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Merhav, M.[Meri] Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithms for DCT-Domain Image Down-Sampling and for Inverse Motion Compensation
* Fast Inverse Motion Compensation Algorithms for MPEG and for Partial DCT Information
* Multiplication-Free Approximate Algorithm for the Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform, A

Merhav, N. Co Author Listing * Approximate Convolution Using DCT Coefficient Multipliers
* Fast DCT Domain Filtering Using the DCT and the DST
* Modeling and Low-Complexity Adaptive Coding for Image Prediction Residuals
* Multiplication-Free Approximate Algorithms for Compressed-Domain Linear Operations on Images
* Multiplier-free implementation of DCT used in image and video processing and compression
Includes: Merhav, N. Merhav, N.[Neri]

Merhav, S. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Stereo and Motion Vision for 3-D Reconstruction

Merhav, S.J. Co Author Listing * Recursive Image Registration with Application to Motion Estimation

Merhej, L.I.[Lena I.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation-Free Detection of Comic Panels

Merhi, L.K. Co Author Listing * Force Exertion Affects Grasp Classification Using Force Myography

Merhof, D.[Dorit] Co Author Listing * automated method for realistic face simulation and facial landmark annotation and its application to active appearance models, An
* Automatic framework for tracking honeybee's antennae and mouthparts from low framerate video
* Bundle Visualization Strategies for HARDI Characteristics
* Direct Estimation of Fiber Orientations Using Deep Learning in Diffusion Imaging
* Do We Need Large Annotated Training Data for Detection Applications in Biomedical Imaging? A Case Study in Renal Glomeruli Detection
* Domain Adaptive Classification for Compensating Variability in Histopathological Whole Slide Images
* Evaluation of i-Scan Virtual Chromoendoscopy and Traditional Chromoendoscopy for the Automated Diagnosis of Colonic Polyps
* Face Detection in Thermal Infrared Images: A Comparison of Algorithm- and Machine-Learning-Based Approaches
* Fully-Automated CNN-Based Computer Aided Celiac Disease Diagnosis
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Facilitating Stain-Independent Supervised and Unsupervised Segmentation: A Study on Kidney Histology
* Have we underestimated the power of image undistortion?
* Importance of Smoothness Constraints on Spectral Object Reflectances when Modeling Metamer Mismatching, The
* Incorporating human knowledge in automated celiac disease diagnosis
* Interactive Framework for Insect Tracking with Active Learning
* Interactive tracking of insect posture
* Modeling the Distribution of Normal Data in Pre-Trained Deep Features for Anomaly Detection
* Non-linear Integration of DTI-based Fiber Tracts into Standard 3D MR Data
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
* Quantitative Assessment of Image Normalization for Classifying Histopathological Tissue of the Kidney, A
* Reconstructing Spectral Images from RGB-Images Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Skew correction and line extraction in binarized printed text images
* traverse inspection system for high precision visual on-loom fabric defect detection, A
* Unsupervised data analysis for virus detection with a surface plasmon resonance sensor
Includes: Merhof, D.[Dorit] Merhof, D.
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Merhy, M.[Mayss'aa] Co Author Listing * optimal elastic partial shape matching via shape geodesics, An

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