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Jala, J.F. Co Author Listing * Optimal unified architectures for the real-time computation of time-recursive discrete sinusoidal transforms

Jalab, H.A.[Hamid A.] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval with pachinko allocation model and a combination of colour, texture and text features
* efficient ward-based copy-move forgery detection method for digital image forensic, An
* Fractional Conway Polynomials for Image Denoising with Regularized Fractional Power Parameters
* Fractional Hölder mean-based image segmentation for mouse behavior analysis in conditional place preference test
* Fractional poisson enhancement model for text detection and recognition in video frames
* Image Enhancement Based on Fractional Poisson for Segmentation of Skin Lesions Using the Watershed Transform
* new Fractal Series Expansion based enhancement model for license plate recognition, A
* Optimized-Memory Map-Reduce Algorithm for Mobile Learning
* Riesz Fractional Based Model for Enhancing License Plate Detection and Recognition
Includes: Jalab, H.A.[Hamid A.] Jalab, H.A.
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Jaladi, R. Co Author Listing * Objective Consumer Device Photo Quality Evaluation
* Subtle consumer-photo quality evaluation

Jalal, A. Co Author Listing * Advanced Performance Achievement Using Multi- Algorithmic Approach of Video Transcoder For Low Bitrate Wireless Communication
* Automated Parts-Based Model for Recognizing Human-Object Interactions from Aerial Imagery with Fully Convolutional Network
* Dense depth maps-based human pose tracking and recognition in dynamic scenes using ridge data
* LFW-Gender Dataset, The
* Real-time life logging via a depth silhouette-based human activity recognition system for smart home services
* Robust human activity recognition from depth video using spatiotemporal multi-fused features
* Robust Object Categorization and Scene Classification over Remote Sensing Images via Features Fusion and Fully Convolutional Network
* Semi-supervised clustering of unknown expressions
* Stochastic Remote Sensing Event Classification over Adaptive Posture Estimation via Multifused Data and Deep Belief Network
Includes: Jalal, A. Jalal, A.[Ahmad] Jalal, A.[Ahsan]
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Jalal, A.S.[Anand Singh] Co Author Listing * Apple disease classification using color, texture and shape features from images
* Dense Haze Removal by Nonlinear Transformation
* Emotion recognition from facial expressions based on multi-level classification
* framework for abandoned object detection from video surveillance, A
* joint cumulative distribution function and gradient fusion based method for dehazing of long shot hazy images, A
* multi-resolution framework for multi-object tracking in Daubechies complex wavelet domain, A
* Redundancy removal for isolated gesture in Indian sign language and recognition using multi-class support vector machine
* Robust Object Tracking Method Using Structural Similarity in Daubechies Complex Wavelet Domain, A
* Support vector machine-based macro-block mode decision in MPEG-2 video compression
* survey of methods, datasets and evaluation metrics for visual question answering, A
* Visual question answering model based on graph neural network and contextual attention
Includes: Jalal, A.S.[Anand Singh] Jalal, A.S.
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Jalal, M.[Mona] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Affect Transfer Learning for Behavior Prediction in an Intelligent Tutoring System
* Online Graph Completion: Multivariate Signal Recovery in Computer Vision
* Visual complexity analysis using deep intermediate-layer features

Jalali, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Encoder-decoder cycle for visual question answering based on perception-action cycle
* High cursive traditional Asian character recognition using integrated adaptive constraints in ensemble of DenseNet and Inception models
* Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (INSAR) Technology and Geomorphology Interpretation
Includes: Jalali, A.[Amin] Jalali, A.

Jalali, B. Co Author Listing * Discrete Anamorphic Transform for Image Compression
* Fast Super-Resolution in MRI Images Using Phase Stretch Transform, Anchored Point Regression and Zero-Data Learning
* Self-adaptive stretch in anamorphic image compression
Includes: Jalali, B. Jalali, B.[Bahram]

Jalali, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Dependent Gaussian Experts in Local Approximation

Jalali, L.[Laleh] Co Author Listing * Human Behavior Analysis from Smartphone Data Streams
* Objective Self

Jalali, M.[Masoume] Co Author Listing * Deformable Convolutional LSTM for Human Body Emotion Recognition
* new clustering approach based on graph partitioning for navigation patterns mining, A
* Surface Velocity Response of a Tropical Glacier to Intra and Inter Annual Forcing, Cordillera Blanca, Peru, The
Includes: Jalali, M.[Masoume] Jalali, M.[Mehrdad] Jalali, M.[Mohammadreza]

Jalali, S.[Shirin] Co Author Listing * Deep Unfolding for Snapshot Compressive Imaging
* Determination of Optimal General Edge Detectors by Global Minimization of a Cost Function
Includes: Jalali, S.[Shirin] Jalali, S.[Shahryar]

Jalali, S.M.J.[Seyed Mohammad Jafar] Co Author Listing * Automated Deep CNN-LSTM Architecture Design for Solar Irradiance Forecasting

Jalali, S.V.[Seyed Vahid] Co Author Listing * Survey of Stable Clustering for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Jalalmaab, M. Co Author Listing * Design and Experimental Validation of a Cooperative Driving Control Architecture for the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016

Jalalvand, A.[Azarakhsh] Co Author Listing * Feature Engineering and Stacked Echo State Networks for Musical Onset Detection
* Indoor Person Identification Using a Low-Power FMCW Radar
* Investigating the significance of adversarial attacks and their relation to interpretability for radar-based human activity recognition systems
* Optimized discriminative transformations for speech features based on minimum classification error

Jalalzai, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Adversarial Examples to Quantify Membership Information Leakage

Jalalzai, K. Co Author Listing * Adapted Basis for Nonlocal Reconstruction of Missing Spectrum
* Enhancement of Blurred and Noisy Images Based on an Original Variant of the Total Variation
* Properties of minimizers of the total variation and of the solutions of the total variation flow
* Some Remarks on the Staircasing Phenomenon in Total Variation-Based Image Denoising
Includes: Jalalzai, K. Jalalzai, K.[Khalid]

Jalandoni, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Intensity Values of Terrestrial Laser Scans Reveal Hidden Black Rock Art Pigment
* Inundation Exposure Assessment for Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands Using A High-Accuracy Digital Elevation Model

Jalasutram, R.[Rommel] Co Author Listing * Character recognition with two spiking neural network models on multicore architectures

Jalata, I.[Ibsa] Co Author Listing * Non-volume preserving-based fusion to group-level emotion recognition on crowd videos

Jalayer, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Distributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning With Graph Decomposition Approach for Large-Scale Adaptive Traffic Signal Control, A
* Safe Route Mapping of Roadways Using Multiple Sourced Data

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