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Ramb, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Multi-cycle Reconstruction of Cardiac MRI for the Analysis of Inter-ventricular Septum Motion During Free Breathing

Rambabu, C.[Chinta] Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate extraction of moving object silhouette for personalized Virtual Reality Studio @ Home
* Flooding-based watershed algorithm and its prototype hardware architecture
Includes: Rambabu, C.[Chinta] Rambabu, C.

Rambabu, K. Co Author Listing * Imaging of Oil-Well Perforations Using UWB Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Metal-Cased Oil Well Inspection Using Near-Field UWB Radar Imaging
* Microwave Imaging of Breast Tumor Using Time-Domain UWB Circular-SAR Technique
* Virtually Developed Synthetic Aperture Radar: Theory, Simulation, and Measurements

Rambach, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Collaborative multi-camera face recognition and tracking
* Ghost Target Detection in 3D Radar Data using Point Cloud based Deep Neural Network
* SlamCraft: Dense Planar RGB Monocular SLAM
* Survey on Applications of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality for Nature and Environment, A

Rambach, J.R.[Jason Raphael] Co Author Listing * To Drive or to Be Driven? The Impact of Autopilot, Navigation System, and Printed Maps on Driver's Cognitive Workload and Spatial Knowledge

Rambal, S.[Serge] Co Author Listing * Soil Drought Anomalies in MODIS GPP of a Mediterranean Broadleaved Evergreen Forest

Rambaldelli, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Schizophrenia Detection by Multiclassification Analysis

Rambaruth, R.[Ratna] Co Author Listing * Face detection

Rambat, S. Co Author Listing * Land Use/land Cover Assessment in a Seismically Active Region In Kundasang, Sabah

Rambhatla, S.[Sirisha] Co Author Listing * Interpretable and Trustworthy Deepfake Detection via Dynamic Prototypes

Rambhatla, S.S. Co Author Listing * Camera based estimation of respiration rate by analyzing shape and size variation of structured light
* Dual-Path Model With Adaptive Attention for Vehicle Re-Identification, A
* Remote monitoring of camera based respiration rate estimated by using occlusion of dot pattern
* Towards Accurate Visual and Natural Language-Based Vehicle Retrieval Systems
* Towards Real-Time Systems for Vehicle Re-Identification, Multi-Camera Tracking, and Anomaly Detection
Includes: Rambhatla, S.S. Rambhatla, S.S.[Sai Saketh]

Rambhia, A.[Avni] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4-Based Automatic Fine Granularity Personalization of Broadcast Multimedia Content

Rambli, D.R.A.[Dayang Rohaya Awang] Co Author Listing * Advances in Mobile Augmented Reality from User Experience Perspective: A Review of Studies
* Conceptual Design of Spatial Calibration for Optical See-Through Head Mounted Display Using Electroencephalographic Signal Processing on Eye Tracking, A
* Design Framework for Sketch Based Technique in 3D Navigation of Cluttered Virtual Environment
* Designing Persuasive Stroke Rehabilitation Game: An Analysis of Persuasion Context
* User Experience Satisfaction of Mobile-Based AR Advertising Applications

Rambli, D.R.B.A.[Dayang Rohaya Bt Awang] Co Author Listing * Design Architecture for IMPlayer as a Tool for Supporting Visual Education Presentation

Rambojun, A.[Adwaye] Co Author Listing * Active Latent Space Shape Model: A Bayesian Treatment of Shape Model Adaptation with an Application to Psoriatic Arthritis Radiographs

Rambour, C. Co Author Listing * Flood Detection In Time Series of Optical and Sar Images
* Introducing Spatial Regularization in SAR Tomography Reconstruction
* Urban surface reconstruction in SAR tomography by graph-cuts
Includes: Rambour, C. Rambour, C.[Clément]

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