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SMILE00 * *3D Structure from Multiple Images of Large-Scale Environments
* Augmented Reality Using Uncalibrated Video Sequences
* Compact Model for Viewpoint Dependent Texture Synthesis, A
* Eyes from Eyes
* Frame Decimation for Structure and Motion
* Geometry and Texture from Thousands of Images
* On Computing Metric Upgrades of Projective Reconstructions Under the Rectangular Pixel Assumption
* Panel Session on Computations and Algorithms
* Panel Session on Extended Environments
* Panel Session on Visual Scene Representation
* Progressive Scheme for Stereo Matching, A
* Pursuing Reality with Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting
* Rendering with Non-uniform Approximate Concentric Mosaics
* Sequential Localisation and Map-Building in Computer Vision and Robotics
* Stabilizing Image Mosaicing by Model Selection
* VideoPlus: A Method for Capturing the Structure and Appearance of Immersive Environments
* Volumetric Warping for Voxel Coloring on an Infinite Domain
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SMILE98 * *3D Structure from Multiple Images of Large-Scale Environments
* Applying Augmented Reality Techniques in the Field of Interactive Collaborative Design
* Automatic 3D Model Construction for Turn-Table Sequences
* Beyond the Epipolar Constraint: Integrating 3D Motion and Structure Estimation
* CUMULI, PANORAMA, and VANGUARD Project Overview
* Dualizing Scene Reconstruction Algorithms
* Euclidean and Affine Structure/Motion for Uncalibrated Cameras from Affine Shape and Subsidiary Information
* Fitting Geometrical Deformable Models to Registered Range Images
* From Ordinal to Euclidean Reconstruction with Partial Scene Calibration
* Geometrically Constrained Structure from Motion: Points on Planes
* Geometry of Multiple Affine Views
* Guided Tour Through Multiview Relations, A
* Imposing Euclidean Constraints During Self-Calibration Processes
* Improving Block-Based Disparity Estimation by Considering the Non-uniform Distribution of the Estimation Error
* Integration of Multiple Range Maps through Consistency Processing
* Interactive 3D Modeling from Multiple Images Using Scene Regularities
* Matching and Reconstruction from Widely Separated Views
* Metric 3D Surface Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Image Sequences
* Multi-Camera Acquisitions for High-Accuracy 3D Reconstruction
* Optimal Estimation of Matching Constraints
* Tensor Embedding of the Fundamental Matrix
* Use of Reality Models in Augmented Reality Applications, The
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