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Manjanna, S. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Sampling Using Heterogeneous Marine Robots Driven by Visual Cues
* Efficient Terrain Driven Coral Coverage Using Gaussian Processes for Mosaic Synthesis
* Using Gait Change for Terrain Sensing by Robots
Includes: Manjanna, S. Manjanna, S.[Sandeep]

Manjarrez Dominguez, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric and Radiometric Correction Algorithms for the Multitemporal Assessment of Grasslands Productivity
* Past and Future Spatial Growth Dynamics of Chihuahua City, Mexico: Pressures for Land Use
Includes: Manjarrez Dominguez, C.[Carlos] Manjarrez-Domínguez, C.[Carlos]

Manjeshwar, R.M.[Ravindra M.] Co Author Listing * Effect of inherent location uncertainty on detection of stationary targets in noisy image sequences
* Hyperefficient detection of targets in noisy images

Manjoh, K.[Keita] Co Author Listing * Gesture and Posture Estimation by Using Locally Linear Regression

Manjon, J.V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive multiresolution non-local means filter for three-dimensional magnetic resonance image denoising
* Statistical interpretation of non-local means

Manju, S. Co Author Listing * Neural network-based ideation learning for intelligent agents: e-brainstorming with privacy preferences

Manju, V.N.[Vethamuthu Nesamony] Co Author Listing * AC coefficient and K-means cuckoo optimisation algorithm-based segmentation and compression of compound images

Manjula, D. Co Author Listing * Statistical modeling for the detection, localization and extraction of text from heterogeneous textual images using combined feature scheme
* Text Region Extraction from Quality Degraded Document Images

Manjula, K.[KR] Co Author Listing * Exploiting the Potential of VGI Metadata to Develop A Data-Driven Framework for Predicting User's Proficiency in OpenStreetMap Context

Manjula, K.R. Co Author Listing * novel computational knowledge-base framework for visualization and quantification of geospatial metadata in spatial data infrastructures, A

Manjunath, A.[Aishwarya] Co Author Listing * CARE-Share: A Cooperative and Adaptive Strategy for Distributed Taxi Ride Sharing

Manjunath, A.V.N. Co Author Listing * Document Skew Detection: A Novel Approach

Manjunath, B.S. Co Author Listing * email: Manjunath, B.S.: manj AT ece ucsb edu
* Accurate 3D Cell Segmentation Using Deep Features and CRF Refinement
* Activity Analysis in Microtubule Videos by Mixture of Hidden Markov Models
* Actor Conditioned Attention Maps for Video Action Detection
* Adaptive Filtering and Indexing for Image Databases
* Adding Gaussian noise to denoise JPEG for detecting image resizing
* Affine-invariant curve matching
* Anatomical parts-based regression using non-negative matrix factorization
* Automated Segmentation of Brain MR-Images
* automatic method to learn and transfer the photometric appearance of partially overlapping images, An
* Axiomatic Approach to Corner Detection, An
* Beyond Spatial Auto-Regressive Models: Predicting Housing Prices with Satellite Imagery
* Browsing Large Satellite and Aerial Photographs
* Camera Alignment Using Trajectory Intersections in Unsynchronized Videos
* Category-based Image Retrieval
* Color and texture descriptors
* Color image embedding using multidimensional lattice structures
* Color Image Segmentation
* Comparison of Wavelet Features for Texture Annotation, A
* Computational Approach to Boundary Detection, A
* condition number for point matching with application to registration and postregistration error estimation, A
* Conditional iterative decoding of Two Dimensional Hidden Markov Models
* Content-Based Search of Video Using Color, Texture, and Motion
* Context-Aware Hypergraph Modeling for Re-identification and Summarization
* Context-Driven Detection of Invertebrate Species in Deep-Sea Video
* Contour-Based Approach to Multisensor Image Registration, A
* Data hiding in video
* Deep Eye-CU (DECU): Summarization of Patient Motion in the ICU
* Deep Remote Sensing Methods for Methane Detection in Overhead Hyperspectral Imagery
* Design and implementation of a wide area, large-scale camera network
* Detection and Localization of Image Forgeries Using Resampling Features and Deep Learning
* Determining Achievable Rates for Secure, Zero Divergence, Steganography
* Digital video processing method and apparatus thereof
* Dimensionality Reduction for Image Retrieval
* Dimensionality Reduction Using Multi-Dimensional Scaling for Content-Based Retrieval
* Discriminative Basis Selection Using Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Distributed particle filter tracking with online multiple instance learning in a camera sensor network
* Double embedding in the quantization index modulation framework
* Drums and Curve Descriptors
* Drums, curve descriptors and affine invariant region matching
* Edge Flow: A Framework of Boundary Detection and Image Segmentation
* Edge Preserving Filters using Geodesic Distances on Weighted Orthogonal Domains
* EdgeFlow: A Technique for Boundary Detection and Image Segmentation
* Efficient and Robust Detection of Duplicate Videos in a Large Database
* Efficient Color Representation for Image Retrieval, An
* Eigenspace Update Algorithm for Image Analysis, An
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Estimating and undoing rotation for print-scan resilient data hiding
* Estimating Steganographic Capacity for Odd-Even Based Embedding and its Use in Individual Compensation
* Estimation of optimum coding redundancy and frequency domain analysis of attacks for YASS: A randomized block based hiding scheme
* Evaluation and benchmark for biological image segmentation
* Exploiting Spatial Structure for Localizing Manipulated Image Regions
* Eye tracking assisted extraction of attentionally important objects from videos
* Eye-CU: Sleep pose classification for healthcare using multimodal multiview data
* Fast and Adaptive Pairwise Similarities for Graph Cuts-based Image Segmentation
* Feature Based Approach to Face Recognition, A
* Features we trust!
* From Where and How to What We See
* Generalized simultaneous registration and segmentation
* Generalized subspace based high dimensional density estimation
* Global annotation on georeferenced photographs
* Graph cut segmentation of neuronal structures from transmission electron micrographs
* Graph Partitioning Active Contours (GPAC) for Image Segmentation
* Graph Partitioning Active Contours for Knowledge-Based Geo-Spatial Segmentation
* Graph-Based Topic-Focused Retrieval in Distributed Camera Network
* Graphical Model-Based Tracking of Curvilinear Structures in Bio-image Sequences
* How Do Drivers Allocate Their Potential Attention? Driving Fixation Prediction via Convolutional Neural Networks
* Hybrid LSTM and Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Detection of Image Forgeries
* Image Indexing Using a Texture Dictionary
* Image segmentation using curve evolution and flow fields
* Image segmentation using curve evolution and region stability
* Image segmentation using multi-region stability and edge strength
* Image Segmentation via Functionals Based on Boundary Functions
* Improving the quality of depth image based rendering for 3D Video systems
* Interactive graph cut segmentation of touching neuronal structures from electron micrographs
* Interactive segmentation using curve evolution and relevance feedback
* Intra-class multi-output regression based subspace analysis
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Image and Video Processing for Digital Libraries
* joint source-channel coding scheme for image-in-image data hiding, A
* Learning bottom-up text attention maps for text detection using stroke width transform
* Learning top down scene context for visual attention modeling in natural images
* lightweight multiview tracked person descriptor for camera sensor networks, A
* LLRT based detection of LSB hiding
* Marine Biodiversity Classification Using Dropout Regularization
* Mathematical Comparison of Point Detectors, A
* Membrane segmentation via active learning with deep networks
* Method and apparatus for searching a digital image
* Model Based Texture Segmentation and Classification
* Model-Based Detection and Correction of Corrupted Wavelet Coefficients
* Modeling and Detection of Geospatial Objects Using Texture Motifs
* Modeling object classes in aerial images using hidden Markov models
* Modeling object classes in aerial images using texture motifs
* Multi-Focus Imaging using Local Focus Estimation and Mosaicking
* Multi-Label Learning With Fused Multimodal Bi-Relational Graph
* Multicamera Video Summarization from Optimal Reconstruction
* Multiransac Algorithm and its Application to Detect Planar Homographies, The
* Multisensor Image Fusion Using the Wavelet Transform
* Multiview Multimodal System for Monitoring Patient Sleep, A
* Nearest neighbor search for relevance feedback
* NeTra-V: Toward An Object-Based Video Representation
* NETRA: A Toolbox for Navigating Large Image Databases
* New Approach to Image Feature Detection with Applications, A
* Nonconservative Flow Field for Robust Variational Image Segmentation, A
* Normalized Texture Motifs and Their Application to Statistical Object Modeling
* Object browsing and searching in a camera network using graph models
* Object localization using texture motifs and markov random fields
* Object Tracking with Ratio Cycles Using Shape and Appearance Cues
* On the Length and Area Regularization for Multiphase Level Set Segmentation
* On the Rayleigh nature of Gabor filter outputs
* Online parameter estimation in dynamic Markov Random Fields for image sequence analysis
* Order Preserving Bilinear Model for Person Detection in Multi-Modal Data, An
* Pairwise Similarities across Images for Multiple View Rigid/Non-Rigid Segmentation and Registration
* Panoramic capturing and recognition of human activity
* Particle Filter Tracking with Online Multiple Instance Learning
* Peer group image enhancement
* People Tracking in Camera Networks: Three Open Questions
* PixNet: A Localized Feature Representation for Classification and Visual Search
* Precise localization of key-points to identify local regions for robust data hiding
* Probabilistic motion parameter models for human activity recognition
* Probabilistic occlusion boundary detection on spatio-temporal lattices
* Probabilistic subspace-based learning of shape dynamics modes for multi-view action recognition
* Provably Secure Steganography: Achieving Zero K-L Divergence using Statistical Restoration
* Quantitative Object-Level Metric for Segmentation Performance and Its Application to Cell Nuclei, A
* Recording the Region of Interest from Flycam Panoramic Video
* Redundancy in All Pairs Fast Marching Method
* Reference-based probabilistic segmentation as non-rigid registration using Thin Plate Splines
* Registration Techniques for Multisensor Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Representation of motion activity in hierarchical levels for video indexing and filtering
* Retina Layer Segmentation and Spatial Alignment of Antibody Expression Levels
* Retrieval of Images with Objects of Specific Size, Location, and Spatial Configuration
* Reversible wavelet and spectral transforms for lossless compression of color images
* Robust dynamical model for simultaneous registration and segmentation in a variational framework: A Bayesian approach
* Robust image-adaptive data hiding using erasure and error correction
* robust method for detecting image features with application to face recognition and motion correspondence, A
* Robust multiple object tracking by detection with interacting Markov chain Monte Carlo
* Robust Segmentation Based Tracing Using an Adaptive Wrapper for Inducing Priors
* Robust Simultaneous Registration and Segmentation with Sparse Error Reconstruction
* Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using the Modified Gabor Filters
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Classification Using a Complete Space-Frequency Model
* Saccade gaze prediction using a recurrent neural network
* Search Tracker: Human-Derived Object Tracking in the Wild Through Large-Scale Search and Retrieval
* SeeTheSeams: Localized Detection of Seam Carving based Image Forgery in Satellite Imagery
* semantic representation for image retrieval, A
* Shape prior segmentation of multiple objects with graph cuts
* Sleep Pose Recognition in an ICU Using Multimodal Data and Environmental Feedback
* Source and Channel-Coding Framework for Vector-Based Data Hiding in Video, A
* Spatio-temporal optical flow statistics (STOFS) for activity classification
* Statistical Restoration for Robust and Secure Steganography
* Steganalysis of quantization index modulation data hiding
* Stochastic and Deterministic Networks for Texture Segmentation
* StressNet: Detecting Stress in Thermal Videos
* Subset Selection for Active Object Recognition
* Superpixel Embedding Network
* Synapse classification and localization in Electron Micrographs
* Texture Classification and Segmentation
* texture descriptor for browsing and similarity retrieval, A
* Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval and Browsing, A
* Texture Features and Learning Similarity
* Texture Features for Browsing and Retrieval of Image Data
* Tracing Curvilinear Structures in Live Cell Images
* UAVSensor Fusion with Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Fields in Coronal Plane Estimation
* Unified Approach to Boundary Perception: Edges, Textures and Illusory Contours, A
* Unified probabilistic framework for simultaneous detection and tracking of multiple objects with application to bio-image sequences
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Color-Texture Regions in Images and Video
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Markov Random Field Models
* Variable Length Open Contour Tracking Using a Deformable Trellis
* Variational Approach to Exploit Prior Information in Object-Background Segregation: Application to Retinal Images, A
* Variational Framework for Multiregion Pairwise-Similarity-Based Image Segmentation, A
* Variational Image Segmentation Using Boundary Functions
* Video Annotation Through Search and Graph Reinforcement Mining
* Video region segmentation by spatio-temporal watersheds
* VISNET: A distributed vision testbed
* VSGNet: Spatial Attention Network for Detecting Human Object Interactions Using Graph Convolutions
* Weakly Supervised Graph Based Semantic Segmentation by Learning Communities of Image-Parts
* Weakly Supervised Localization Using Deep Feature Maps
* Weakly Supervised Manifold Learning for Dense Semantic Object Correspondence
Includes: Manjunath, B.S. Manjunath, B.S.[Bangalore S.]
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Manjunath, D.R. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Improved WCM Technique for Soil Moisture Retrieval with Satellite Images

Manjunath, G.[Geetha] Co Author Listing * Combining heterogeneous classifiers for relational databases
* Practical Heterogeneous Classifier for Relational Databases, A

Manjunath, S. Co Author Listing * 2D-LPI: Two-Dimensional Locality Preserving Indexing
* Fusion of covariance matrices of PCA and FLD
* Online signature verification based on writer dependent features and classifiers
* Recognition Of Postal Codes From Fingerspelling Video Sequence

Manjunath, Y.S.K.[Yoga Suhas Kuruba] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Biometric Person Authentication Using Face, Ear and Periocular Region Based on Convolution Neural Networks

Manjunatha, K.S. Co Author Listing * Online signature verification based on writer dependent features and classifiers

Manjunatha, S.[Shankar] Co Author Listing * Objective and subjective evaluation of static 3D mesh compression

Manjunatha, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Amazing Mysteries of the Gutter: Drawing Inferences Between Panels in Comic Book Narratives, The
* Black-box Explanation of Object Detectors via Saliency Maps
* Cross-Domain Document Object Detection: Benchmark Suite and Method
* Explicit Bias Discovery in Visual Question Answering Models
* Generative-Discriminative Feature Representations for Open-Set Recognition
* SelfDoc: Self-Supervised Document Representation Learning
Includes: Manjunatha, V.[Varun] Manjunatha, V.

Manjusha, K. Co Author Listing * Integrating scattering feature maps with convolutional neural networks for Malayalam handwritten character recognition

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