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Noronha Vinhal, C.D.[Cassio Dener] Co Author Listing * Fast algorithm for real-time ground extraction from unorganized stereo point clouds

Noronha, C.A.[Carlos Alberto] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Data Cubes for Brazil: Requirements, Methodology and Products

Noronha, M.D.M.[Marta D.M.] Co Author Listing * Impact of metrics on biclustering solution and quality: A review

Noronha, R.[Roshan] Co Author Listing * Classification of origin with feature selection and network construction for folk tunes

Noronha, S.[Sanjay] Co Author Listing * email: Noronha, S.[Sanjay]: sanjay AT elance com
* Detection and Description of Buildings from Multiple Aerial Images
* Detection and Modeling of Buildings from Multiple Aerial Images
* Recent Advances in Detection and Description of Buildings from Multiple Images
* User Assisted Modeling of Buildings
* User Assisted Modeling of Buildings from Aerial Images

Noronha, S.B.[Santosh B.] Co Author Listing * Automated Identification of Protein Structural Features

Noronha, S.I.J.[Sun Il J.] Co Author Listing * Architecture for Synchronous Multiparty Authentication Using Biometrics
Includes: Noronha, S.I.J.[Sun Il J.] Noronha, S.I.J.[Sun-Il J.]

Noronha, V.[Val] Co Author Listing * Towards ITS Map Database Interoperability-Database Error and Rectification

Noroozi, A.[Ardeshir] Co Author Listing * Dynamic texture representation using a deep multi-scale convolutional network
* Iterative Target Localization in Distributed MIMO Radar From Bistatic Range Measurements
* Target Localization from Bistatic Range Measurements in Multi-Transmitter Multi-Receiver Passive Radar
Includes: Noroozi, A.[Ardeshir] Noroozi, A.

Noroozi, F. Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition in Video Clips
* Deep Multimodal Pain Recognition: A Database and Comparison of Spatio-Temporal Visual Modalities
* Fusion of classifier predictions for audio-visual emotion recognition
* Survey on Emotional Body Gesture Recognition
Includes: Noroozi, F. Noroozi, F.[Fatemeh]

Noroozi, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * 3D CNNs with Adaptive Temporal Feature Resolutions
* Boosting Self-Supervised Learning via Knowledge Transfer
* ConvNet-Based Depth Estimation, Reflection Separation and Deblurring of Plenoptic Images
* Long Short View Feature Decomposition via Contrastive Video Representation Learning
* Motion Deblurring in the Wild
* Representation Learning by Learning to Count
* Secret image sharing scheme with hierarchical threshold access structure
* Unified Fully and Timestamp Supervised Temporal Action Segmentation via Sequence to Sequence Translation
* Unsupervised Learning of Visual Representations by Solving Jigsaw Puzzles
* Unsupervised Video Representation Learning by Bidirectional Feature Prediction
Includes: Noroozi, M.[Mehdi] Noroozi, M. Noroozi, M.[Mahnaz]
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Noroozi, N.[Navid] Co Author Listing * Computer assisted diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma using Z-transform features
* image contrast enhancement method based on genetic algorithm, An

Noroozi, V. Co Author Listing * Direct: Deep Discriminative Embedding for Clustering of Ligo Data

Norouzi, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Attention control with reinforcement learning for face recognition under partial occlusion

Norouzi, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Cycle of Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures over Land at a Global Scale
* Quantifying Uncertainties in Land-Surface Microwave Emissivity Retrievals
Includes: Norouzi, H.[Hamid] Norouzi, H.

Norouzi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Big Self-Supervised Models Advance Medical Image Classification
* Cartesian K-Means
* Denoising Pretraining for Semantic Segmentation
* Fast Exact Search in Hamming Space With Multi-Index Hashing
* Fast search in Hamming space with multi-index hashing
* hybrid feature extraction method for SAR image registration, A
* Image Super-Resolution via Iterative Refinement
* NASA Neural Articulated Shape Approximation
* Pixel Recursive Super Resolution
* Stacks of convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines for shift-invariant feature learning
* Sustainable Land Use Evaluation Based On Preservative Approach
Includes: Norouzi, M.[Mohammad] Norouzi, M.[Mohsen] Norouzi, M.
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Norouzi, N.[Nahal] Co Author Listing * Eye in Extended Reality: A Survey on Gaze Interaction and Eye Tracking in Head-Worn Extended Reality, The
* Sequential Image Synthesis for Human Activity Video Generation
Includes: Norouzi, N.[Nahal] Norouzi, N.[Narges]

Norouzi, S.[Sajad] Co Author Listing * Atlas of Digital Pathology: A Generalized Hierarchical Histological Tissue Type-Annotated Database for Deep Learning

Norouzifard, M. Co Author Listing * Automated Glaucoma Diagnosis Using Deep and Transfer Learning: Proposal of a System for Clinical Testing
* Superpixel Segmentation Methods on Stereo Fundus Images and Disparity Map for Glaucoma Detection

Norouznezhad, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Directional Space-Time Oriented Gradients for 3D Visual Pattern Analysis
* high resolution smart camera with GigE Vision extension for surveillance applications, A
* Robust object tracking using local oriented energy features and its hardware/software implementation
Includes: Norouznezhad, E.[Ehsan] Norouznezhad, E.

Norouzzadeh, M.S.[Mohammad Sadegh] Co Author Listing * Motion estimation using learning automata

Norov Erdene, B. Co Author Listing * Locality in multi-label classification problems
Includes: Norov Erdene, B. Norov-Erdene, B.

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