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Mizu Siampale, A.[Abel] Co Author Listing * Influence of Charcoal Production on Forest Degradation in Zambia: A Remote Sensing Perspective
Includes: Mizu Siampale, A.[Abel] Mizu-Siampale, A.[Abel]

Mizukami, H. Co Author Listing * PAT: Probabilistic Axon Tracking for Densely Labeled Neurons in Large 3-D Micrographs

Mizukami, K. Co Author Listing * Realization of Membership Queries in Character-Recognition

Mizukami, Y. Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of the Advanced Land Observing Satellite-3 ALOS-3
* Comparison Study for Displacement Computation: Horn and Shunck's method versus March's method, A
* CUDA Implementation of Deformable Pattern Recognition and its Application to MNIST Handwritten Digit Database
* Handwritten Character Recognition System Using Hierarchical Displacement Extraction Algorithm, A
* Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition System Using Hierarchical Displacement Extraction Based on Directional Features, A
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using displacement extraction based on directional features
* Handwritten Digit Recognition by Hierarchical Displacement Extraction with Gradual Prototype Elimination
* off-line signature verification system using an extracted displacement function, An
* Optical Flow Computation on Compute Unified Device Architecture
* Performance Study of a Regularization-Based Deformable Handwritten Recognition Approach
* proposal of neural network architecture for non-linear function approximation, A
* Statistical Displacement Analysis for Handwriting Verification
* Sub-pixel disparity search for binocular stereo vision
Includes: Mizukami, Y. Mizukami, Y.[Yoshiki]
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Mizuki, M.M.[Marcelo M.] Co Author Listing * Edge and Mean Based Image Compression
* Method and apparatus for motion estimation in a video signal

Mizukoshi, H.[Hiroko] Co Author Listing * Use of Contour-Based DEMs for Deriving and Mapping Topographic Attributes

Mizumo, S. Co Author Listing * Improvement of the virtual printing scheme for synthesizing Ukiyo-e

Mizumoto, T.[Teruhiro] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of Sensor-Embedded Chair for Continuous Sitting Posture Recognition

Mizuno, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Accuracy improvement of histogram-based image filtering
* Improved MODIS-Aqua Chlorophyll-a Retrievals in the Turbid Semi-Enclosed Ariake Bay, Japan
Includes: Mizuno, A.[Akira] Mizuno, A.[Akiko]

Mizuno, G.[Genki] Co Author Listing * Feedback Control Model of a Gesture-Based Pointing Interface for a Large Display

Mizuno, H.[Hirotaka] Co Author Listing * Image correction processing method and apparatus

Mizuno, K.[Kazunori] Co Author Listing * Constraint-Based Prototyping for Understanding Three Orthographic Views

Mizuno, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Saliency Meets Top-Down Semantics for Object Detection

Mizuno, R.[Ryoya] Co Author Listing * Acquiring a Dynamic Light Field through a Single-Shot Coded Image

Mizuno, S.[Seiichiro] Co Author Listing * 3.2 kHz, Stereo Sensing Module Using Two Profile Sensors, A
* Automatic Generation of Woodblocks for Virtual Printing
* Color decomposition of overlapped watercolors
* Creating Chinkin Works in the Virtual Space
* Eigen nodule: view-based recognition of lung nodule in chest X-ray CT images using subspace method
* Encoding device comprising predictors for thinned and unthinned patterns
* Encoding of a picture signal in consideration of contrast in each picture and decoding corresponding to the encoding
* Pattern Vector Quantization Scheme for Midrange Frequency DCT Coefficients, A
Includes: Mizuno, S.[Seiichiro] Mizuno, S. Mizuno, S.[Shinji] Mizuno, S.[Shoji]
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Mizuno, S.J.[Shin Ji] Co Author Listing * Detection of Wilt by Analyzing Color and Stereo Vision Data of Plant
Includes: Mizuno, S.J.[Shin Ji] Mizuno, S.J.[Shin-Ji]

Mizuno, T. Co Author Listing * Distributed Raid Style Video Server
* Fast search based on generalized similarity measure
Includes: Mizuno, T. Mizuno, T.[Tomoya]

Mizuno, Y.[Yuto] Co Author Listing * Synchronization of Full-View Image and GPS Data for Route Map Building

Mizuochi, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * Combination of Cross- and Inter-Band Radiometric Calibrations for a Hyperspectral Sensor Using Model-Based Spectral Band Adjustment
* Development of an Operational Algorithm for Automated Deforestation Mapping via the Bayesian Integration of Long-Term Optical and Microwave Satellite Data
* Dynamic Mapping of Subarctic Surface Water by Fusion of Microwave and Optical Satellite Data Using Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Evaluation of the Surface Water Distribution in North-Central Namibia Based on MODIS and AMSR Series
* Monitoring of an Indonesian Tropical Wetland by Machine Learning-Based Data Fusion of Passive and Active Microwave Sensors

Mizushima, F.[Fuminori] Co Author Listing * Video watermark application for embedding recipient ID in real-time-encoding VoD server

Mizushima, N.[Naoyoshi] Co Author Listing * Practical Watermarking Method Estimating Watermarked Region from Recaptured Videos on Smartphone

Mizuta, S.[Shinobu] Co Author Listing * Description of Digital Images by Region-Based Contour Trees

Mizuta, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Detection of Foreign Substances Mixed in a Plastic Bottle of Medicinal Solution Using Real-Time Video Image Processing

Mizutani, A. Co Author Listing * Retinopathy Online Challenge: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms in Digital Color Fundus Photographs

Mizutani, F. Co Author Listing * Application of Adaptive Digital Beamforming to Osaka University Phased Array Weather Radar
* Fast-Scanning Phased-Array Weather Radar With Angular Imaging Technique
* Improving the Accuracy of Rain Rate Estimates Using X-Band Phased-Array Weather Radar Network
* Initial Observations for Precipitation Cores With X-Band Dual Polarized Phased Array Weather Radar
* Performance of Minimum Mean-Square Error Beam Forming for Polarimetric Phased Array Weather Radar
* Thinning of Gray-Scale Images with Combined Sequential and Parallel Conditions for Pixel Removal

Mizutani, H.[Hiroyuki] Co Author Listing * Binarization Algorithm Based on Shade-Planes for Road Marking Recognition, A
* discriminative learning criterion for the overall optimization of error and reject, A
* Discriminative Learning for Minimum Error and Minimum Reject Classification
* Dynamic Link Matching for Multiple Object Recognition
* multiclass classification method based on multiple pairwise classifiers, A
* Surface position detection apparatus
Includes: Mizutani, H.[Hiroyuki] Mizutani, H. Mizutani, H.[Hideo]

Mizutani, J. Co Author Listing * Multispectral demosaicking algorithm based on inter-channel correlation

Mizutani, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Fundus Shape Reconstruction and Display from Stereo Fundus Images

Mizutani, M.[Masao] Co Author Listing * Image data compression method and apparatus with pre-processing to compensate for the blocky effect

Mizutani, T.[Tsukasa] Co Author Listing * Mapping Subsurface Utility Pipes by 3-D Convolutional Neural Network and Kirchhoff Migration Using GPR Images
* Sensitive Damage Detection of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Slab by Time-Variant Deconvolution of SHF-Band Radar Signal
* Trajectory Planning for Autonomous High-Speed Overtaking in Structured Environments Using Robust MPC
Includes: Mizutani, T.[Tsukasa] Mizutani, T.

Mizutani, Y. Co Author Listing * Morphological segmentation of sport scenes using color information
* Sightseeing Spot Recommendation System That Takes into Account the Change in Circumstances of Users, A
Includes: Mizutani, Y. Mizutani, Y.[Yuri]

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