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Hake, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Using Machine-Learning for the Damage Detection of Harbour Structures

Hakeem, A.[Asaad] Co Author Listing * CASEE: A Hierarchical Event Representation for the Analysis of Videos
* Estimating Geospatial Trajectory of a Moving Camera
* Learning, detection and representation of multi-agent events in videos
* Mobile ISR: Intelligent ISR management and exploitation for the expeditionary warfighter
* Multimodal complex event detection framework for wide area surveillance
* On the Direct Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix
* Ontology and taxonomy collaborated framework for meeting classification
* Rapidly Deployable Video Analysis Sensor units for wide area surveillance
* SAVE: A framework for semantic annotation of visual events
* Self Calibrating Visual Sensor Networks
Includes: Hakeem, A.[Asaad] Hakeem, A.
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Hakeem, S.A.[Samreen Abdul] Co Author Listing * Impending Hydrological Regime of Lhasa River as Subjected to Hydraulic Interventions: A SWAT Model Manifestation

Hakeem, U. Co Author Listing * Design and Experimental Validation of a Cooperative Driving System in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge

Haken, H. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Recognition Of Deformed Patterns, A
* Stereo Vision by Self-Organization

Haken, L. Co Author Listing * Template matching for rhythmic analysis of music keyboard input
* Using Diagram Generation Software to Improve Diagram Recognition: A Case Study of Music Notation
Includes: Haken, L. Haken, L.[Lippold]

Haken, R. Co Author Listing * Monitoring and mapping with robot swarms for agricultural applications

Haker, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Deictic Gestures with a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Face Detection Using a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Scale-invariant range features for time-of-flight camera applications
* Self-Organizing Maps for Pose Estimation with a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Shading constraint improves accuracy of time-of-flight measurements

Haker, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * email: Haker, S.[Steven]: haker AT math umn edu
* Angle-preserving mappings for the visualization of multi-branched vessels
* Differential and Numerically Invariant Signature Curves Applied to Object Recognition
* Flattening Maps for the Visualization of Multibranched Vessels
* Image Morphing Based on Mutual Information and Optimal Mass Transport
* Image Morphing Technique Based on Optimal Mass Preserving Mapping, An
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation of SAR Data with Learned Priors
* Knowledge-based segmentation of SAR images
* Missile Tracking Using Knowledge-based Adaptive Thresholding
* Multiscale 3-D Shape Representation and Segmentation Using Spherical Wavelets
* Nondistorting flattening maps and the 3-D visualization of colon CT images
* On the Laplace-Beltrami operator and brain surface flattening
* Optimal Mass Transport and Image Registration
* Optimal Mass Transport for Registration and Warping
* Riemannian Mean Curvature Flow
* Tensor-Like Representation for Averaging, Filtering and Interpolation of 3-D Object Orientation Data, A
Includes: Haker, S.[Steven] Haker, S. Haker, S.[Steve]
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