24.6 CMU MAPS Image Database System

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Remote Sensing. MAPS/SPAM. Cartography. Application, Cartography. System: MAPS/SPAM.

McKeown, D.M.,
Knowledge-Based Aerial Photo Interpretation,
Photogrammetria(39), 1984, pp. 91-123. Cartography. The published version of the maps work. Lots of nice pictures, and a discussion of the system and its uses. BibRef 8400

McKeown, D.M., Harvey, W.A., and McDermott, J.,
Rule Based Interpretation of Aerial Imagery,
PAMI(7), No. 5, September 1985, pp. 570-585. Reprinted: RCV(415-430). Cartography. Recognize Aerial Images. The paper that describes SPAM (which is built upon MAPS) which uses 300+ OPS5 rules for image interpretation. Good. BibRef 8509

McKeown, Jr., D.M.,
Building Knowledge-Based Systems for Detecting Man-Made Structures from Remotely Sensed Imagery,
Royal(A-324), 1988, pp. 423-435. BibRef 8800

McKeown, Jr., D.M.[David M.], Harvey, W.A.[Wilson A.], Wixson, L.E.[Lambert E.],
Automating Knowledge Acquisition for Aerial Image Interpretation,
CVGIP(46), No. 1, April 1989, pp. 37-81.
Elsevier DOI BibRef 8904
Earlier: A1, A2 only: DARPA87(205-226), BibRef
And: CMU-CS-TR-87-102, 1987. CMU CS Dept. This provides the wrapper around spam - get the knowledge faster, and analyze the results that come out. Knowledge is derived from schema and compiled directly into ops5 rules. The testing was to derive a new set of schema for housing tracts in addition to the older airport descriptions. BibRef

Roux, M.[Michel], Hsieh, Y.C.[Yuan C.], McKeown, D.M.[David M.],
Performance Analysis of Object Space Matching for Building Extraction Using Several Images,
SPIE(2486), Integrating Photogrammetric Techniques with Scene Analysis and Machine Vision, April 1995, pp. 277-297. BibRef 9504

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Automating the Construction of Large Scale Virtual Worlds,
ARPA94(II:931-946). BibRef 9400
And: A3, A1, A2: CMU-CS-TR-94-199, October 1994. BibRef

Harvey, W.A., Diamond, M., and McKeown, D.M.,
Tools for Acquiring Spatial and Functional Knowledge in Aerial Image Analysis,
DARPA92(857-873). BibRef 9200

McKeown, D.M.,
The Role of AI in the Integration of Remotely Sensed Data with Geographic Information Systems,
CMU-CS-TR-86-174, 1986, CMU CS Dept., also presented at IAPR Workshop on Analytical Methods in Remote Sensing for Geographical Information Systems, Paris, October 23-24, 1986. More of a general overview talk that combines a lot of the other papers. BibRef 8610

McKeown, D.M.[David M.],
MAPS: The Organization of a Spatial Database System Using Imagery, Terrain, and Map Data,
DARPA83(105-127). The most recent paper on MAPS. describes points in terms of the coordinate system, and maps, and symbolic names. BibRef 8300

McKeown, D.M., and Denlinger, J.L.[Jerry L.],
Map-Guided Feature Extraction from Aerial Imagery,
DARPA84(247-256). BibRef 8400
And: CVWS84(205-213). More on the use of MAPS. Extraction of defined regions from airport images. Buildings, runways etc defined as regions of a certain type. BibRef

McKeown, D.M., and Pane, J.F.[John F.],
Alignment and Connection of Fragmented Linear Features in Aerial Imagery,
CVPR85(55-61). Fourier Descriptors. (CMU) Select sets of regions and connect into one linear feature (curved or straight). This uses the Fourier approximation of the shape to "smooth it" then computes a medial axis transform for alignment. BibRef 8500

Harvey, W.A., Kalp, D., Tambe, M., McKeown, D.M., and Newell, A.,
The Effectiveness of Task-Level Parallelism for High-Level Vision,
PDC(13), No. 4, 1991, pp. 395-411. BibRef 9100
Earlier: SIGPlan(25), No. 3, March 1990, pp. 156-167. BibRef
Measuring the Effectiveness of Task-Level Parallelism for High-Level Vision,
DARPA89(916-933). Analysis of the use of parallelism in SPAM. BibRef

McKeown, D.M., and Kanade, T.,
Database Support for Automated Photo-Interpretation,
DARPA81(7-13). BibRef 8100

McKeown, D.M.,
Representation for Image Databases,
DARPAN79(109-111). BibRef 7900

Chapter on Cartography, Aerial Images, Buildings, Roads, Terrain, Forests, Trees, ATR continues in
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