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Ueda, A. Co Author Listing * Self-position Estimation of Autonomous Mobile Robot with Size-variable Image Template

Ueda, C. Co Author Listing * Image Lightness Conversion and Sharpening Taking Account of Visual Features of Elderly Person

Ueda, D.[Daisuke] Co Author Listing * Primitive Human Action Recognition Based on Partitioned Silhouette Block Matching

Ueda, E. Co Author Listing * Virtual clay modeling system using multi-viewpoint images

Ueda, E.K.[Edson Kenji] Co Author Listing * Propagation-based marching cubes algorithm using open boundary loop

Ueda, H.[Hirotada] Co Author Listing * Associated image retrieving apparatus and method
* Camera work detecting method
* Intruding object monitoring method and intruding object monitoring system
* Method and apparatus for automatically detecting intrusion object into view of image pickup device
* Method and system monitoring video image by updating template image
* Method for detecting change points in motion picture images
* Method for tracking entering object and apparatus for tracking and monitoring entering object
* Method of distinguishing a moving object and apparatus of tracking and monitoring a moving object
* Moving picture processing method and apparatus, and computer program product having processing procedure recorded therefore
* Video retrieval method and apparatus
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Ueda, I.[Itsuki] Co Author Listing * Neural Density-Distance Fields

Ueda, K.[Katsuhiko] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Filled-In Items from Bank-Check Images
* Automatic Verification of Seal-Impression Pattern
* Automatic Verification System for Seal Imprints on Japanese Bankchecks
* Combining the gabor and histogram features for classifying diffuse lung opacities in thin-section computed tomography
* Development of an Invisible Human Experience System Using Diminished Reality
* Discrimination of the road condition toward understanding of vehicle driving environments
* Investigation of off-line Japanese signature verification using a pattern matching
* Motion vector detecting apparatus for detecting motion of image to prevent disturbance thereof
* Motion vector detector circuit
* Multi-expert Seal Imprint Verification System for Bankcheck Processing
Includes: Ueda, K.[Katsuhiko] Ueda, K. Ueda, K.[Kimi] Ueda, K.[Kazuhiko]
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Ueda, M. Co Author Listing * Backprojection by upsampled Fourier series expansion and interpolated FFT
* Frame Rate Stabilization by Variable Resolution Shape Reconstruction for On-Line Free-Viewpoint Video Generation
* Measurement of Angular Motion in Golf Swing by a Local Sensor at the Grip End of a Golf Club
* MR Simulation for Re-wallpapering a Room in a Free-Hand Movie
* Subjective Difficulty Estimation of Educational Comics Using Gaze Features
Includes: Ueda, M. Ueda, M.[Megumu] Ueda, M.[Masashi] Ueda, M.[Mayumi]

Ueda, N.[Naonori] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Earthquake-Induced Building Damage Detection based on Pre- and Post-Event Orthophoto Images
* Automated Building Detection from Airborne LiDAR and Very High-Resolution Aerial Imagery with Deep Neural Network
* Automatic Shape Model Acquisition Using Multiscale Segment Matching
* BDD-Net: An End-to-End Multiscale Residual CNN for Earthquake-Induced Building Damage Detection
* Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Mapping the Stand Characteristics of Temperate Forests Using Multi-Spectral Sentinel-2 Data
* Deep Neural Network Utilizing Remote Sensing Datasets for Flood Hazard Susceptibility Mapping in Brisbane, Australia
* Exploitation of unlabeled sequences in hidden Markov models
* Forest Fire Susceptibility Prediction Based on Machine Learning Models with Resampling Algorithms on Remote Sensing Data
* Land Cover Classification from fused DSM and UAV Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: Machine and Ensemble Learning Based on Remote Sensing Big Data
* Large-Scale Multiclass Support Vector Machine Training via Euclidean Projection onto the Simplex
* Learning Visual Models from Shape Contours Using Multiscale Convex/Concave Structure Matching
* Mapping Heterogeneous Urban Landscapes from the Fusion of Digital Surface Model and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Images Using Adaptive Multiscale Image Segmentation and Classification
* Optimal Linear Combination of Neural Networks for Improving Classification Performance
* Robust vectorization using graph-based thinning and reliability-based line approximation
* Semisupervised Learning for a Hybrid Generative/Discriminative Classifier based on the Maximum Entropy Principle
* Simultaneous clustering and tracking unknown number of objects
* Time-delayed collective flow diffusion models for inferring latent people flow from aggregated data at limited locations
* Tracking Moving Contours Using Energy-Minimizing Elastic Contour Models
* UAV and Lidar Image Registration: a Surf-based Approach for Ground Control Points Selection
* Unboxing the Black Box of Attention Mechanisms in Remote Sensing Big Data Using XAI
Includes: Ueda, N.[Naonori] Ueda, N.
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Ueda, R. Co Author Listing * Home-Assistant Robot for an Aging Society
* Mitigating Observatio> ICPR22
* Monitoring system using infrared image processing
Includes: Ueda, R. Ueda, R.[Ryosuke] Ueda, R.[Ryuichi]

Ueda, T. Co Author Listing * 3-D Infinite Frequency Resolution Analysis and Spatiotemporal Spectrum of a Moving Object
* Application of 3D Laser Scanning Technology Using Laser Radar System to Error Analysis in the Curtain Wall Construction
* Motion Analysis Using 3D High-Resolution Frequency Analysis
* Multimodal Dance Training System based on Motion Analysis
* On the scalability of robot localization using high-dimensional features
* Real-Time Sectional Image Measuring System Using Time Sequentially Coded Grating Method, A
* Underwater Image Synthesis from RGB-D Images and its Application to Deep Underwater Image Restoration
Includes: Ueda, T. Ueda, T.[Tamon] Ueda, T.[Tomoya] Ueda, T.[Takeshi]
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Ueda, Y.[Yoshiaki] Co Author Listing * Fusion-Based Backlit Image Enhancement Using Multiple S-Type Transformations For Convex Combination Coefficients
* High Resolution and High Dynamic Range Image Reconstruction from Differently Exposed Images
* Histogram Specification-Based Image Enhancement for Backlit Image
* HUE-Preserving Color Contrast Enhancement Method Without Gamut Problem by Using Histogram Specification
* Hue-Preserving Color Image Enhancement on a Vector Space of Convex Combination Coefficients
* Illuminant Color Estimation Method Based on Pseudo-Detection of Specular Reflection
* Low-Light Image Enhancement Method by Using a Modified Gamma Transform for Convex Combination Coefficients
* Representation of Moving Images with Skewed Planes and Its Application to the Video Coding
* Saturation-Based Multi-Exposure Image Fusion Employing Local Color Correction
* Single Backlit Image Enhancement Method for Improvement of Visibility of Dark Part, A
* Software wave receiver for the SS-520-2 rocket experiment
Includes: Ueda, Y.[Yoshiaki] Ueda, Y.[Yasuhiro] Ueda, Y. Ueda, Y.[Yoshihiro]
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