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9106 * *Image Understanding for Aerospace Applications
* Adaptive Smoothing: A General Tool for Early Vision
* Asymptotic Bayesian Surface Estimation Using an Image Sequence
* Calculating Dempster-Shafer Plausibility
* Character and Handwriting Recognition: Expanding Frontiers
* Computing Optical Flow across Multiple Scales: An Adaptive Coarse-to-Fine Strategy
* Confirmed boundary pattern matching II
* Digital HDTV Compression Using Parallel Motion-Compensated Transform Coders
* Dynamic World Modeling Using Vertical Line Stereo
* Efficiently Computing and Representing Aspect Graphs of Polyhedral Objects
* Emulating the Human Interpretation of Line-Drawings as Three-Dimensional Objects
* Estimating the Kinematics and Structure of a Rigid Object from a Sequence of Monocular Images
* generalized series approach to MR spectroscopic imaging, A
* Hierarchical Representation, Matching and Search for Some Computer Vision Problems
* Image processing technique
* Image rotating device
* Image Segmentation and Matching Using the Binary Object Forest
* Learning Structures of Visual Patterns from Single Instances
* Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction
* Method and apparatus for scanning and recording of coordinates describing three dimensional objects of complex and unique geometry
* Morphological Representation of Discrete and Binary Images
* Motion Estimation under Orthographic Projection
* Obstacle Detection by Evaluation of Optical Flow Fields from Image Sequences
* On Navigating Between Friends and Foes
* Pose Determination from Line-to-Plane Correspondences: Existence Condition and Closed-Form Solutions
* Quantification and Abstraction: Low Level Tokens for Object Extraction
* Region-Based Feature Interpretation for Recognizing 3-D Models in 2-D Images
* Robust classifiers by mixed adaptation
* Spatial/Spatial-Frequency Representations for Image Segmentation and Grouping
* Stereovision and Motion for Advanced Space Robotics
* System for scanning documents without loss of image data
* Theoretical Aspects of Gray-Level Morphology
* Theory, Implementation, and Practice of Evidential Reasoning, The
* Uniqueness in Shape from Shading
* Watersheds in Digital Spaces: An Efficient Algorithm Based on Immersion Simulations
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