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Nova, E. Co Author Listing * Optical Signal Processor for Millimeter-Wave Interferometric Radiometry
* Radiometric and Spatial Resolution Constraints in Millimeter-Wave Close-Range Passive Screener Systems

Nova, M. Co Author Listing * This AI can see the forest and the trees

Nova, V. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Airborne Image Velocimetry Approaches Using Low-cost UAVS In Riverine Environments
* Low-cost UAS Photogrammetry for Road Infrastructures' Inspection

Novac, I.[Iuliu] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Wildfire Size and Location Using a Monocular Camera on a Semi-autonomous Quadcopter

Novacek, J.[Jozef] Co Author Listing * Comparison of CORINE Land Cover Data with National Statistics and the Possibility to Record This Data on a Local Scale: Case Studies from Slovakia
Includes: Novacek, J.[Jozef] Novácek, J.[Jozef]

Novacek, K. Co Author Listing * Documentation of archaeological sites in northern iraq using remote sensing methods
* Using Remotely Sensed Data For Documentation Of Archaeological Sites In Northeastern Mesopotamia
Includes: Novacek, K. Novácek, K.

Novack, T.[Tessio] Co Author Listing * Cartographic Vandalism in the Era of Location-Based Games: The Case of OpenStreetMap and Pokémon GO
* Classifying the Built-Up Structure of Urban Blocks with Probabilistic Graphical Models and TerraSAR-X Spotlight Imagery
* Detection of Saline and Non-Saline Lakes on the Pantanal of Nhecolândia (Brazil) Using Object-Based Image Analysis
* Graph-Based Matching of Points-of-Interest from Collaborative Geo-Datasets
* Machine Learning Comparison between WorldView-2 and QuickBird-2-Simulated Imagery Regarding Object-Based Urban Land Cover Classification
* Per Block Urban Land Use Interpretation Using Optical VHR Data and the Knowledge-Based System Interimage
* PIMAR Project: Monitoring the Atlantic Rainforest Remnants and the Urban Growth of the Rio de Janeiro City (Brazil) Through Remote Sensing
* Quiet Route Planning for Pedestrians in Traffic Noise Polluted Environments
* Towards Detecting Building Facades with Graffiti Artwork Based on Street View Images
* Urban Land Cover Classification Using Optical VHR Data and the Knowledge-Based System Interimage
Includes: Novack, T.[Tessio] Novack, T.
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Novack, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Hourly near Surface Air Temperature Across Israel Using an Ensemble Model

Novais, J.J.[Jean J.] Co Author Listing * Digital Soil Mapping Using Multispectral Modeling with Landsat Time Series Cloud Computing Based
* Mapping at 30 m Resolution of Soil Attributes at Multiple Depths in Midwest Brazil

Novais, M.H.[Maria Helena] Co Author Listing * Temporal and Spatial Variations of Secchi Depth and Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient from Sentinel-2 MSI over a Large Reservoir

Novais, P. Co Author Listing * New Methods for Stress Assessment and Monitoring at the Workplace

Novak, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Contrast Measures and Clutter Distribution Determinants of Human Target Detection
* Education and training activities in airborne research
* Towards Better Visualisation of Alpine Quaternary Landform Features on High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models
* Using a Lidar-Based Height Variability Method for Recognizing and Analyzing Fault Displacement and Related Fossil Mass Movement in the Vipava Valley, SW Slovenia
* VidHarm: A Clip Based Dataset for Harmful Content Detection
Includes: Novak, A. Novak, A.[Alexandra] Novak, A.[Andrej] Novak, A.[Anette]

Novak, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Video Compression for Remotely Controlled Vehicles

Novak, C. Co Author Listing * Facial Feature Extraction from Color Images

Novak, C.L. Co Author Listing * Anatomy of a Color Histogram
* Anatomy of a Histogram
* Estimating Scene Properties by Analyzing Color Histograms with Physics-Based Models
* Estimating Scene Properties from Color Histograms
* Learning-Based Vertebra Detection and Iterative Normalized-Cut Segmentation for Spinal MRI
* Method For Estimating Scene Parameters From Color Histograms
* Omnidirectional visual image detector and processor
* Supervised Color Constancy Using a Color Chart
Includes: Novak, C.L. Novak, C.L.[Carol L.]
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Novak, C.S. Co Author Listing * Automated Technique for Obtaining Cloud Motion from Geosynchronous Satellite Data Using Cross-Correlation, An
* Determination of Cloud Pattern Motions from Geosynchronous Satellite Image Data, The
Includes: Novak, C.S. Novak, C.S.[Charles S.]

Novak, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Capability of a Ground-Based Passive Surveillance System to Detect and Track Spaceborne SAR in LEO Orbits
* Clustering Improvement for Electrocardiographic Signals
* Control Strategies and Artificial Intelligence in Rehabilitation Robotics
* Feature extraction methods applied to the clustering of electrocardiographi signals. a comparative study
* Guest Editorial: Toward Commercial Applications of Affective Computing
* Linking Recognition Accuracy and User Experience in an Affective Feedback Loop
* Millimeter-wave weapons detection system
* Modeling of The plan Da Mattun Archaeological Site Using A Combination of Different Sensors
* Morphology analysis of physiological signals using hidden Markov models
* Orthoserv: Quality Assessment for Orthorectified and Co-registered Satellite Image Products
* Reduction of Air Traffic Complexity Using Trajectory-Based Operations and Validation of Novel Complexity Indicators
* Reliable Image Matching with Recursive Tiling
* Semi-Automatic Orientation of Images With Respect to a Point Cloud System
* UWB Radar Signal Processing for Localization of Persons with the Changing Nature of Their Movement
Includes: Novak, D.[David] Novák, D.[David] Novák, D.[Daniel] Novak, D.[Domen] Novak, D. Novák, D. Novak, D.[Daniel]
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Novak, H.[Hrvoje] Co Author Listing * Energy-Efficient Model Predictive Train Traction Control With Incorporated Traction System Efficiency
* Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Coordinated Electric Railway Traction System Energy Management
Includes: Novak, H.[Hrvoje] Novak, H.

Novak, I.D.[Irwin D.] Co Author Listing * Fusing Landsat-5 TM Imagery and Shaded Relief Maps in Tectonic and Geomorphic Mapping: Lesvos Island, Greece

Novak, J. Co Author Listing * Combination Of UAV Survey And Landsat Imagery For Monitoring Of Crop Vigor In Precision Agriculture, The
* User-Centered Visual Analytics Approach for Interactive and Explainable Energy Demand Analysis in Prosumer Scenarios
Includes: Novak, J. Novák, J. Novak, J.[Jasminko]

Novak, J.R. Co Author Listing * Derivation and Validation of a Sensitivity Formula for Slit-Slat Collimation

Novak, K.[Kurt] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Road Signs from Terrestrial Color Imagery
* Comparison of Two Image Compression Techniques for Softcopy Photogrammetry, A
* Precision Rectification of SPOT Imagery Using the Direct Linear Transformation Model
* What Makes a Gesture a Gesture? Neural Signatures Involved in Gesture Recognition
Includes: Novak, K.[Kurt] Novak, K.

Novak, L.[Les] Co Author Listing * Algorithms improve synthetic aperture radar coherent change detection performance

Novak, L.M.[Leslie M.] Co Author Listing * email: Novak, L.M.[Leslie M.]: lnovak AT ll mit edu
* Multiresolution Approach to Discrimination in SAR Imagery, A
* Optimal Polarizations for Radar Detection and Recognition of Targets in Clutter
* Performance of a High-Resolution Polarimetric SAR Automatic Target Recogniton System
* Radar Target Identification Using Spatial Matched-Filters
* Target Prescreening Based on a Quadratic Gamma-Discriminator
Includes: Novak, L.M.[Leslie M.] Novak, L.M.

Novak, M.M.[Miroslav M.] Co Author Listing * Improved rendering of the Lorenz equations

Novak, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Classification of Hydrometeors Using Measurements of the Ka-Band Cloud Radar Installed at the Milešovka Mountain (Central Europe)
* Threat of Pollution Hotspots Reworking in River Systems: Case Study of the Ploucnice River (Czech Republic)
* Utilization of Weather Radar Data for the Flash Flood Indicator Application in the Czech Republic
Includes: Novak, P.[Petr] Novák, P.[Petr]

Novak, R.E.[Robert E.] Co Author Listing * System and method for tracking an object with multiple cameras

Novakovic, A.[Aleksandar] Co Author Listing * CP-ABM approach for modelling COVID-19 infection dynamics and quantifying the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions, The

Novakovic, G.[Gregor] Co Author Listing * 3D Technologies for the Integrated Analysis of World Heritage: The Case of UNESCO's Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

Novakovic, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * City model and scale model of the city of Zagreb

Novali, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * COSMO-SkyMed Constellation Monitors the Costa Concordia Wreck, The
* New Algorithm for Processing Interferometric Data-Stacks: SqueeSAR, A
* SAR monitoring of progressive and seasonal ground deformation using the permanent scatterers technique
* Semi-Automatic Identification and Pre-Screening of Geological-Geotechnical Deformational Processes Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Datasets
* Submillimeter Accuracy of InSAR Time Series: Experimental Validation
Includes: Novali, F.[Fabrizio] Novali, F.

Novara, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Earth Gravity In-Orbit Sensing: MPC Formation Control Based on a Novel Constellation Model

Novatnack, J.[John] Co Author Listing * 3D Geometric Scale Variability in Range Images: Features and Descriptors
* Canonical subsets of image features
* Extracting 3D Shape Features in Discrete Scale-Space
* generalized family of fixed-radius distribution-based distance measures for content-based fMRI image retrieval, A
* Scale-Dependent 3D Geometric Features
* Scale-Dependent/Invariant Local 3D Shape Descriptors for Fully Automatic Registration of Multiple Sets of Range Images
* Stable Bounded Canonical Sets and Image Matching
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