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Soma, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * Accounting for Wood, Foliage Properties, and Laser Effective Footprint in Estimations of Leaf Area Density from Multiview-LiDAR Data
* Enhanced Measurements of Leaf Area Density with T-LiDAR: Evaluating and Calibrating the Effects of Vegetation Heterogeneity and Scanner Properties
* Iterative-Mode Scan Design of Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Forests for Minimizing Occlusion Effects, An
Includes: Soma, M.[Maxime] Soma, M.

Soma, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis and manipulation methods of geographic informations

Somacher, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * JaNeT: A Framework for Flexible Web-Content Retrieval

Somadas, A.T.[Anirudh T.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Velocity of The Potsdam Glacier, East Antarctica Using Landsat-8 Data

Somaiya, A.H.[Amisha H.] Co Author Listing * Depth cue selection for 3D television

Somala, S.N. Co Author Listing * Geostationary Optical Seismometer, Proof of Concept, A

Soman, K.P. Co Author Listing * Band selection using variational mode decomposition applied in sparsity-based hyperspectral unmixing algorithms
* Integrating scattering feature maps with convolutional neural networks for Malayalam handwritten character recognition
* Multi-resolution dynamic mode decomposition-based salient region detection in noisy images
* robust watermarking method based on Compressed Sensing and Arnold scrambling, A
* Significance of incorporating chrominance information for effective color-to-grayscale image conversion

Soman, M. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Brain Lesion Segmentation in DT-MRI

Soman, S. Co Author Listing * Using Anatomic Magnetic Resonance Image Information to Enhance Visualization and Interpretation of Functional Images: A Comparison of Methods Applied to Clinical Arterial Spin Labeling Images
* Worldwide Detection of Informal Settlements via Topological Analysis of Crowdsourced Digital Maps
Includes: Soman, S. Soman, S.[Satej]

Somanath, G.[Gowri] Co Author Listing * Abstraction and Generalization of 3D Structure for Recognition in Large Intra-Class Variation
* Arrangement based image representation for scene recognition
* camera flash based projector system for true scale metric reconstruction, A
* D-Clutter: Building object model library from unsupervised segmentation of cluttered scenes
* HDR Environment Map Estimation for Real-Time Augmented Reality
* Modified Region Growing for Stereo of Slant and Textureless Surfaces
* Single Camera Stereo System Using Prism and Mirrors
* Stereo+Kinect for High Resolution Stereo Correspondences
* Towards estimation of dense disparities from stereo images containing large textureless regions
* Utilizing image-based features in biomedical document classification
* VADANA: A dense dataset for facial image analysis
Includes: Somanath, G.[Gowri] Somanath, G.
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Somandepalli, K.[Krishna] Co Author Listing * Computational Media Intelligence: Human-Centered Machine Analysis of Media
* Cross Modal Video Representations for Weakly Supervised Active Speaker Localization
* MovieCLIP: Visual Scene Recognition in Movies
* Robust Character Labeling in Movie Videos: Data Resources and Self-Supervised Feature Adaptation
* Toward Visual Voice Activity Detection for Unconstrained Videos
* Unsupervised Discovery of Character Dictionaries in Animation Movies
Includes: Somandepalli, K.[Krishna] Somandepalli, K.

Somani, A.[Ayush] Co Author Listing * Image Inpainting with Hypergraphs for Resolution Improvement in Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

Somani, A.K.[Arun K.] Co Author Listing * Aerial-DEM geolocalization for GPS-denied UAS navigation
* Cache Tiling for High Performance Morphological Image Processing
* Cache Write Generate for Parallel Image-Processing on Shared-Memory Architectures
* Characterization of Mountain Drainage Patterns for GPS-Denied UAS Navigation Augmentation
* Morphological image processing on a token passing pyramid computer
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network for Computer Vision
* Searching Architecture and Precision for U-net based Image Restoration Tasks
Includes: Somani, A.K.[Arun K.] Somani, A.K.
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Somani, N.[Nikhil] Co Author Listing * Object Recognition Using Constraints from Primitive Shape Matching
* Scene Perception and Recognition for Human-Robot Co-operation
* Scene Perception and Recognition in Industrial Environments for Human-Robot Interaction

Somarakis, G.[Giorgos] Co Author Listing * Monitoring and Evaluating Nature-Based Solutions Implementation in Urban Areas by Means of Earth Observation

Somarathna, R.[Rukshani] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality for Emotion Elicitation: A Review

Somarathne, P.[Pamuditha] Co Author Listing * HPGNN: Using Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks for Outdoor Point Cloud Processing

Somard, J.[Jaturong] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Agricultural Land and Land Cover Change from 2001-2021 of the Chi River Basin, Thailand Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Data Based on Google Earth Engine

Somareddy, V.[Veena] Co Author Listing * Full-Body Portable Virtual Reality for Personal Protective Equipment Training

Somashekara, M.T. Co Author Listing * Online signature verification based on writer dependent features and classifiers

Somasundaram, A. Co Author Listing * Domination in Fuzzy Graphs: I

Somasundaram, D.[Devaraj] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of nuclei from pap smear cell images: A step toward cervical cancer screening
* Machine learning approach for homolog chromosome classification
* Patterns, Trends and Drivers of Water Transparency in Sri Lanka Using Landsat 8 Observations and Google Earth Engine
* Spatial and Temporal Changes in Surface Water Area of Sri Lanka over a 30-Year Period
Includes: Somasundaram, D.[Devaraj] Somasundaram, D.[Deepakrishna]

Somasundaram, G.[Guruprasad] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using global spatio-temporal features derived from sparse representations
* Classification and Counting of Composite Objects in Traffic Scenes Using Global and Local Image Analysis
* Object classification with efficient global self-similarity descriptors based on sparse representations
* Robust Sparse Hashing
Includes: Somasundaram, G.[Guruprasad] Somasundaram, G.

Somasundaram, K. Co Author Listing * Edge detection using Chebyshev's orthogonal polynomial and brain extraction from magnetic resonance images of human head
* Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video
* Egocentric Activity Recognition and Localization on a 3D Map
* rapid knowledge-based partial supervision fuzzy c-means for brain tissue segmentation with CUDA-enabled GPU machine, A
Includes: Somasundaram, K. Somasundaram, K.[Kiran] Somasundaram, K.[Karuppanagounder]

Somasundaram, S. Co Author Listing * Domination in Fuzzy Graphs: I
* MDC and path diversity in video streaming
* Multiple description image coding framework for EBCOT
* Role of Transients in Two-Bounce Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
* Waterfilling: a connection between information theoretic and perceptually based watermarking
Includes: Somasundaram, S. Somasundaram, S.[Siddharth]

Somasundaram, S.D. Co Author Listing * Robust and Automatic Data-Adaptive Beamforming for Multidimensional Arrays

Somasundaran, B.V.[Biju Venkadath] Co Author Listing * Image Denoising for Image Retrieval by Cascading a Deep Quality Assessment Network
* Robust image retrieval by cascading a deep quality assessment network

Somawirata, I.K.[I Komang] Co Author Listing * Single image enlargement based on kernel estimation and linear weighting

Somaya, A. Co Author Listing * new approach to medical image stitching using minimum average correlation energy filter and peak to side-lobe ratio, A

Somayajula, S.[Sangeetha] Co Author Listing * Information theoretic regularization in diffuse optical tomography
* Non-rigid Image Registration Using Gaussian Mixture Models
* PET Image Reconstruction Using Information Theoretic Anatomical Priors

Somayazulu, S. Co Author Listing * Semantic-Preserving Image Compression

Somayazulu, V.S. Co Author Listing * Communication-efficient multi-view keyframe extraction in distributed video sensors
* Distributed video coding: A promising solution for distributed wireless video sensors or not?
* Hybrid Distributed Video Coding with Frame Level Coding Mode Selection
* Low-Complexity Approach to Rate-Distortion Optimized Variable Bit-Rate Compression for Split DNN Computing, A
* Neural Rate Estimator and Unsupervised Learning for Efficient Distributed Image Analytics in Split-DNN models
Includes: Somayazulu, V.S. Somayazulu, V.S.[V. Srinivasa]

Somayehee, F.[Farshad] Co Author Listing * Improving night sky star image processing algorithm for star sensors

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