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SmartCity18 * *International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities

SmartCity19 * *International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities
* Cybersecurity Strategy for Smart City Implementation
* Integrated Management and Visualization of Static and Dynamic Properties of Semantic 3d City Models
* Maximization of The 4th Dimension of The Building Site, The

SmartCity20 * *International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities
* Air Quality Monitoring and Data Management In Germany: Status Quo And Suggestions for Improvement
* Mobile Laser Scanning In Highly Urbanized Area: A Case Study In Sofia
* More Traffic Means More Accidents? the Case of French Nice Highway
* On the Challenge of Service Recommendation to Mobile Users In Smart Cities: Context and Architecture
* On the Challenges of Mobility Prediction In Smart Cities
* Transparency and Accountability In Urban Public Procurement: Design of a Self-Sovereign Blockchain App
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SmartCityApp20 * *ISPRS International Conference on Smart City Applications
* 3D City Modelling Toward Conservation and Management. The Digital Documentation of Museu Do Ipiranga - USP, San Paulo, Brazil
* 3d Geometric Extraction Using Segmentation for Asset Management
* 3d High-efficiency and High-precision Model-driven Modelling for Power Transmission Tower
* 5G: Architecture Overview and Deployments Scenarios
* Activity Recognition for Ambient Sensing Data and Rule Based Anomaly Detection
* Application of Exploratory Spatial Techniques In the Identification Of Tourism Hotspots In the Aegean Region of Turkey
* Building Detection From Sar Images Using Unet Deep Learning Method
* Collaborative Tutoring: A Multi-tutor Approach
* Conceptual Model of 3d Asset Management Based on Myspata to Support Smart City Application In Malaysia
* Concrete Recycling: Social and Environmental Technical Gain for Smart Cities
* Decisional Tree Models for Land Cover Mapping and Change Detection Based on Phenological Behaviors. Application Case: Localization Of Non-fully-exploited Agricultural Surfaces In the Eastern Part of The Haouz Plain In the Semi-arid Central Morocco
* Deep Learning Based Mask Detection In Smart Home Entries During The Epidemic Process
* Deep Learning-based Reconstruction of Spatiotemporally Fused Satellite Images for Smart Agriculture Applications In A Heterogeneous Agricultural Region
* Design Students Viewpoint on BIM: A Preliminary Assessment of The Indicators
* Determining Smart Intersections for Smart City Applications Using Multi-criteria Decision-making Techniques
* Developing A Mobile Application for Smart Real Estate Information
* Digital Models and 3d Visualization In Archaeological Contexts. The Survey of the Tombs of the Kings In the City of Verghina In Macedonia
* Efficient Approach to Manage Domestic Wastewater In Smart City, An
* Exploitation of the Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant By Activated Sludge In the Airport Area of the City Ben Slimane (Morocco)
* Exploratory Study of 3d Point Cloud Triangulation for Smart City Modelling and Visualization
* Fifth International Conference on Smart City Applications: Preface, The
* Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Distribution with Route Restriction Constraint Due to Traffic Jams
* Geo-tagged Image Retrieval From Mapillary Street Images for A Target Building
* Human Activity Recognition Based on Smartphone Sensor Data Using CNN
* Integration of BIM and GIS In Construction Project: A Data Consistency Review, The
* Internet of Things for Smart Healthcare: A Review on A Potential Iot Based System and Technologies to Control Covid-19 Pandemic
* Land Surveying Studies In Building Control System for Smart Cities
* Last Mile Logistics In the Framework of Smart Cities: A Typology Of City Logistics Schemes
* Leveraging Maturity Assessment to Choose the Right Applications For Smart Cities: Turkey's Approach
* LIDAR Derived 3D City Modelling
* Machine Learning and IOT for Smart Grid
* Measuring the Spatial Readiness of Ambulance Facilities for Natural Disasters Using GIS Networks Analysis
* Method for Extracting Substation Equipment Based on UAV Laser Scanning Point Clouds, A
* Mobile Serious Game easy Html: Scenarios and Perspectives, The
* Mobile-web-base Volunteered Geographic Information Application And Geometric Accuracy Analysis for Traffic Accidents
* Multi-layer WS2 and MOS2 Based Plasmonic Solar Cell for Smart Energy Harvesting
* National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan: the Turkey's Smart Cities Approach
* Network Analysis of the Stack Overflow Tags
* Novel Greedy Genetic Algorithm to Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problem, A
* Open Source Mail Server Migration Experience: Iredmail, An
* Post-earthquake 3D Building Model (LOD2) Generation from UAS Imagery: The Case of Vrisa Traditional Settlement, Lesvos, Greece
* Prediction of Pollutant Concentrations By Meteorological Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms
* Preprocessing Arabic Dialect for Sentiment Mining: State of Art
* Review on Indoor Localization with Internet of Things, A
* Security Study of Routing Attacks In Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (Vanets)
* Security Threats In Smart Healthcare
* Seq2seq Vs Sketch Filling Structure for Natural Language to SQL Translation
* Smart Integration of Evaluation Activities In the Framework of Physical Optics Mooc (MOOC UCA-002) of the MUN Platform
* Smart Pandemic Management Through A Smart, Resilient and Flexible Decision-making System
* Specification of Logistic Chain Sustainability: Environmental, Social And Economic Issues
* Structural Similarity Measure of Users Profiles Based on A Weighted Bipartite Graphs
* Study of Smart Campus Environment and Its Security Attacks, A
* Study of the Purification Performance of the Natural Lagunating Technique of the Purification Station of the City of Outat El Haj - Morocco
* System Dynamics Approach for Evaluating Existing and Future Water Allocation Planning Among Conflicting Users
* Territorial Competitiveness and Smart City: Benchmarking Analysis Of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Cairo, and Rabat
* Toward Flexible Data Collection of Driving Behaviour
* Towards Green Smart Cities: Importance of Urban Forestry and Urban Vegetation
* Tree Inventory Registration System
* Understanding of Smart Cities, Digital Cities and Intelligent Cities: Similarities and Differences
* Using GIS-based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Techniques in the Smart Cities
* Using the Total Exploratory Factor Analysis (T-EFA) as a Calibration Technique for Sleuth Model
* Using Transfer Learning for Malware Classification
* Visualising Urban Air Quality Using Aermod, Calpuff and Cfd Models: A Critical Review
* Which Way Is Yildiz Amfi? Augmented Reality Vs. Paper Map On Pedestrian Wayfinding
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SmartGeoApps19 * *ISPRS Workshop on Advanced Geospatial Applications for Smart Cities and Regions
* Application Research of Lod Technology and The Shortest Path Algorithm In Trafic Geographic Information System
* Exploring The Relationship Between Travel Pattern And Social-demographics Using Smart Card Data and Household Survey
* GeoBIM Benchmark 2019: Design and Initial Results
* GIS Based Solar Power Plants Site Selection Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in Istanbul, Turkey
* Hierarchical Data Model for Storage and Indexing of Massive Street View
* Indoor Positioning Using Convolution Neural Network to Regress Camera Pose
* Investigation of Sustainable Urban Development Direction Using Geographic Information Systems (case Study: Zanjan City)
* Local Maximum Density Approach for Small-scale Clustering of Urban Taxi Stops
* Preface - Isprs Workshop On Advanced Geospatial Applications For Smart Cities And Regions (smartgeoapps 2019)
* Ranking Nodes in Complex Networks: a Case Study of The Gaubus
* Roles of Urban Buildings and Vegetation in Adjusting Seasonal And Daily Air Temperature, The
* Semantic Validation of Social Media Geographic Information: A Case Study On Instagram Data for Expo Milano 2015
* Spatio-temporal Modelling and The New Urban Agenda in Post-apartheid South Africa
* Spatiotemporal Change of Urban Agriculture Using Google Earth Imagery: A Case of Municipality of Nakhonratchasima City, Thailand
* Unbroken Digital Data Flow in The Built Environment Process - a Case Study in Sweden
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