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Kuen Yew, B.H.[Bryan Hooi] Co Author Listing * Truth-table Net: A New Convolutional Architecture Encodable by Design into Sat Formulas
Includes: Kuen Yew, B.H.[Bryan Hooi] Kuen-Yew, B.H.[Bryan Hooi]

Kuen, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * CA-SSL: Class-Agnostic Semi-Supervised Learning for Detection and Segmentation
* DelugeNets: Deep Networks with Efficient and Flexible Cross-Layer Information Inflows
* Dual Attention Matching Network for Context-Aware Feature Sequence Based Person Re-identification
* GALA: Toward Geometry-and-Lighting-Aware Object Search for Compositing
* High Quality Entity Segmentation
* High Quality Segmentation for Ultra High-Resolution Images
* Improving the Reliability for Confidence Estimation
* Meta Spatio-Temporal Debiasing for Video Scene Graph Generation
* Motion-Guided Cascaded Refinement Network for Video Object Segmentation
* Multi-Scale Aligned Distillation for Low-Resolution Detection
* Multimodal Contrastive Training for Visual Representation Learning
* Open World Entity Segmentation
* Open-Vocabulary Instance Segmentation via Robust Cross-Modal Pseudo-Labeling
* PRN: Panoptic Refinement Network
* Recent advances in convolutional neural networks
* Recurrent Attentional Networks for Saliency Detection
* Scaling Object Detection by Transferring Classification Weights
* SceneComposer: Any-Level Semantic Image Synthesis
* Self-taught learning of a deep invariant representation for visual tracking via temporal slowness principle
* SelfDoc: Self-Supervised Document Representation Learning
* Stochastic Downsampling for Cost-Adjustable Inference and Improved Regularization in Convolutional Networks
* TopNet: Transformer-Based Object Placement Network for Image Compositing
Includes: Kuen, J.[Jason] Kuen, J.
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Kuen, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation and Filtering of Anaerobic Lagoon Floating Cover in Digital Elevation Model and Orthomosaics Using Unsupervised k-Means Clustering for Scum Association Analysis
* Non-Contact In-Plane Movement Estimation of Floating Covers Using Finite Element Formulation on Field-Scale DEM
* Quasi-Active Thermal Imaging of Large Floating Covers Using Ambient Solar Energy
* Remote Monitoring of Floating Covers Using UAV Photogrammetry
* Strain Monitoring Strategy of Deformed Membrane Cover Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Assisted 3D Photogrammetry
* Thermographic Monitoring of Scum Accumulation beneath Floating Covers

Kuenen, M.P.J. Co Author Listing * Contrast-Ultrasound Diffusion Imaging for Localization of Prostate Cancer

Kuentz, L.C.[Lily C.] Co Author Listing * Distribution of Surface Soil Moisture over Space and Time in Eastern Taylor Valley, Antarctica, The

Kuenzer, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Water Dynamics Based on Sentinel-1 Time Series: A Study for Dongting Lake Wetlands in China
* Assessment of Mono- and Split-Window Approaches for Time Series Processing of LST from AVHRR: A TIMELINE Round Robin
* Automated Extraction of Annual Erosion Rates for Arctic Permafrost Coasts Using Sentinel-1, Deep Learning, and Change Vector Analysis
* Automated Extraction of Antarctic Glacier and Ice Shelf Fronts from Sentinel-1 Imagery Using Deep Learning
* Automated Improvement of Geolocation Accuracy in AVHRR Data Using a Two-Step Chip Matching Approach: A Part of the TIMELINE Preprocessor
* Circum-Arctic Monitoring Framework for Quantifying Annual Erosion Rates of Permafrost Coasts, A
* Combination of PROBA-V/MODIS-Based Products with Sentinel-1 SAR Data for Detecting Wet and Dry Snow Cover in Mountainous Areas, A
* Deciphering Small-Scale Seasonal Surface Dynamics of Rock Glaciers in the Central European Alps Using DInSAR Time Series
* Deriving Regional Snow Line Dynamics during the Ablation Seasons 1984-2018 in European Mountains
* Detecting and Analyzing the Evolution of Subsidence Due to Coal Fires in Jharia Coalfield, India Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Detection of Grassland Mowing Events for Germany by Combining Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Detection of Water Bodies from AVHRR Data: A TIMELINE Thematic Processor
* Determining Temporal Uncertainty of a Global Inland Surface Water Time Series
* Drought in Northern Italy: Long Earth Observation Time Series Reveal Snow Line Elevation to Be Several Hundred Meters Above Long-Term Average in 2022
* Earth Observation Data Supporting Non-Communicable Disease Research: A Review
* Effect of Droughts on Vegetation Condition in Germany: An Analysis Based on Two Decades of Satellite Earth Observation Time Series and Crop Yield Statistics, The
* ESTARFM Fusion Framework for the Generation of Large-Scale Time Series in Cloud-Prone and Heterogeneous Landscapes, An
* Estimating Penetration-Related X-Band InSAR Elevation Bias: A Study over the Greenland Ice Sheet
* European Snow Cover Characteristics between 2000 and 2011 Derived from Improved MODIS Daily Snow Cover Products
* Evaluation of Soil Moisture Retrieval from the ERS and Metop Scatterometers in the Lower Mekong Basin
* Evaluation of Three MODIS-Derived Vegetation Index Time Series for Dryland Vegetation Dynamics Monitoring
* First Assessment of Canopy Cover Loss in Germany's Forests after the 2018-2020 Drought Years, A
* Flood Mapping and Flood Dynamics of the Mekong Delta: ENVISAT-ASAR-WSM Based Time Series Analyses
* Forecasting Spatio-Temporal Dynamics on the Land Surface Using Earth Observation Data: A Review
* Forest Biodiversity Monitoring Based on Remotely Sensed Spectral Diversity: A Review
* Forest Structure Characterization in Germany: Novel Products and Analysis Based on GEDI, Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Framework for Multivariate Analysis of Land Surface Dynamics and Driving Variables-A Case Study for Indo-Gangetic River Basins, A
* Identifying Changing Snow Cover Characteristics in Central Asia between 1986 and 2014 from Remote Sensing Data
* Intercomparison of Leaf Area Index Products for a Gradient of Sub-Humid to Arid Environments in West Africa
* Land Cover and Land Use Classification with TWOPAC: towards Automated Processing for Pixel- and Object-Based Image Classification
* Large-Scale Assessment of Coastal Aquaculture Ponds with Sentinel-1 Time Series Data
* Mapping Aquaculture Ponds for the Coastal Zone of Asia with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Mapping Crop Types of Germany by Combining Temporal Statistical Metrics of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series with LPIS Data
* Mapping Paddy Rice in China in 2002, 2005, 2010 and 2014 with MODIS Time Series
* Mapping Rice Seasonality in the Mekong Delta with Multi-Year Envisat ASAR WSM Data
* Monitoring Agricultural Expansion in Burkina Faso over 14 Years with 30 m Resolution Time Series: The Role of Population Growth and Implications for the Environment
* Monitoring the Spring Flood in Lena Delta with Hydrodynamic Modeling Based on SAR Satellite Products
* Novel Land Cover Classification Map Based on a MODIS Time-Series in Xinjiang, China, A
* Novel Method for Automated Supraglacial Lake Mapping in Antarctica Using Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery and Deep Learning, A
* Object Detection and Image Segmentation with Deep Learning on Earth Observation Data: A Review-Part I: Evolution and Recent Trends
* Object Detection and Image Segmentation with Deep Learning on Earth Observation Data: A Review: Part II: Applications
* Opportunities and Challenges for the Estimation of Aquaculture Production Based on Earth Observation Data
* Outbreak of Moroccan Locust in Sardinia (Italy): A Remote Sensing Perspective
* Potential and Challenges of Harmonizing 40 Years of AVHRR Data: The TIMELINE Experience
* Potential of Earth Observation for the Analysis of Cold Region Land Surface Dynamics in Europe: A Review, The
* Remote Sensing for the Quantification of Land Surface Dynamics in Large River Delta Regions: A Review
* Remote Sensing in Mapping Mangrove Ecosystems: An Object-Based Approach
* Remote Sensing of Antarctic Glacier and Ice-Shelf Front Dynamics: A Review
* Remote Sensing of Grassland Production and Management: A Review
* Remote Sensing of Mangrove Ecosystems: A Review
* Remote Sensing of River Delta Inundation: Exploiting the Potential of Coarse Spatial Resolution, Temporally-Dense MODIS Time Series
* Remote Sensing of Snow Cover Using Spaceborne SAR: A Review
* Remote Sensing of Surface Water Dynamics in the Context of Global Change: A Review
* Review of Earth Observation-Based Analyses for Major River Basins, A
* Review of Earth Observation-Based Drought Studies in Southeast Asia, A
* River Basin over the Course of Time: Multi-Temporal Analyses of Land Surface Dynamics in the Yellow River Basin (China) Based on Medium Resolution Remote Sensing Data, A
* Satellite-Derived Land Surface Temperature Dynamics in the Context of Global Change: A Review
* Seasonal Vegetation Trends for Europe over 30 Years from a Novel Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Time-Series: The TIMELINE NDVI Product
* Snow Water Equivalent Monitoring: A Review of Large-Scale Remote Sensing Applications
* Spaceborne L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Geoscientific Analyses in Coastal Land Applications: A Review
* SyntEO: Synthetic dataset generation for earth observation and deep learning: Demonstrated for offshore wind farm detection
* Systematic Water Fraction Estimation for a Global and Daily Surface Water Time-Series
* Towards Forecasting Future Snow Cover Dynamics in the European Alps: The Potential of Long Optical Remote-Sensing Time Series
* Trends in Satellite Earth Observation for Permafrost Related Analyses: A Review
* Validation of AVHRR Land Surface Temperature with MODIS and In Situ LST: A TIMELINE Thematic Processor
* Validation of Earth Observation Time-Series: A Review for Large-Area and Temporally Dense Land Surface Products
* Varying Scale and Capability of Envisat ASAR-WSM, TerraSAR-X Scansar and TerraSAR-X Stripmap Data to Assess Urban Flood Situations: A Case Study of the Mekong Delta in Can Tho Province
* Vegetation Stress Monitor: Assessment of Drought and Temperature-Related Effects on Vegetation in Germany Analyzing MODIS Time Series over 23 Years
* Wet and Dry Snow Detection Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data for Mountainous Areas with a Machine Learning Technique
Includes: Kuenzer, C.[Claudia] Kuenzer, C.
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