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Corr, C.A.[Chelsea A.] Co Author Listing * Missing Pixel Reconstruction on Landsat 8 Analysis Ready Data Land Surface Temperature Image Patches Using Source-Augmented Partial Convolution

Corr, H. Co Author Listing * Radio Echo Sounding of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica: Aperture Synthesis Processing and Analysis of Feasibility From Space

Corr, P. Co Author Listing * Discrete Chebyshev Transform: a Natural Modification of the DCT

Corradetti, A.[Amerigo] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Different SfM-MVS Photogrammetric and iOS LiDAR Acquisition Methods for the Digital Preservation of a Short-Lived Excavation: A Case Study from an Area of Sinkhole Related Subsidence
* Photogrammetric 3D Model via Smartphone GNSS Sensor: Workflow, Error Estimate, and Best Practices

Corradi Dell'Acqua, C.[Corrado] Co Author Listing * State-Specific and Supraordinal Components of Facial Response to Pain
Includes: Corradi Dell'Acqua, C.[Corrado] Corradi-Dell'Acqua, C.[Corrado]

Corradi, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Deep Natural Language Inference Predictor Without Language-specific Training Data, A

Corradi, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Measuring Marine Plastic Debris from Space: Initial Assessment of Observation Requirements
* Sentinel-2 Detection of Floating Marine Litter Targets with Partial Spectral Unmixing and Spectral Comparison with Other Floating Materials (Plastic Litter Project 2021)
* Targeting Plastics: Machine Learning Applied to Litter Detection in Aerial Multispectral Images
* Using a UAV Thermal Infrared Camera for Monitoring Floating Marine Plastic Litter

Corradini, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Contour-based Person Localizaion by 3d Neural Fields and Steerable Filters
* Person Localization and Posture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
* User Localisation for Visually-Based Human-Machine-Interaction

Corradini, C. Co Author Listing * Noncontact Measurement of River Surface Velocity and Discharge Estimation With a Low-Cost Doppler Radar Sensor

Corradini, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Extreme Rainfall Events of the 2020 Typhoon Season in Vietnam as Seen by Seven Different Precipitation Products, The

Corradini, E.[Erica] Co Author Listing * Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Adaptive Parameter Space Dimension: A Promising Tool for Geophysical Electromagnetic Induction Inversion
* Day at the Bog: Preliminary Interpretation of Prehistoric Human Occupation at Ancient Lake Duvensee (Germany) by GPR Structures, A
* Down to the Rivers: A Geophysical Investigation at etiolles (France) to Reconstruct the Magdalenian Occupation
* Finding Mesolithic Sites: A Multichannel Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Investigation at the Ancient Lake Duvensee
* Network of the Italian University Museums for the Diffusion of the Scientific Culture, The
Includes: Corradini, E.[Erica] Corradini, E.[Elena]

Corradini, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Determining Actual Evapotranspiration Based on Machine Learning and Sinusoidal Approaches Applied to Thermal High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery in a Semi-Arid Ecosystem

Corradini, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Editorial for Special Issue Convective and Volcanic Clouds (CVC)
* Eruptive Styles Recognition Using High Temporal Resolution Geostationary Infrared Satellite Data
* Examples of Multi-Sensor Determination of Eruptive Source Parameters of Explosive Events at Mount Etna
* Impact of SO2 Flux Estimation in the Modeling of the Plume of Mount Etna Christmas 2018 Eruption and Comparison against Multiple Satellite Sensors
* Multi-Sensor Analysis of a Weak and Long-Lasting Volcanic Plume Emission
* Multi-Sensor Approach for Volcanic Ash Cloud Retrieval and Eruption Characterization: The 23 November 2013 Etna Lava Fountain, A
* Multisatellite Multisensor Observations of a Sub-Plinian Volcanic Eruption: The 2015 Calbuco Explosive Event in Chile
* Near Real-Time Monitoring of the Christmas 2018 Etna Eruption Using SEVIRI and Products Validation
* Near-Real-Time Tephra Fallout Assessment at Mt. Etna, Italy
* Stereoscopic Estimation of Volcanic Ash Cloud-Top Height from Two Geostationary Satellites
* Tropospheric Volcanic SO2 Mass and Flux Retrievals from Satellite. The Etna December 2018 Eruption
* Volcanic Cloud Detection and Retrieval Using Satellite Multisensor Observations
* Volcanic Cloud Top Height Estimation Using the Plume Elevation Model Procedure Applied to Orthorectified Landsat 8 Data. Test Case: 26 October 2013 Mt. Etna Eruption
* Volcanic Clouds Characterization of the 2020-2022 Sequence of Mt. Etna Lava Fountains Using MSG-SEVIRI and Products' Cross-Comparison
Includes: Corradini, S.[Stefano] Corradini, S.
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Corradino, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Cascading Machine Learning to Monitor Volcanic Thermal Activity Using Orbital Infrared Data: From Detection to Quantitative Evaluation
* Classifying Major Explosions and Paroxysms at Stromboli Volcano (Italy) from Space
* Data-Driven Random Forest Models for Detecting Volcanic Hot Spots in Sentinel-2 MSI Images
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Detecting Volcanic Thermal Anomalies from Satellite Images, A
* Mapping Recent Lava Flows at Mount Etna Using Multispectral Sentinel-2 Images and Machine Learning Techniques
* Overflows and Pyroclastic Density Currents in March-April 2020 at Stromboli Volcano Detected by Remote Sensing and Seismic Monitoring Data
* Recognizing Eruptions of Mount Etna through Machine Learning using Multiperspective Infrared Images
* VEI 2 Christmas 2018 Etna Eruption: A Small But Intense Eruptive Event or the Starting Phase of a Larger One?, The
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Corrado, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * RST Analysis of Anomalous TIR Sequences in Relation with Earthquakes Occurred in Turkey in the Period 2004-2015

Corrado, C.[Cesare] Co Author Listing * Impact of Image Resolution and Resampling on Motion Tracking of the Left Chambers from Cardiac Scans
* Personalization of Atrial Electrophysiology Models from Decapolar Catheter Measurements
* Spiral Waves Generation Using an Eikonal-Reaction Cardiac Electrophysiology Model
* Volcanic Hot-Spot Detection Using SENTINEL-2: A Comparison with MODIS-MIROVA Thermal Data Series
Includes: Corrado, C.[Cesare] Corrado, C.[Cigolini]

Corrado, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Prediction Accuracy of Geomorphon-Based Automated Landform Classification: An Example from the Ionian Coastal Belt of Southern Italy
* Detecting Deficient Coverage in Colonoscopies
Includes: Corrado, G.[Giuseppe] Corrado, G.

Corrado, G.S. Co Author Listing * Building high-level features using large scale unsupervised learning

Corrado, R. Co Author Listing * Transport models and intelligent transportation system to support urban evacuation planning process

Corral Bobadilla, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * Port Bathymetry Mapping Using Support Vector Machine Technique and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery
Includes: Corral Bobadilla, M.[Marina] Corral-Bobadilla, M.[Marina]

Corral Pazos de Provens, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Algorithms for the Evaluation of TanDEM-X Data for Gully Detection in Krumhuk Farm (Namibia)
Includes: Corral Pazos de Provens, E.[Eva] Corral-Pazos-de-Provens, E.[Eva]

Corral Rivas, J.J.[Jose Javier] Co Author Listing * Evaluating a New Relative Phenological Correction and the Effect of Sentinel-Based Earth Engine Compositing Approaches to Map Fire Severity and Burned Area
* Evaluation of Radiometric and Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for Aboveground Forest Biomass Estimation Using Landsat 5 TM Data
* Relasphone: Mobile and Participative In Situ Forest Biomass Measurements Supporting Satellite Image Mapping
Includes: Corral Rivas, J.J.[Jose Javier] Corral-Rivas, J.J.[José Javier] Corral-Rivas, J.J.[José J.]

Corral Saenz, A.[Alma] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection in Time Variant Scenarios Based on a Novel Perceptual Method and a Gestalt Spiking Cortical Model
Includes: Corral Saenz, A.[Alma] Corral-Saenz, A.[Alma]

Corral Soto, E.R.[Eduardo R.] Co Author Listing * 3D Town: The Automatic Urban Awareness Project
* Automatic Single-View Calibration and Rectification from Parallel Planar Curves
* Slot Cars: 3D Modelling for Improved Visual Traffic Analytics
Includes: Corral Soto, E.R.[Eduardo R.] Corral-Soto, E.R.[Eduardo R.] Corral-Soto, E.R.

Corral, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Efficient Group K Nearest-Neighbor Spatial Query Processing in Apache Spark
* Efficient large-scale distance-based join queries in spatialhadoop
* largest empty rectangle containing only a query object in Spatial Databases, The
* Multi-Way Distance Join Queries in Spatial Databases
* New plane-sweep algorithms for distance-based join queries in spatial databases

Corral, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Detection and Grouping of Highway Lane Marks

Corrales Garcia, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Forward Wyner-Ziv Fast Video Decoding Using Multicore Processors
* Mapping GOPS in an Improved DVC to H.264 Video Transcoder
* Scalable Mobile-to-Mobile Video Communications Based on an Improved WZ-to-SVC Transcoder
* Variable and constant bitrate in a DVC to H.264/AVC transcoder
Includes: Corrales Garcia, A.[Alberto] Corrales-Garcia, A.[Alberto]

Corrales Munoz, J.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Riparian forest buffers dynamics in Colombian basins by Landsat Time Series
Includes: Corrales Munoz, J.C. Corrales-Muñoz, J.C.

Corrales, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Rangeland Brush Estimation Tool (RaBET): An Operational Remote Sensing-Based Application for Quantifying Woody Cover on Western Rangelands

Corrales, D.C.[David Camilo] Co Author Listing * computer vision system for automatic cherry beans detection on coffee trees, A

Corrales, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Immersive Industrial Process Environment from a P&ID Diagram

Corrales, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Co Author Listing * Approach for Extracting Illumination-Independent Texture Features, An
* Empirical Models for Estimating Air Temperature Using MODIS Land Surface Temperature (and Spatiotemporal Variables) in the Hurd Peninsula of Livingston Island, Antarctica, between 2000 and 2016
* Use of band ratioing for building illumination independent texture classification systems
* Visual control of a multi-robot coupled system: Application to collision avoidance in human-robot interaction
Includes: Corrales, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Corrales, J.A.[José Antonio] Corrales, J.A.[Juan A.]

Corrales, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * computer vision system for automatic cherry beans detection on coffee trees, A
* Feasibility of Early Yield Prediction per Coffee Tree Based on Multispectral Aerial Imagery: Case of Arabica Coffee Crops in Cauca-Colombia

Corrales, M.Z.[Manuel Zumbado] Co Author Listing * DNLM-IIFFT: An Implementation of the Deceived Non Local Means Filter Using Integral Images and the Fast Fourier Transform for a Reduced Computational Cost

Corrales, P.B.[Paola Belen] Co Author Listing * Parameterization of the Cloud Scattering Polarization Signal Derived From GPM Observations for Microwave Fast Radative Transfer Models, A
Includes: Corrales, P.B.[Paola Belen] Corrales, P.B.[Paola Belén]

Corrall, D. Co Author Listing * Visual Monitoring and Surveillance of Wide-Area Outdoor Scenes

Corrall, D.R. Co Author Listing * Approach to Knowledge-Driven Segmentation, An

Corrao, A. Co Author Listing * Ancient Rome Worldwide Links: Sharing Knowledge to Preserve the Roots

Corrao, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Extensive Parameters as a Tool to Monitoring the Volcanic Activity: The Case Study of Vulcano Island (Italy), The

Corrao, M.V.[Mark V.] Co Author Listing * Conventional Cruise and Felled-Tree Validation of Individual Tree Diameter, Height and Volume Derived from Airborne Laser Scanning Data of a Loblolly Pine (P. taeda) Stand in Eastern Texas, A
* Cross-Comparison of Individual Tree Detection Methods Using Low and High Pulse Density Airborne Laser Scanning Data

Corre, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Efficient Grapevine Structure Estimation in Vineyards Conditions

Correa Agudelo, E.[Esteban] Co Author Listing * Modular Workflow Architecture for Coronary Centerline Extraction in Computed Tomography Angiography Data, A
Includes: Correa Agudelo, E.[Esteban] Correa-Agudelo, E.[Esteban]

Correa Arameda, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Compression and Key Feature Extraction for Video Transmission
Includes: Correa Arameda, E.[Eduardo] Correa-Arameda, E.[Eduardo]

Correa Cano, M.E.[Maria Eugenia] Co Author Listing * Global Trends in Exposure to Light Pollution in Natural Terrestrial Ecosystems
Includes: Correa Cano, M.E.[Maria Eugenia] Correa-Cano, M.E.[Maria Eugenia]

Correa Hernandez, P.C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach for Morphology-Based 2-D Human Motion Capture
* Silhouette-Based Probabilistic 2D Human Motion Estimation for Real-Time Applications

Correa Luna, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Ground-Based, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Satellite Remote Sensing Technologies for Monitoring Pasture Biomass on Dairy Farms
Includes: Correa Luna, M.[Martin] Correa-Luna, M.[Martin]

Correa Morales, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Identification of Risk Areas of Dengue Transmission in Culiacan, Mexico
Includes: Correa Morales, F.[Fabian] Correa-Morales, F.[Fabián]

Correa Morris, J.[Jyrko] Co Author Listing * Incremental nested partition method
* incremental nested partition method for data clustering, An
* indication of unification for different clustering approaches, An
* Novel histograms kernels with structural properties
* On the Comparison of Structured Data
* Weighted Cluster Ensemble Using a Kernel Consensus Function
* Weighted partition consensus via kernels
Includes: Correa Morris, J.[Jyrko] Correa-Morris, J.[Jyrko]
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Correa Munoz, N.A. Co Author Listing * Detection of Landslides with SAR Polarymetry: Case Study of South-eastern Colombia
Includes: Correa Munoz, N.A. Correa-Muñoz, N.A.

Correa Ramirez, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Improving the Remote Sensing Retrieval of Phytoplankton Functional Types (PFT) Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions: A Case Study in a Coastal Upwelling Region
Includes: Correa Ramirez, M.[Marco] Correa-Ramirez, M.[Marco]

Correa Ramirez, M.A.[Marco A.] Co Author Listing * Time-Space Variability of Chlorophyll-a and Associated Physical Variables within the Region off Central-Southern Chile
Includes: Correa Ramirez, M.A.[Marco A.] Correa-Ramirez, M.A.[Marco A.]

Correa Silva, A.[Aristofanes] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of masses in digital mammograms using particle swarm optimization and graph clustering
* Classification of patterns of benignity and malignancy based on CT using topology-based phylogenetic diversity index and convolutional neural network
* Comparing results of thermographic images based diagnosis for breast diseases
* Detection of Masses in Digital Mammograms using K-Means and Support Vector Machine
* Semivariogram and SGLDM Methods Comparison for the Diagnosis of Solitary Lung Nodule
* Semivariogram Applied for Classification of Benign and Malignant Tissues in Mammography
Includes: Correa Silva, A.[Aristofanes] Corrêa Silva, A.[Aristófanes] Corrêa Silva, A.[Aristofanes] Correa Silva, A.

Correa Tome, F.E.[Fernando E.] Co Author Listing * Fast similarity metric for real-time template-matching applications
* Measuring empirical discrepancy in image segmentation results
Includes: Correa Tome, F.E.[Fernando E.] Correa-Tome, F.E.[Fernando E.] Correa-Tome, F.E.

Correa, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * Automatic Localization of Skin Layers in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy

Correa, C.D. Co Author Listing * Automatic registration of LiDAR and optical imagery using depth map stereo

Correa, C.G.[Cleber Gimenez] Co Author Listing * Adapting Software with Affective Computing: A Systematic Review
* Pseudo-haptic Perception in Smartphones Graphical Interfaces: A Case Study
* Synthesis of Facial Expressions in Photographs: Characteristics, Approaches, and Challenges
Includes: Correa, C.G.[Cleber Gimenez] Corrêa, C.G.[Cléber Gimenez]

Correa, C.V. Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Compressive Spectral Imaging Reconstruction from Single Pixel Measurements
* Optimized Sensing Matrix for Single Pixel Multi-Resolution Compressive Spectral Imaging

Correa, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Calibration of a Multiple-Projector Spherical Fish Tank VR Display
* Experimental Videogrammetry and Accelerometry for the 2D Analysis of Human Motion
Includes: Correa, D. Correa, D.[Daniel]

Correa, G. Co Author Listing * 4D-DCT Hardware Architecture for JPEG Pleno Light Field Coding
* Block-Based Inter-Frame Prediction for Dynamic Point Cloud Compression
* Complexity reduction for 3D-HEVC depth map coding based on early Skip and early DIS scheme
* Complexity scalability for real-time HEVC encoders
* Encoding Efficiency and Computational Cost Assessment of State-Of-The-Art Point Cloud Codecs
* Energy-Aware Motion and Disparity Estimation System for 3D-HEVC With Run-Time Adaptive Memory Hierarchy
* Fast HEVC Encoding Decisions Using Data Mining
* Fast HEVC-to-AV1 Transcoding Based On Coding Unit Depth Inheritance
* Four-step algorithm for early termination in HEVC inter-frame prediction based on decision trees
* Low-Complexity Multi-Type Tree Partitioning for Versatile Video Coding Based on Machine Learning
* Motion compensated tree depth limitation for complexity control of HEVC encoding
* Pareto-Based Method for High Efficiency Video Coding With Limited Encoding Time
* Performance and Computational Complexity Assessment of High-Efficiency Video Encoders
Includes: Correa, G. Corrêa, G.[Guilherme] Corrêa, G. Correa, G.[Guilherme]
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Correa, G.N.[Geraldo N.] Co Author Listing * active learning approach to frequent itemset-based text clustering, An
* Interactive textual feature selection for consensus clustering
Includes: Correa, G.N.[Geraldo N.] Corrêa, G.N.[Geraldo N.]

Correa, H. Co Author Listing * Statistical Categorization of Human Histological Images

Correa, H.L.[Humberto Loaiza] Co Author Listing * Online learning of contexts for detecting suspicious behaviors in surveillance videos

Correa, J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of real and computer-simulated clustered microcalcifications on digital mammograms. ROC study

Correa, J.A.M. Co Author Listing * Inference of personality traits and affect schedule by analysis of spontaneous reactions to affective videos

Correa, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * Spatial Nonparametric Mixed-Effects Model with Spatial-Varying Coefficients for Analysis of Populations

Correa, K.[Khassoum] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of a Neuro-Variational Algorithm from SeaWiFS to MODIS-Aqua Sensor for the Determination of Atmospheric and Oceanic Variables

Correa, M.[Mauricio] Co Author Listing * comparative study of thermal face recognition methods in unconstrained environments, A
* Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments: A Comparative Study
* Gender Classification of Faces Using Adaboost
* realistic virtual environment for evaluating face analysis systems under dynamic conditions, A
* unified learning framework for object detection and classification using nested cascades of boosted classifiers, A
* Virtual Environment Tool for Benchmarking Face Analysis Systems, A

Correa, S.M.[Sergio Machado] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Carbon Monoxide and Aerosol Optical Depth Simulations from CAM-Chem Using Satellite Observations
Includes: Correa, S.M.[Sergio Machado] Corrêa, S.M.[Sergio Machado]

Correa, S.R.[Salvador Ruiz] Co Author Listing * Automated Insect Identification through Concatenated Histograms of Local Appearance Features
* Automated insect identification through concatenated histograms of local appearance features: feature vector generation and region detection for deformable objects

Correas, J.M. Co Author Listing * Milestones on the road to higher resolution, quantitative, and functional ultrasonic imaging
* Spatiotemporal Clutter Filtering of Ultrafast Ultrasound Data Highly Increases Doppler and fUltrasound Sensitivity

Corredera, J.R.C.[Jose Ramon Casar] Co Author Listing * Model-based stereo-visual tracking: Covariance analysis and tracking schemes
Includes: Corredera, J.R.C.[Jose Ramon Casar] Corredera, J.R.C.[Jose-Ramón Casar]

Corredor Acosta, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Phytoplankton Size Structure in Association with Mesoscale Eddies off Central-Southern Chile: The Satellite Application of a Phytoplankton Size-Class Model
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Chlorophyll-A and Environmental Variables in the Panama Bight
Includes: Corredor Acosta, A.[Andrea] Corredor-Acosta, A.[Andrea]

Corredor, G.[German] Co Author Listing * Flexible Architecture for Streaming and Visualization of Large Virtual Microscopy Images
* Learning histopathological regions of interest by fusing bottom-up and top-down information
* Measuring dense false positive regions from segmentation result for whole slide tissue histology image
Includes: Corredor, G.[German] Corredor, G.[Germán]

Corregidor, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * FVV Live: A Real-Time Free-Viewpoint Video System With Consumer Electronics Hardware

Correia Gracio, B.J. Co Author Listing * Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators

Correia Silva, J.R.[Jacson Rodrigues] Co Author Listing * Copycat CNN: Are random non-Labeled data enough to steal knowledge from black-box models?
Includes: Correia Silva, J.R.[Jacson Rodrigues] Correia-Silva, J.R.[Jacson Rodrigues]

Correia, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * O.G.R.E.: Open Gestures Recognition Engine, a Platform for Gesture-Based Communication and Interaction
* Supervised Learning for Fake News Detection
Includes: Correia, A.[Andre] Correia, A.[André] Correia, A.

Correia, A.F.[Arlindo Fabricio] Co Author Listing * Classification of Areas Suitable for Fish Farming Using Geotechnology and Multi-Criteria Analysis
Includes: Correia, A.F.[Arlindo Fabricio] Corrêia, A.F.[Arlindo Fabrício]

Correia, A.H.[Antonio H.] Co Author Listing * Classifying Multifrequency Fully Polarimetric Imagery With Multiple Sources of Statistical Evidence and Contextual Information
* Land Use and Land Cover Mapping in the Brazilian Amazon Using Polarimetric Airborne P-Band SAR Data
Includes: Correia, A.H.[Antonio H.] Correia, A.H.

Correia, A.J.L. Co Author Listing * Oblique random forest based on partial least squares applied to pedestrian detection

Correia, A.L.[Alexandre L.] Co Author Listing * On the Sensitivity of a Ground-Based Tropospheric Lidar to Aitken Mode Particles in the Upper Troposphere

Correia, B.A.B.[Bento A. Brazio] Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Quality Control System for Industrial Acrylic Fibre Production, A
* VIP3D: An Application of Image Processing Technology for Quality Control in the Food Industry
Includes: Correia, B.A.B.[Bento A. Brazio] Correia, B.A.B.[Bento A. Brázio]

Correia, B.E.[Bruno E.] Co Author Listing * Fast end-to-end learning on protein surfaces

Correia, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Efficiency of Foliar Kaolin Spray Assessed through UAV-Based Thermal Infrared Imagery, The
* Fast iterative tomographic wavefront estimation with recursive Toeplitz reconstructor structure for large-scale systems

Correia, G.H.A. Co Author Listing * Comparing Optimal Relocation Operations With Simulated Relocation Policies in One-Way Carsharing Systems
* Exact Formulation and Comparison Between the User Optimum and System Optimum Solution for Routing Privately Owned Automated Vehicles

Correia, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Saliency-Based Obstacle Detection and Ground-Plane Estimation for Off-Road Vehicles
Includes: Correia, L.[Luis] Correia, L.[Luís]

Correia, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * DALM-SVD: Accelerated sparse coding through singular value decomposition of the dictionary
* Ultrafast 3D Ultrasound Localization Microscopy Using a 32X32 Matrix Array
Includes: Correia, M.[Miguel] Correia, M.

Correia, M.V.[Miguel V.] Co Author Listing * Cellular Neural Networks for Motion Estimation
* Compressive Sensing Based Face Detection without Explicit Image Reconstruction Using Support Vector Machines
* Enhancing dynamic videos for surveillance and robotic applications: The robust bilateral and temporal filter
* Face Detection Based on Skin Color in Video Images with Dynamic Background
* Introduction to the Evaluation of Perception Algorithms and LiDAR Point Clouds Using a Copula-Based Outlier Detector, An
* Optical Flow Techniques Applied to the Calibration of Visual Perception Experiments
* Parallel Computation of Optical Flow
* Pipelined Real-Time Optical Flow Algorithm, A
* Real-time implementation of an optical flow algorithm
* Unsupervised flow-based motion analysis for an autonomous moving system
Includes: Correia, M.V.[Miguel V.] Correia, M.V.[Miguel Velhote] Correia, M.V.
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Correia, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition by Sparse Reconstruction with Robust Features
* Flood Emergency Interaction and Visualization System
* Playing games as a way to improve automatic image annotation
* Summarised Presentation of Personal Photo Sets

Correia, P. Co Author Listing * Description schemes for video programs, users and devices
* Enhancement method for multiple description decoding of depth maps subject to random loss
* Low-Cost Deep Learning System to Characterize Asphalt Surface Deterioration, A
* Rate control for unbalanced multiple description video streaming
* Video Object Generation Tool Allowing Friendly User Interaction, A
Includes: Correia, P. Correia, P.[Paulo] Correia, P.[Pedro]

Correia, P.D.F.[Pedro D.F.] Co Author Listing * Drift-free multiple description intra video coding
* Multiple Description of Coded Video for Path Diversity Streaming Adaptation

Correia, P.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Road Crack Detection and Characterization
* BIOSIG 2021 Special issue on efficient, reliable, and privacy-friendly biometrics
* CapsField: Light Field-Based Face and Expression Recognition in the Wild Using Capsule Routing
* Classification of video segmentation application scenarios
* CrackIT: An image processing toolbox for crack detection and characterization
* Distributed source coding for securing a hand-based biometric recognition system
* Double-Deep Spatio-Angular Learning Framework for Light Field-Based Face Recognition, A
* Ear recognition in a light field imaging framework: a new perspective
* Editorial: Keeping identity in times of change
* Editorial: Technologies for interactive multimedia services
* Estimating Norway lobster abundance from deep-water videos: An automatic approach
* Face recognition under spoofing attacks: countermeasures and research directions
* Face recognition: a novel multi-level taxonomy based survey
* Face spoofing detection using a light field imaging framework
* Gait recognition in the wild using shadow silhouettes
* Guest Editorial: BIOSIG 2020 special issue on trustworthiness of person authentication
* Hand-based multimodal identification system with secure biometric template storage
* Hierarchical Visual description Schemes for Still Images and Video Sequences
* IET-BMT special issue on the 'Integration of Biometrics and Forensics'
* Light field denoising: exploiting the redundancy of an epipolar sequence representation
* Light field local binary patterns description for face recognition
* Multi-Perspective LSTM for Joint Visual Representation Learning
* Objective Evaluation of Relative Segmentation Quality
* Objective evaluation of video segmentation quality
* On soft biometrics
* Proposal for an integrated video analysis framework
* Role of Analysis in Content Based Video Coding and Indexing, The
* Seabream Freshness Classification Using Vision Transformers
* Spatial prediction based on self-similarity compensation for 3D holoscopic image and video coding
* Special issue on 'Soft Biometrics'
* Stand-Alone Objective Segmentation Quality Evaluation
* Using a Skeleton Gait Energy Image for Pathological Gait Classification
* View-invariant gait recognition system using a gait energy image decomposition method
Includes: Correia, P.L. Correia, P.L.[Paulo Lobato] Correia, P.L.[Paulo L.]
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Correia, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Inshape: In-situ Shape-based Interactive Multiple-view Exploration of Diffusion MRI Visualizations

Correia, S.E.N. Co Author Listing * On the performance of wavelets for handwritten numerals recognition

Correll, N.[Nikolaus] Co Author Listing * Trinocular visual odometry for divergent views with minimal overlap

Correndo, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Computer Vision for the Detection of Multi-scale Crowd Physical Motions and Behavior in Confined Spaces

Corretjer, I. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision on FPGAs: Design Methodology and its Application to Gesture Recognition

Corridoni, J.M. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Classification Using Multiobject Kohonen Networks
* Automatic video segmentation through editing analysis
* Film editing reconstruction and semantic analysis
* Structured Digital Video Indexing
* Structured representation and automatic indexing of movie information content

Corridori, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Online Deep Learning Based System for Defects Detection in Glass Panels, An

Corrigan, D.[David] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition Based on Volumetric Representation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Algorithms for the Digital Restoration of Torn Films
* Automated registration of low and high resolution atomic force microscopy images using scale invariant features
* Automated Segmentation of Torn Frames using the Graph Cuts Technique
* Automated treatment of film tear in degraded archived media
* Diagnosis and treatment of film tear in degraded archived media
* Double-Tip Artifact Removal From Atomic Force Microscopy Images
* Pathological Motion Detection for Robust Missing Data Treatment in Degraded Archived Media
Includes: Corrigan, D.[David] Corrigan, D.
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Corrigan, O.[Owen] Co Author Listing * Fashion Police: Towards Semantic Indexing of Clothing Information in Surveillance Data

Corring, J. Co Author Listing * Grassmannian Graph Approach to Affine Invariant Feature Matching, A
* Image stack surface area minimization for groupwise and multimodal affine registration
* Layer Separation via a Spatial-Attention GAN
* Resonant Deformable Matching: Simultaneous Registration and Reconstruction
* Shape from Phase: An Integrated Level Set and Probability Density Shape Representation
Includes: Corring, J. Corring, J.[John]

Corripio, J.R.[J. Rosales] Co Author Listing * Smartphone image acquisition forensics using sensor fingerprint

Corriveau, D.[David] Co Author Listing * email: Corriveau, D.[David]: David Corriveau AT USherbrooke ca
* Computing Homology: A Global Reduction Approach
* Discrete Dynamical System Framework for Construction of Connections between Critical Regions in Lattice Height Data
* Morse homology descriptor for shape characterization
* Topological analysis of shapes using Morse theory
Includes: Corriveau, D.[David] Corriveau, D.

Corriveau, P. Co Author Listing * Human Perception of Mismatched Stereoscopic 3D Inputs
* Objective Consumer Device Photo Quality Evaluation
* Subtle consumer-photo quality evaluation

Corro, L.[Lucila] Co Author Listing * Factors Influencing Movement of the Manila Dunes and Its Impact on Establishing Non-Native Species

Corroto, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Morphometric Prioritization, Fluvial Classification, and Hydrogeomorphological Quality in High Andean Livestock Micro-Watersheds in Northern Peru

Corroto, J.J.[Juan Jose] Co Author Listing * Weapon Detection for Particular Scenarios Using Deep Learning

Corruble, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * comparison of decision tree classifiers with backpropagation neural networks for multimodal classification problems, A

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