visual Recognition for the Long-Tail
* Tag-based video retrieval by embedding semantic content in a continuous word space
* TagBook: A Semantic Video Representation Without Supervision for Event Detection
* Test of Time: Instilling Video-Language Models with a Sense of Time
* Today's and tomorrow's retrieval practice in the audiovisual archive
* Tracking by Natural Language Specification
* Tubelet-Contrastive Self-Supervision for Video-Efficient Generalization
* Tubelets: Unsupervised Action Proposals from Spatiotemporal Super-Voxels
* TubeR: Tubelet Transformer for Video Action Detection
* Unsharp Mask Guided Filtering
* Unsupervised multi-feature tag relevance learning for social image retrieval
* Variational Prototype Inference for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Video Stream Retrieval of Unseen Queries using Semantic Memory
* Video2vec Embeddings Recognize Events When Examples Are Scarce
* VideoLSTM convolves, attends and flows for action recognition
* Visual synonyms for landmark image retrieval
* Visual-Concept Search Solved?
* What do 15,000 object categories tell us about classifying and localizing actions?
Includes: Snoek, C.G.M.[Cees G. M.] Snoek, C.G.M. Snoek, C.G.M.[Cees G.M.] Snoek, C.G.M.[Cees G.M]
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Snoek, C.M.G. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Visual Understanding
* Deep Learning for Visual Understanding: Part 2

Snoek, J.[Jasper] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Unusual Events on Stairs
* Automatic segmentation of video to aid the study of faucet usability for older adults
* Water Flow Detection in a Handwashing Task

Snoek, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Dynamic face imaging: a novel analysis framework for 4D social face perception and expression

Snoeren, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Representation: Transforming Polygons into Voxels
* comparison of methods for mammogram registration, A

Snoeren, P.R. Co Author Listing * Extraction of 3D Shape from Optic Flow: A Geometric Approach
* Thickness Correction of Mammographic Images by Means of a Global Parameter Model of the Compressed Breast
* Volumetric breast density estimation from full-field digital mammograms

Snoeren, R.M.[Rudolph M.] Co Author Listing * Geometric averaging of X-ray signals in automatic exposure control

Snoeyink, J.[Jack] Co Author Listing * Algorithmic issues in modeling motion
* Coding with ASCII: compact, yet text-based 3D content
* Counting and Reporting Red/Blue Segment Intersections
* Encoding volumetric grids for streaming isosurface extraction
* Image Localization in Satellite Imagery with Feature-Based Indexing
* VisTRE: A Visualization Tool to Evaluate Errors in Terrain Representation
Includes: Snoeyink, J.[Jack] Snoeyink, J.

Snoeyink, J.S.[Jack Scott] Co Author Listing * Stabbing parallel segments with a convex polygon

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