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Kastaniotis, D. Co Author Listing * Attention-Aware Generative Adversarial Networks (ATA-GANs)
* framework for gait-based recognition using Kinect, A
* Gait based recognition via fusing information from Euclidean and Riemannian manifolds
* HEp-2 cell classification with Vector of Hierarchically Aggregated Residuals
* HEp-2 cells classification via sparse representation of textural features fused into dissimilarity space
* Muscle Type Classification on Ultrasound Imaging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Pose-based human action recognition via sparse representation in dissimilarity space
* Recent Advances at the Brain-Driven Computer Vision Workshop 2018
Includes: Kastaniotis, D. Kastaniotis, D.[Dimitris]
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Kastanis, I.[Iason] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary-Scale Image Synthesis
* Sesame: Semantic Editing of Scenes by Adding, Manipulating or Erasing Objects

Kastella, K. Co Author Listing * Discrimination Gain to Optimize Detection and Classification

Kasten, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * 2D Vector field approximation using linear neighborhoods
* Data-Driven MRSI Spectral Localization Via Low-Rank Component Analysis
Includes: Kasten, J.[Jens] Kasten, J.

Kasten, Y. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Characterization of Essential Matrices and Their Averaging in Multiview Settings
* Averaging Essential and Fundamental Matrices in Collinear Camera Settings
* Camera Calibration from Dynamic Silhouettes Using Motion Barcodes
* Deep Permutation Equivariant Structure from Motion
* Fundamental Matrices from Moving Objects Using Line Motion Barcodes
* GPSfM: Global Projective SFM Using Algebraic Constraints on Multi-View Fundamental Matrices
* hybrid global structure from motion method for synchronously estimating global rotations and global translations, A
* Learning to Estimate Multi-view Pose from Object Silhouettes
* Resultant Based Incremental Recovery of Camera Pose From Pairwise Matches
* Text2LIVE: Text-Driven Layered Image and Video Editing
* Two View Constraints on the Epipoles from Few Correspondences
Includes: Kasten, Y. Kasten, Y.[Yoni]
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Kastendeuch, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Estimating the leaf area of an individual tree in urban areas using terrestrial laser scanner and path length distribution model
* Evaluation of the Seasonal Nighttime LST-Air Temperature Discrepancies And Their Relation to Local Climate Zones (lcz) in Strasbourg
* From TLS Point Clouds to 3D Models of Trees: A Comparison of Existing Algorithms for 3D Tree Reconstruction
* Impact Of Level Of Details In The 3d Reconstruction Of Trees For Microclimate Modeling
* Uhi Estimation Based on Aster and Modis Satellite Imagery: First Results on Strasbourg City, France
Includes: Kastendeuch, P.[Pierre] Kastendeuch, P.

Kastens, J.H. Co Author Listing * Using temporal averaging to decouple annual and nonannual information in AVHRR NDVI time series

Kaster, F.O.[Frederik O.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Validation of Graphical Models for Learning Tumor Segmentations from Noisy Manual Annotations

Kaster, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Applying Ensembles of Multilinear Classifiers in the Frequency Domain
* Benefits of Separable, Multilinear Discriminant Classification
* Comparing Clustering Methods for Database Categorization in Image Retrieval
* Fast Learning for Customizable Head Pose Recognition in Robotic Wheelchair Control
* Fast, Illumination Insensitive Face Detection Based on Multilinear Techniques and Curvature Features
* INDI: Intelligent database navigation by interactive and intuitive content-based image retrieval
* Vision Systems with the Human in the Loop
Includes: Kaster, T.[Thomas] Käster, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Kaester, T.)Kaster, T.
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Kasthuri, A. Co Author Listing * Static Thresholded Pulse Coupled Neural Networks in Contourlet Domain: A New Framework for Medical Image Denoising

Kasthuri, N.[Narayanan] Co Author Listing * Boundary Learning by Optimization with Topological Constraints
* Plant leaf disease classification using deep neural network
Includes: Kasthuri, N.[Narayanan] Kasthuri, N.

Kasthuriarachchi, N.[Nuran] Co Author Listing * Multi-Dataset Benchmarks for Masked Identification using Contrastive Representation Learning

Kastis, G.A. Co Author Listing * Objective comparison of quantitative imaging modalities without the use of a gold standard

Kastle, E.[Emanuel] Co Author Listing * Seismic Ambient Noise Imaging of a Quasi-Amagmatic Ultra-Slow Spreading Ridge
Includes: Kastle, E.[Emanuel] Kästle, E.[Emanuel] (Maybe also Kaestle, E.)

Kastler, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Urbis Project: Identification And Characterization Of Potential Urban Development Areas As A Web-based Service, The

Kastner, K. Co Author Listing * ReSeg: A Recurrent Neural Network-Based Model for Semantic Segmentation

Kastner, L.[Lena] Co Author Listing * What do we want from Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)?: A stakeholder perspective on XAI and a conceptual model guiding interdisciplinary XAI research
Includes: Kastner, L.[Lena] Kästner, L.[Lena] (Maybe also Kaestner, L.)

Kastner, M.A.[Marc A.] Co Author Listing * Browsing Visual Sentiment Datasets Using Psycholinguistic Groundings
* FashionGraph: Understanding fashion data using scene graph generation
* On Assisting Diagnoses of Pareidolia by Emulating Patient Behavior
* Personalized Fashion Recommendation Using Pairwise Attention
* Tell as You Imagine: Sentence Imageability-aware Image Captioning
* Towards Captioning an Image Collection from a Combined Scene Graph Representation Approach

Kastner, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical System Integration Approach with Application to Visual Scene Exploration for Driver Assistance, A
* JBoost Optimization of Color Detectors for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation
Includes: Kastner, R.[Robert] Kastner, R.[Ryan]

Kastner, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Agile Altering of Road Marking Patterns for Lane Detection Testing

Kastner, T. Co Author Listing * Real-time Active Shape Models for Face Segmentation

Kastor, N.[Nikolas] Co Author Listing * Soft, Wearable Robotics and Haptics: Technologies, Trends, and Emerging Applications

Kastrati, Z.[Zenun] Co Author Listing * Integrating word embeddings and document topics with deep learning in a video classification framework

Kastridis, A.[Aristeidis] Co Author Listing * Multi-Criteria Evaluation (MCE) Method for the Management of Woodland Plantations in Floodplain Areas
* Suburban Forest Fire Risk Assessment and Forest Surveillance Using 360-Degree Cameras and a Multiscale Deformable Transformer

Kastrinaki, V. Co Author Listing * survey of video processing techniques for traffic applications, A

Kastrisios, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Automated Identification of Discrepancies between Nautical Charts and Survey Soundings
* Increasing Efficiency of Nautical Chart Production and Accessibility to Marine Environment Data through an Open-Science Compilation Workflow
* Toward the Development of a Marine Administration System Based on International Standards

Kasture, P. Co Author Listing * Platoon Definitions and Analysis of Correlation Between Number of Platoons and Jamming in Traffic System

Kasturi, G.S. Co Author Listing * Self Supervision for Attention Networks

Kasturi, R.[Rangachar] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kasturi, R.[Rangachar]: r1k AT csee usf edu
* 20th Anniversary of the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, The
* Accurate Estimation of Object Location in an Image Sequence Using Helicopter Flight Data
* Active cleaning of label noise
* Activity recognition based on multiple motion trajectories
* Adaptive Point Estimation in Signal-Dependent Noise
* Application of Planar Motion Segmentation for Scene Text Extraction
* approach for automated multimodal analysis of infants' pain, An
* Approach for Automatic Recognition of Graphics, An
* Audio Segmentation and Speaker Localization in Meeting Videos
* Automated Pain Assessment in Neonates
* Automatic Invoice Interpretation: Invoice Structure Analysis
* Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle Solver, An
* Autonomous Driving Challenge: To Infer the Property of a Dynamic Object Based on Its Motion Pattern
* Character Energy and Link Energy-Based Text Extraction in Scene Images
* Clip retrieval using multi-modal biometrics in meeting archives
* Complete System for Recovery of 3D Shapes from Engineering Drawings, A
* Comprehensive and Context-Sensitive Neonatal Pain Assessment Using Computer Vision, A
* Computer Vision: Volume 1 - Principles
* Computer Vision: Volume 2 - Advances and Applications
* Designing Affine Transformations based Face Recognition Algorithms
* Detecting Wires in Cluttered Urban Scenes Using a Gaussian Model
* Detection Of Dimension Sets In Engineering Drawings
* Detection of Obstacles in the Flight Path of an Aircraft
* Detection of Obstacles on Runway Using Ego-Motion Compensation and Tracking of Significant Features
* Detection of obstacles on runways using ego-motion compensation and tracking of significant features
* Detection of text marks on moving vehicles
* Document Image Analysis
* Document Image Analysis: A Bibliography
* Document image analysis: a primer
* Efficient Extraction of Primitives from Line-Drawings Composed of Horizontal and Vertical Lines
* Evaluation and analysis of a face and voice outdoor multi-biometric system
* Evaluation Framework for Video OCR
* Exploring Co-Occurence Between Speech and Body Movement for Audio-Guided Video Localization
* Extraction and Temporal Segmentation of Multiple Motion Trajectories in Human Motion
* Extraction of 3D Object Features from CAD Boundary Representation Using the Super Relation Graph Method
* Extraction of graphic primitives from images of paper based line drawings
* Extraction of Multiple Motion Trajectories in Human Motion
* Extraction of special effects caption text events from digital video
* First Investigation into the Use of Deep Learning for Continuous Assessment of Neonatal Postoperative Pain
* Framework for Performance Evaluation of Face, Text, and Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Video: Data, Metrics, and Protocol
* From Scores to Face Templates: A Model-Based Approach
* Graphics Recognition: Methods and Applications
* How effective is human video surveillance performance?
* Image Analysis Applications
* Image Database Querying Using a Multi-Scale Localized Color Representation
* Image Restoration by Transformation of Signal-Dependent Noise to Signal-Independent Noise
* Image Restoration in Signal-Dependent Noise Using a Markovian Covariance Model
* Indexing Text Events in Digital Video Databases
* Information Extraction from Images of Paper-Based Maps
* Information Extraction from Telephone Company Drawings
* Interpretation of Line Drawings with Multiple Views
* Interpretation of Lines in Distributing Frame Drawings
* Interpretation of telephone company central office equipment drawings
* Interpreting the Views in Engineering Drawings
* Label-noise reduction with support vector machines
* Learning Camera Viewpoint Using CNN to Improve 3D Body Pose Estimation
* Local smoothing for manifold learning
* Locating Uniform-colored Text in Video Frames
* Machine Vision
* Map Data Processing in Geographic Information Systems
* Map Data Processing: Recognition of Lines and Symbols
* new edge-based text verification approach for video, A
* Non-Iterative Approach to Reconstruct Face Templates from Match Scores, A
* Novel Text Detection System Based on Character and Link Energies, A
* Overview of Techniques for Graphics Recognition, An
* Performance Characterization and Comparison of Video Indexing Algorithms
* Performance Characterization of the Dynamic Programming Obstacle Detection Algorithm
* Performance Characterization of Video-Shot-Change Detection Methods
* Performance Evaluation of Neuromorphic-Vision Object Recognition Algorithms
* Performance evaluation of object detection algorithms
* Performance Evaluation of Object Detection and Tracking in Video
* Performance Evaluation of Text Detection and Tracking in Video
* Person Reidentification and Recognition in Video
* Pose Clustering on Constraints for Object Recognition
* Privacy and Security Issues Related to Match Scores
* Real-Time Implementation of Obstacle Detection Algorithms on a Datacube MaxPCI Architecture
* Robust Algorithm for Text String Separation from Mixed Text/Graphics Images, A
* Robust detection of stylized text events in digital video
* Robust Extraction of Text in Video
* Runway Detection in an Image Sequence
* Segmentation of Text From Color Map Images
* Sign Detection Based Text Localization in Mobile Device Captured Scene Images
* Special Issue: Document Image Analysis Techniques
* Spectral Clustering for Robust Motion Segmentation
* Structure Recognition and Information Extraction from Tabular Documents
* Support vector clustering combined with spectral graph partitioning
* survey on the use of pattern recognition methods for abstraction, indexing and retrieval of images and video, A
* System for Interpretation of Line Drawings, A
* System for Recognition and Description of Graphics, A
* Text data extraction from microfilm images of punched cards
* Text Detection Using Edge Gradient and Graph Spectrum
* Tissue-type discrimination in magnetic resonance images
* Tracking Moving-Objects During Low-Altitude Flight
* Understanding Transit Scenes: A Survey on Human Behavior-Recognition Algorithms
* VADIS: A Video Analysis, Display and Indexing System
* View Labeling for Automated Interpretation of Engineering Drawings
* Weighted Boundary Points for Shape Analysis
Includes: Kasturi, R.[Rangachar] Kasturi, R. Kasturi, R.[Ranga]
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Kasturi, S. Co Author Listing * Heating Patterns Recognition in Industrial Microwave-Processed Foods

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