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Varsa, V. Co Author Listing * error concealment feature in the h.26l test model, The

Varsaki, E.E.[Eleni E.] Co Author Listing * Data hiding based on image texture classification

Varsavsky, T. Co Author Listing * k-Space Model of Movement Artefacts: Application to Segmentation Augmentation and Artefact Removal, A

Varsha, H.S. Co Author Listing * new moments based skew estimation technique using pixels in the word for binary document images, A

Varsha, N.K. Co Author Listing * Classification of color objects like fruits using probability density function (PDF)

Varshney, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Depth Estimation on 360 Images with a Double Quaternion Loss
* Deep-learning-assisted visualization for live-cell images
* Interactive exploration of microstructural features in gigapixel microscopy images
* Kinetic depth images: flexible generation of depth perception
* Modeling and Visualization of Human Activities for Multicamera Networks
* PRIF: Primary Ray-Based Implicit Function
* Saliency-Guided Lighting
* Semi-Supervised Action Recognition with Temporal Contrastive Learning
* SIGNET: Efficient Neural Representation for Light Fields
* Volume segmentation using convolutional neural networks with limited training data
Includes: Varshney, A. Varshney, A.[Amitabh] Varshney, A.[Ashutosh]
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Varshney, A.K. Co Author Listing * Short-term Water Demand Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks: Iit Kanpur Experience

Varshney, D.[Debvrat] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning on Airborne Radar Echograms for Tracing Snow Accumulation Layers of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Varshney, H. Co Author Listing * Energy efficient novel architectures for the lifting-based discrete wavelet transform

Varshney, K. Co Author Listing * Sparsity-Driven Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Reconstruction, autofocusing, moving targets, and compressed sensing

Varshney, K.R. Co Author Listing * Postarthroplasty Examination Using X-Ray Images

Varshney, L.R.[Lav R.] Co Author Listing * Explaining Artificial Intelligence Generation and Creativity: Human interpretability for novel ideas and artifacts

Varshney, M. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Initialization based Deep Neural Network Training
* Learning Speaker-specific Lip-to-Speech Generation
* Minimizing Supervision in Multi-label Categorization
Includes: Varshney, M. Varshney, M.[Munender]

Varshney, P.[Pramod] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Algorithm Based Approach for Dynamic Thresholding in Multimodal Biometrics, An

Varshney, P.K. Co Author Listing * adaptive multimodal biometric management algorithm, An
* Asymptotic Analysis of Distributed Bayesian Detection with Byzantine Data
* Asymptotic Performance of Categorical Decision Making with Random Thresholds
* Automatic camera selection and fusion for outdoor surveillance under changing weather conditions
* Automatic two-stage IR and MMW image registration algorithm for concealed weapons detection
* Autonomous Fall Detection With Wearable Cameras by Using Relative Entropy Distance Measure
* Compressive Sensing Based Classification in the Presence of Intra-and Inter-Signal Correlation
* Copula Based Classifier Fusion Under Statistical Dependence
* Decentralized Signal-Detection with Fuzzy Information
* Detection and tracking of moving objects in image sequences with varying illumination
* Detection of Sparse Signals in Sensor Networks via Locally Most Powerful Tests
* Dimensionality Reduction for Registration of High-Dimensional Data Sets
* Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Images for Color Display using Segmented Independent Component Analysis
* Distributed Detection of Sparse Signals With Censoring Sensors Via Locally Most Powerful Test
* Distributed Detection of Sparse Stochastic Signals via Fusion of 1-bit Local Likelihood Ratios
* Distributed Detection of Weak Signals From One-Bit Measurements Under Observation Model Uncertainties
* Distributed Detection Over Channels with Memory
* Efficient Ordered-Transmission Based Distributed Detection Under Data Falsification Attacks
* Energy-Aware Sensor Selection in Field Reconstruction
* FusionNet: An Unsupervised Convolutional Variational Network for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion
* human visual system-driven image segmentation algorithm, A
* ICA mixture model based unsupervised classification of hyperspectral imagery
* image change detection algorithm based on markov random field models, An
* Image Fusion Approach Based on Markov Random Fields, An
* Image Processing Tools for the Enhancement of Concealed Weapon Detection
* Image Thresholding Based on Ali-Silvey Distance Measures
* Improving Subpixel Classification by Incorporating Prior Information in Linear Mixture Models
* Joint Collaboration and Compression Design for Random Signal Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Modulation Discovery Over Arbitrary Additive Noise Channels Based on the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm
* Multisensor Data Fusion
* Multisensor surveillance systems based on image and video data
* Multisensor Surveillance Systems: The Fusion Perspective
* Multisource Classification Using Support Vector Machines: An Empirical Comparison with Decision Tree and Neural Network Classifiers
* Mutual Information-Based CT-MR Brain Image Registration Using Generalized Partial Volume Joint Histogram Estimation
* Noise-refined image enhancement using multi-objective optimisation
* novel error correction method without overhead for corrupted JPEG images, A
* On performance limits of image segmentation algorithms
* On registration of regions of interest (ROI) in video sequences
* On Strategic Multi-Antenna Jamming in Centralized Detection Networks
* On the Optimality of Likelihood Ratio Test for Prospect Theory-Based Binary Hypothesis Testing
* On Weak Signal Detection With Compressive Measurements
* Optimal Auction Design With Quantized Bids
* Performance of mutual information similarity measure for registration of multitemporal remote sensing images
* Quality-Based Fusion of Multiple Video Sensors for Video Surveillance
* Received-Signal-Strength-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Recovery of Corrupted DCT Coded Images Based on Reference Information
* Registration and fusion of infrared and millimeter wave images for concealed weapon detection
* Registration of high-dimensional remote sensing data based on a new dimensionality reduction rule
* Robustness of Change Detection Algorithms in the Presence of Registration Errors
* Robustness of the Counting Rule for Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Sparsity-Promoting Extended Kalman Filtering for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Special Issue on Data Fusion
* tight upper bound on the Bayesian probability of error, A
* Universal Collaboration Strategies for Signal Detection: A Sparse Learning Approach
Includes: Varshney, P.K. Varshney, P.K.[Pramod K.]
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Varshney, R.[Rajeev] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Changes in the Cultivation of Pigeonpea and Groundnut in Malawi Using Time Series Satellite Imagery for Sustainable Food Systems

Varshney, S. Co Author Listing * AdvGAN++: Harnessing Latent Layers for Adversary Generation
* Continual Learning with Dependency Preserving Hypernetworks
Includes: Varshney, S. Varshney, S.[Sakshi]

Varshosaz, M. Co Author Listing * Applying CCD Cameras in Stereo Panorama Systems for 3D Environment Reconstruction
* Deformation Determination of Aircraft Parts by Photogrammetry
* Development of a novel simplification mask for multi-shot optical scanners
* Evaluating Parameters Affecting The Georeferencing Accuracy Of Terrestrial Laser Scanners
* Evaluating Sector Ring Histogram of Oriented Gradients Filter In Locating Humans Within UAV Images
* Evaluating Tie Points Distribution, Multiplicity and Number on The Accuracy of UAV Photogrammetry Blocks
* Image-Based Obstacle Detection Methods for the Safe Navigation of Unmanned Vehicles: A Review
* Improving traffic sign recognition results in urban areas by overcoming the impact of scale and rotation
* Optimum selection of images in industrial photogrammetry using fuzzy computation
* Photometric Stereo Assisted Drawing of Architectural Reliefs
* Spoofing Detection of Civilian UAVs Using Visual Odometry
* Using Information Content to Select Keypoints for UAV Image Matching
Includes: Varshosaz, M. Varshosaz, M.[Masood]
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Varsi, A. Co Author Listing * Fast Parallel Particle Filter for Shared Memory Systems, A

Varslot, T. Co Author Listing * Fast Bilateral Filtering for Denoising Large 3D Images

Varsta, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * email: Varsta, M.[Markus]: varsta AT lut fi
* Evaluating the Performance of Three Feature Sets for Brain-computer Interfaces with an Early Stopping MLP Committee
* Surface Modeling and Robot Path Generation Using Self-Organization
Includes: Varsta, M.[Markus] Varsta, M.

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