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Frenay, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Learning Customised Decision Trees for Domain-knowledge Constraints
* Reading grid for feature selection relevance criteria in regression
Includes: Frenay, B.[Benoit] Frénay, B.[Benoît]

French, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Building a Data Set over 12 Globally Distributed Sites to Support the Development of Agriculture Monitoring Applications with Sentinel-2
* Condensation tracking through a hough space
* Foreword to the Special Issue on Remote Sensing and Modeling of Surface Properties
* SMURFS: Superpixels from Multi-scale Refinement of Super-regions
* Tissue-level segmentation and tracking of cells in growing plant roots
Includes: French, A.[Andrew] French, A.

French, A.N.[Andrew N.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Nadir and Multi-Angle View Sensor Technologies for Measuring in-Field Plant Height of Upland Cotton
* High-Throughput Phenotyping of Crop Water Use Efficiency via Multispectral Drone Imagery and a Daily Soil Water Balance Model

French, A.P. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Multi-task Plant Phenotyping
* Leaf segmentation in plant phenotyping: a collation study
* Learning to Localise and Count with Incomplete Dot-Annotations
* patch-based approach to 3D plant shoot phenotyping, A
* Special issue on computer vision and image analysis in plant phenotyping
* Surface Reconstruction of Plant Shoots from Multiple Views
* Towards infield, live plant phenotyping using a reduced-parameter CNN
* Using social effects to guide tracking in complex scenes
Includes: French, A.P. French, A.P.[Andrew P.]
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French, B.A.[Brent A.] Co Author Listing * Automated magnetic resonance assisted echocardiographic motion analysis
* Ultrasound Myocardial Tracking with Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion Assisted Initialization
Includes: French, B.A.[Brent A.] French, B.A.

French, G.[Geoffrey] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks for Counting Fish in Fisheries Surveillance Video
* Motion stereo at sea: Dense 3D reconstruction from image sequences monitoring conveyor systems on board fishing vessels
* Semi-Supervised Segmentation for Coastal Monitoring Seagrass Using RPA Imagery
* Using Deep Learning to Count Albatrosses from Space: Assessing Results in Light of Ground Truth Uncertainty

French, J.C.[James C.] Co Author Listing * Empirical Investigation of the Scalability of a Multiple Viewpoint CBIR System, An

French, J.R.[Jon R.] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Attribution of Mangrove Forest Changes in the Indian Sundarbans from 2000 to 2020

French, M.T.[Michael T.] Co Author Listing * Iterative three-dimensional process for creating finished media content
* Time inheritance scene graph for representation of media content

French, N.H. Co Author Listing * Continuous Wavelet Analysis for Spectroscopic Determination of Subsurface Moisture and Water-Table Height in Northern Peatland Ecosystems

French, N.H.F.[Nancy H. F.] Co Author Listing * Development of Methods for Detection and Monitoring of Fire Disturbance in the Alaskan Tundra Using a Two-Decade Long Record of Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Images

French, P.A. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Detectability of Small Objects in Correlated Clutter Using an Improved 2-D Adaptive Lattice Algorithm
* improved 2-D adaptive lattice filtering algorithm and its application to detection of small objects in correlated clutter, An

French, R.M.[Robert M.] Co Author Listing * Online Task-free Continual Learning with Dynamic Sparse Distributed Memory

French, R.T. Co Author Listing * SMAP L-Band Microwave Radiometer: Instrument Design and First Year on Orbit

French, S.P. Co Author Listing * Using Aerial Imagery and GIS in Automated Building Footprint Extraction and Shape Recognition for Earthquake Risk Assessment of Urban Inventories

Frencken, P.H. Co Author Listing * MPEG Decoder with Embedded Compression for Memory Reduction, An

Frendo, F. Co Author Listing * How the Autonomic Nervous System and Driving Style Change With Incremental Stressing Conditions During Simulated Driving

Frendo, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Improving Smart Charging Prioritization by Predicting Electric Vehicle Departure Time

Frenette, P. Co Author Listing * Coordinated Maneuvering of Automated Vehicles in Platoons

Freni, B.[Biagio] Co Author Listing * Online and Offline Fingerprint Template Update Using Minutiae: An Experimental Comparison
* Replacement Algorithms for Fingerprint Template Update
* Template Selection by Editing Algorithms: A Case Study in Face Recognition
* Template Update Methods in Adaptive Biometric Systems: A Critical Review

Frenkel, A. Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution in PET Imaging

Frenkel, R.M.[Roy M.] Co Author Listing * Registration of Geometric Deformations in the Presence of Varying Illumination

Frenoist, F.X. Co Author Listing * Model-based graph segmentation in 2-D fluorescence microsecopy images

Frentiu, D. Co Author Listing * High accuracy stereo vision system for far distance obstacle detection

Frentzos, E.[Elias] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Nearest Neighbor Search on Moving Object Trajectories
* Developing An Image Based Low-cost Mobile Mapping System for GIS Data Acquisition
Includes: Frentzos, E.[Elias] Frentzos, E.

Frenz, M. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach for a Robust Speed-of-Sound Reconstruction Using Pulse-Echo Ultrasound
* Combined Ultrasound and Optoacoustic System for Real-Time High-Contrast Vascular Imaging in Vivo

Frenzel, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Assessment of deep learning based blood pressure prediction from PPG and rPPG signals
* Utilizing Mask R-CNN for Waterline Detection in Canoe Sprint Video Analysis
Includes: Frenzel, P.[Patrick] Frenzel, P.

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