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Meno, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Automatic adaptive anisotropic digital filtering and biasing of digitized images

Menon, A.K.[Aditya Krishna] Co Author Listing * Making Deep Neural Networks Robust to Label Noise: A Loss Correction Approach

Menon, B.K. Co Author Listing * Longitudinal Analysis of Pre-Term Neonatal Cerebral Ventricles From 3D Ultrasound Images Using Spatial-Temporal Deformable Registration

Menon, C. Co Author Listing * Force Exertion Affects Grasp Classification Using Force Myography
* Human Machine Interfaces in Upper-Limb Prosthesis Control: A Survey of Techniques for Preprocessing and Processing of Biosignals
Includes: Menon, C. Menon, C.[Carlo]

Menon, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Color image demosaicking: An overview
* Demosaicing Based On Wavelet Analysis of the Luminance Component
* Demosaicing With Directional Filtering and a posteriori Decision
* Joint demosaicking and denoisingwith space-varying filters
* Regularization Approaches to Demosaicking
Includes: Menon, D.[Daniele] Menon, D.

Menon, G.C.[Gopakumar Chandrasekhara] Co Author Listing * Attention augmented residual autoencoder for efficient polyp segmentation
* Deep learning-based semantic segmentation of interphase cells and debris from metaphase images
* Enhancing convolutional neural network model with spectral features for the identification of cervical dysplasia
* Pathological categorization of lung carcinoma from multimodality images using convolutional neural networks

Menon, H.B.[Harilal B.] Co Author Listing * Coupling of hydrography and bio-optical constituents in a shallow optically complex region using ten years of in-situ data

Menon, K.P.R. Co Author Listing * Surface Temperature Estimation Of Gangotri Glacier Using Thermal Remote Sensing

Menon, N.[Nandini] Co Author Listing * Citizen Science Tools Reveal Changes in Estuarine Water Quality Following Demolition of Buildings
* Dynamics of Vibrio cholerae in a Typical Tropical Lake and Estuarine System: Potential of Remote Sensing for Risk Mapping
* Effect of Reduced Anthropogenic Activities on Water Quality in Lake Vembanad, India
* Environmental Reservoirs of Vibrio cholerae: Challenges and Opportunities for Ocean-Color Remote Sensing
* Regional Satellite Algorithms to Estimate Chlorophyll-a and Total Suspended Matter Concentrations in Vembanad Lake
* Using Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing for Flood Mapping: A Case Study in Lake Vembanad, India

Menon, P.G.[Prahlad G.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Cardiac MRI Based Regional Timing of Left Ventricular Mechanical Contraction as a Biomarker for Electrical Dyssynchrony in Heart-Failure Patients
* Characterization of a Novel Imaging-Based Metric of Patellofemoral Separation Using Computational Modeling
* Computing Probabilistic Optical Flow Using Markov Random Fields
* Detection of Myocardial Perfusion Defects Using First Pass Perfusion Cardiac MRI Data

Menon, P.K.[Padmanabhan K.] Co Author Listing * Voice Communication-Augmented Simulation Framework for Aircraft Trajectory Simulation, A

Menon, R.[Rajesh] Co Author Listing * Computational multispectral video imaging
* Effect of Medium Attenuation on the Asymptotic Eigenvalues of Noise Covariance Matrices
* Laboratory Measurement of the DInSAR Response to Spatiotemporal Variations in Soil Moisture
* Learning Wavefront Coding for Extended Depth of Field Imaging
Includes: Menon, R.[Rajesh] Menon, R.

Menon, R.P.[Raghu P.] Co Author Listing * Content based image display from image databases using spatio-temporal transfers and fractal analysis methods
* Rational Bitmap Scaling
Includes: Menon, R.P.[Raghu P.] Menon, R.P.

Menon, R.R.[Rakesh R.] Co Author Listing * Best of Both Worlds: Combining CNNs and Geometric Constraints for Hierarchical Motion Segmentation, The
* MoA-Net: Self-supervised Motion Segmentation

Menon, R.S. Co Author Listing * Design of a Parallel Transmit Head Coil at 7T With Magnetic Wall Distributed Filters
* General Coupling Matrix Synthesis for Decoupling MRI RF Arrays
* MRI RF Array Decoupling Method With Magnetic Wall Distributed Filters
* Shape Optimization of an Electric Dipole Array for 7 Tesla Neuroimaging

Menon, S.[Sudhakar] Co Author Listing * Boundary Matching Algorithm for Connected Component Labelling Using Linear Quadtrees
* Doubly Right Object Recognition: A Why Prompt for Visual Rationales
* Editing and versioning for high performance network models in a multiuser environment
* Multi-Colored Quadtrees for GIS: Exploiting Bit-Parallelism for Rapid Boolean Overlay
* New Techniques for Preserving Global Structure and Denoising with Low Information Loss in Single-Image Super-Resolution
* PULSE: Self-Supervised Photo Upsampling via Latent Space Exploration of Generative Models
* ViperGPT: Visual Inference via Python Execution for Reasoning
* What You Can Reconstruct from a Shadow
Includes: Menon, S.[Sudhakar] Menon, S.[Sachit] Menon, S.
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Menon, S.V.[Sreeram V.] Co Author Listing * Sure-optimal two-dimensional Savitzky-Golay filters for image denoising

Menon, V.[Vineetha] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Deep-Learning-Based Spectral Attention Mechanism for Hyperspectral Data Classification, A
* Centimeter-level, Robust GNSS-aided Inertial Post-processing For Mobile Mapping Without Local Reference Stations
* Dual-Branch-AttentionNet: A Novel Deep-Learning-Based Spatial-Spectral Attention Methodology for Hyperspectral Data Analysis
* Hyperspectral classification using a composite kernel driven by nearest-neighbor spatial features
* Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Combining Multiple Features for Spectral-Spatial Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Study on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and Machine Learning Based Approach to Detect COVID-19 Through X-Ray Images, A
Includes: Menon, V.[Vineetha] Menon, V. Menon, V.[Vikas]

Menon, V.G.[Varun G.] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Logistic Traffic Management System Using Empirical Intelligent XGBoost Technique in Vehicular Edge Networks
* Communication Quality Prediction for Internet of Vehicle (IoV) Networks: An Elman Approach
* Crowd Emotion Prediction for Human-Vehicle Interaction Through Modified Transfer Learning and Fuzzy Logic Ranking
* Edge-Centric Secure Service Provisioning in IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems
* Efficient Flow Processing in 5G-Envisioned SDN-Based Internet of Vehicles Using GPUs
* Enhancing the Performance of Flow Classification in SDN-Based Intelligent Vehicular Networks
* Guest Editorial Intelligent Autonomous Transportation System With 6G Series: Part III
* Guest Editorial Intelligent Autonomous Transportation System With 6G: II
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligent Autonomous Transportation System With 6G
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Intelligent Autonomous Transportation Systems With 6G: Part IV
* NOMA-Enabled Optimization Framework for Next-Generation Small-Cell IoV Networks Under Imperfect SIC Decoding
* Optimal Distribution of Workloads in Cloud-Fog Architecture in Intelligent Vehicular Networks
* Three Byte-Based Mutual Authentication Scheme for Autonomous Internet of Vehicles
Includes: Menon, V.G.[Varun G.] Menon, V.G.[Varun G]
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Menon, V.V.[Vignesh V.] Co Author Listing * All-Intra Rate Control Using Low Complexity Video Features for Versatile Video Coding
* Efficient Content-Adaptive Feature-Based Shot Detection for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
* ETPS: Efficient Two-Pass Encoding Scheme for Adaptive Live Streaming
Includes: Menon, V.V.[Vignesh V.] Menon, V.V.[Vignesh V]

Menor, I.O.[Imma Oliveras] Co Author Listing * Potential of Multispectral Imagery and 3D Point Clouds from Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS) for Monitoring Forest Structure and the Impacts of Wildfire in Mediterranean-Climate Forests, The

Menora, S. Co Author Listing * Eye localization towards developing a head postures based interface for wheelchair

Menoti, D. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of postal envelopes for address block location: an approach based on feature selection in wavelet space

Menotti, D.[David] Co Author Listing * email: Menotti, D.[David]: menotti AT inf ufpr br
* Adaptive Vehicle License Plate Detection at Higher Matching Degree, An
* Application of complex networks for automatic classification of damaging agents in soybean leaflets
* Conference on graphics, patterns and images
* Deep periocular representation aiming video surveillance
* Deep representations for cross-spectral ocular biometrics
* Denoising Autoencoder for Iris Recognition in Noncooperative Environments
* efficient and layout-independent automatic license plate recognition system based on the YOLO detector, An
* Efficient Polynomial Implementation of Several Multithresholding Methods for Gray-Level Image Segmentation
* Fast and Accurate Gesture Recognition Based on Motion Shapes
* Fast pedestrian detection based on a partial least squares cascade
* Global Semantic Descriptors for Zero-Shot Action Recognition
* GPUs and Multicore CPUs Implementations of a Static Video Summarization
* Hyperspectral image interpretation based on partial least squares
* Leveraging Model Fusion for Improved License Plate Recognition
* Noisy Character Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Optimized Sliding Window Approach to Pedestrian Detection, An
* overview of automatic event detection in soccer matches, An
* Unconstrained Periocular Recognition: Using Generative Deep Learning Frameworks for Attribute Normalization
* Video action recognition based on visual rhythm representation
Includes: Menotti, D.[David] Menotti, D.
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Menouar, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Revisiting crowd counting: State-of-the-art, trends, and future perspectives

Menouret, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Bilateral K-Means for Superpixel Computation (the SLIC Method)

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