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Eklund, A.[Anders] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Diffusion Tensor Estimation with Spatial Priors
* Brain Computer Interface for Communication Using Real-Time fMRI, A
* Enhancement of micro-channels within the human mastoid bone based on local structure tensor analysis
* functional connectivity inspired approach to non-local fMRI analysis, A
* Generating Diffusion MRI Scalar Maps from T1 Weighted Images Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* GPU accelerated interactive interface for exploratory functional connectivity analysis of FMRI data, A
* Using the Local Phase of the Magnitude of the Local Structure Tensor for Image Registration
* What is the Best Data Augmentation for 3D Brain Tumor Segmentation?
Includes: Eklund, A.[Anders] Eklund, A.
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Eklund, J.E. Co Author Listing * Global Feature-Extraction Operations For Near-Sensor Image-Processing

Eklund, L. Co Author Listing * Cell proposal network for microscopy image analysis
* Detection of Tumor Cell Spheroids from Co-cultures Using Phase Contrast Images and Machine Learning Approach
* novel feature descriptor based on microscopy image statistics, A
* Segmentation of Cells from Spinning Disk Confocal Images Using a Multi-stage Approach
* Towards Virtual H E Staining of Hyperspectral Lung Histology Images Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Eklund, L. Eklund, L.[Lauri]

Eklund, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Visual Tracking Algorithm and Real Time Implementation
* Visual Servoing using Correlation Filters

Eklund, N.H.W. Co Author Listing * Efficient Chromosome Encoding and Problem-Specific Mutation Methods for the Flexible Bay Facility Layout Problem
* Using Genetic Algorithms to Estimate Confidence Intervals for Missing Spatial Data

Eklund, P.W.[Peter W.] Co Author Listing * Omnidirectional Video Super-Resolution Using Deep Learning

Eklundh, J. Co Author Listing * Seeing the Obvious

Eklundh, J.O.[Jan Olof] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Eklundh, J.O.[Jan Olof]: joe AT nada kth se
* Active Detection and Classification of Junctions by Foveation with a Head-Eye System Guided by the Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Active Fixation for Junction Classification
* Active Fixation for Scene Exploration
* Active Vision as Methodology
* Advances in theory and applications of pattern recognition, image processing and computer vision
* Analysis of Aerosol Images using the Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Attending, Foveating and Recognizing Objects in Real World Scenes
* Attentional Scene Segmentation: Integrating Depth and Motion
* Automatic Estimation of the Projected Light Source Direction
* Classification of Multispectral Images using Associative Nets
* Classifying Materials from Their Reflectance Properties
* Classifying materials in the real world
* Computational Model of Depth-Based Attention, A
* Continuous Vergence Movements for Relative Depth Acquisition
* Convergence Properties of Relaxation
* Detecting Symmetry and Symmetric Constellations of Features
* Dynamic Fixation
* Dynamic Fixation and Active Perception
* Edge Detection using the Marr-Hildrith Operator with Different Sizes
* Eigen-Transform and Applications, The
* Extraction of Shape Features and Experiments on Cue Integration
* Foveated Figure-Ground Segmentation and Its Role in Recognition
* Generalized Cylinders: What Are They?
* Guiding Early Visual Processing with a Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Head-Eye System for Active, Purposive Computer Vision, A
* Head-Eye System: Analysis and Design, A
* Heads, Eyes, and Head-Eye Systems
* Image Smoothing Based on Neighbor Linking
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes
* Joint visual vocabulary for animal classification
* Knowledge Based Image Analysis
* Local Fourier phase and disparity estimates: An analytical study
* Low-dimensional representations of shaded surfaces under varying illumination
* Machine Vision Research at CVAP: An Introduction
* Mechatronics of Active Vision
* Model-Free Voting Approach for Integrating Multiple Cues, A
* Object Detection Using Model Based Prediction and Motion Parallax
* On Projective Geometry and the Recovery of 3-D Structure
* On Scale and Resolution in Active Analysis of Local Image Structure
* On Scale and Resolution in the Analysis of Local Image Structure
* On the Computation of a Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* On the Significance of Real-World Conditions for Material Classification
* On the Use of Fourier Phase Features for Texture Discrimination
* Panel Report: The Potential Of Geons For Generic 3-D Object Recognition
* Peak Detection Using Difference Operators
* Phenomenological eigenfunctions for image irradiance
* Probabilistic and Voting Approaches to Cue Integration for Figure-Ground Segmentation
* Pure Learning Approach to Background-Invariant Object Recognition Using Pedagogical Support Vector Learning, A
* Qualitative Shape: Some Computational Aspects
* Real-Time Epipolar Geometry Estimation and Disparity
* Real-Time Epipolar Geometry Estimation of Binocular Stereo Heads
* Real-Time Maintenance of Figure-Ground Segmentation
* Real-Time System for Epipolar Geometry and Ego-Motion Estimation, A
* Recognition of gestures in the context of speech
* Relaxation Method for Multispectral Pixel Classification, A
* Relaxation Methods in Multispectral Pixel Classification
* Relaxation: Evaluation and Applications
* Rigid Body Motion Analysis from the Correspondence of Interest Points
* Robust Shape Description Based On Curve Fitting
* Scale Detection and Region Extraction from a Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Scale-Space Primal Sketch: Construction and Experiments
* Shape Representation by Multiscale Contour Approximation
* Some Properties of Stochastic Labeling Procedures
* Some Relaxation Experiments Using Triples of Pixels
* Statistical background subtraction for a mobile observer
* Stereovision and Motion for Advanced Space Robotics
* Structured Approach to Segmentation of Aerial Photographs, A
* Texture Discrimination by Projective Invariants
* Towards an Active Visual Observer
* Use of Geons for Generic 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Vision in the real world: Finding, attending and recognizing objects
Includes: Eklundh, J.O.[Jan Olof] Eklundh, J.O.[Jan-Olof] Eklundh, J.O.
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Eklundh, K.S. Co Author Listing * Involving users in the design of a mobile office robot

Eklundh, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Challenges and Best Practices for Deriving Temperature Data from an Uncalibrated UAV Thermal Infrared Camera
* Classification of Grassland Successional Stages Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Empirical Assessment of the MODIS Land Cover Dynamics and TIMESAT Land Surface Phenology Algorithms, An
* Fast Fusion of Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Time Series over Rangelands
* In Situ Calibration of Light Sensors for Long-Term Monitoring of Vegetation
* Method for Robust Estimation of Vegetation Seasonality from Landsat and Sentinel-2 Time Series Data, A
* Modelling Daily Gross Primary Productivity with Sentinel-2 Data in the Nordic Region: Comparison with Data from MODIS
* Performance of Smoothing Methods for Reconstructing NDVI Time-Series and Estimating Vegetation Phenology from MODIS Data
* Radiometric Correction of Multispectral UAS Images: Evaluating the Accuracy of the Parrot Sequoia Camera and Sunshine Sensor
* Spatio-temporal patterns in vegetation start of season across the island of Ireland using the MERIS Global Vegetation Index
* Upscaling Northern Peatland CO2 Fluxes Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Eklundh, L.[Lars] Eklundh, L.
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