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Dona, C.[Carolina] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Coverage in Permanent and Temporary Shallow Lakes and Wetlands by Combining Remote Sensing Techniques and Genetic Programming: Application to the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula
* Monitoring Hydrological Patterns of Temporary Lakes Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Models: Case Study of La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve in Central Spain
* SMOS Level-2 Soil Moisture Product Evaluation in Rain-Fed Croplands of the Pampean Region of Argentina
* Thermal-Infrared Spectral and Angular Characterization of Crude Oil and Seawater Emissivities for Oil Slick Identification
Includes: Dona, C.[Carolina] Doņa, C.[Carolina] Dona, C.

Dona, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Introducing the Effects of Road Geometry Into Microscopic Traffic Models for Automated Vehicles
* Reinforcement Learning Approach for Enacting Cautious Behaviours in Autonomous Driving System: Safe Speed Choice in the Interaction With Distracted Pedestrians, A
* Towards Bi-Dimensional driver models for automated driving system safety requirements: Validation of a kinematic model for evasive lane-change maneuvers
Includes: Dona, R.[Riccardo] Donā, R.[Riccardo]

Donachy, P. Co Author Listing * environment for generating FPGA architectures for image algebra-based algorithms, An

Donadello, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Mixing Low-Level and Semantic Features for Image Interpretation
* Ontology-Driven Food Category Classification in Images

Donadeo, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Combining multiple depth-based descriptors for hand gesture recognition

Donadieu, J.[Joelle] Co Author Listing * FLATSIM: The ForM@Ter LArge-Scale Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 InterferoMetry Service
Includes: Donadieu, J.[Joelle] Donadieu, J.[Joëlle]

Donadio, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Lightning Detection and Possible Relationship with Rainfall Events over the Central Mediterranean Area

Donadio, E. Co Author Listing * Multi-Source 3D Models Supporting Ultrasonic Test to Investigate An Egyptian Sculpture of the Archaeological Museum in Bologna
* SfM for Orthophoto to Generation: A Winning Approach for Cultural Heritage Knowledge

Donager, J.J.[Jonathon J.] Co Author Listing * Adjudicating Perspectives on Forest Structure: How Do Airborne, Terrestrial, and Mobile Lidar-Derived Estimates Compare?

Donahue, A.[Asa] Co Author Listing * Estimating Wildlife Density as a Function of Environmental Heterogeneity Using Unmarked Data

Donahue, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Observations of Preferential Flow Paths in Snow Using Upward-Looking Polarimetric Radar and Hyperspectral Imaging

Donahue, J.[Jeff] Co Author Listing * Annotator rationales for visual recognition
* Asymmetric and Category Invariant Feature Transformations for Domain Adaptation
* Context Encoders: Feature Learning by Inpainting
* Generating Visual Explanations
* Long-Term Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition and Description
* Part-Based R-CNNs for Fine-Grained Category Detection
* Region-Based Convolutional Networks for Accurate Object Detection and Segmentation
* Rich Feature Hierarchies for Accurate Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation with Instance Constraints
* Sequence to Sequence -- Video to Text
Includes: Donahue, J.[Jeff] Donahue, J.[Jeffrey]
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Donahue, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Image Recognition with Occlusions
* Method for Automatic Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards, A
* On the Use of Level Curves in Image Analysis
* Satellite SST-Based Coral Disease Outbreak Predictions for the Hawaiian Archipelago
* Sparse Representations for Image Decomposition with Occlusions
* Sparse Representations for Image Decompositions
Includes: Donahue, M.J.[Michael J.] Donahue, M.J. Donahue, M.J.[Megan J.]

Donaire, J.G. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of an iterative algorithm for three dimensional X-ray cone beam reconstruction

Donal, E. Co Author Listing * Dynamic registration of cardiac US and CT data using Fourier descriptors and Dynamic Time Warping
* Multimodal Registration and Data Fusion for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Optimization
* Standardized Evaluation System for Left Ventricular Segmentation Algorithms in 3D Echocardiography

Donald, C.[Cecil] Co Author Listing * Cloud security based attack detection using transductive learning integrated with Hidden Markov Model

Donald, G.E. Co Author Listing * Integration of Optical and Radar Classifications for Mapping Pasture Type in Western Australia

Donaldson, B.[Blair] Co Author Listing * Human Eye Location for Quantifying Eye Muscle Palsy

Donaldson, K.[Katherine] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Super-Resolution of Text in Video with a Text-Specific Bimodal Prior

Donaldson, K.A.[Kurt A.] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Generalization of Machine Learning-Based Slope Failure Prediction to New Geographic Extents
* Explainable Boosting Machines for Slope Failure Spatial Predictive Modeling
* Slope Failure Prediction Using Random Forest Machine Learning and LiDAR in an Eroded Folded Mountain Belt

Donaldson, R.W. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Recognizing Contour-Traced Handprinted Characters
* Results Obtained Using a Simple Character Recognition Procedure on Munson's Handprinted Data
* Use of Contextual Constraints in Recognition of Contour-Traced handprinted Characters

Donaldson, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Issues for Spatial Update of Digital Cadastral Maps

Donaldson, Y.[Yonesha] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Analysis of Remote Sensing-Based Approach for Salt Marsh Monitoring

Donalek, C. Co Author Listing * Some Pattern Recognition Challenges in Data-Intensive Astronomy

Donalson Matasci, M. Co Author Listing * Improving pollen classification with less training effort
Includes: Donalson Matasci, M. Donalson-Matasci, M.

Donamukkala, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Class Selection and Prototyping for 3-D Object Classification
* Parts-based 3D object classification

Donat, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive interpolation of images
* Data compression algorithms with maximum error control
* Edge detection insensitive to changes of illumination in the image
* Tensor product multiresolution analysis with error control for compact image representation
Includes: Donat, R. Donat, R.[Rosa]

Donat, W. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection via Feature-Aided Tracking and Hidden Markov Models

Donate, A.[Arturo] Co Author Listing * 3D feature extraction from uncalibrated video clips
* 3D structure estimation from monocular video clips
* Classification of Textures Distorted by Water Waves
* Efficient and accurate subpixel path based stereo matching
* Efficient Path-Based Stereo Matching With Subpixel Accuracy
* Improved Reconstruction of Images Distorted by Water Waves
* Kernel functions for robust 3D surface registration with spectral embeddings
* Shot boundary detection in videos using robust three-dimensional tracking
* Viewing Scenes Occluded by Smoke
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Donate, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Aerial Mapping of Odorous Gases in a Wastewater Treatment Plant Using a Small Drone
Includes: Donate, S.[Silvia] Doņate, S.[Silvia]

Donatella, G. Co Author Listing * Skeletonization using the divergence of an anisotropic vector field flow

Donatelli, J.J. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Objects from Their Averaged Finite Crystal Diffraction Intensity

Donatelli, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Graph Laplacian and Neural Networks for Inverse Problems in Imaging: GraphLaNet

Donateo, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Analysis of NO2 and O3 Total Columns from DOAS Zenith-Sky Measurements in South Italy

Donath, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Examining Trade-Offs between Social, Psychological, and Energy Potential of Urban Form

Donath, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Distance Map Based and Morphologic Thinning Algorithm, A

Donath, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Automatic Surveying of Cutaneous Hemangiomas

Donath, T.[Tilman] Co Author Listing * Automated determination of the center of rotation in tomography data

Donati, C.[Cesare] Co Author Listing * 3D Distance Filter for the Autonomous Navigation of UAVs in Agricultural Scenarios

Donati, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Application of Remote Sensing to the Investigation of Rock Slopes: Experience Gained and Lessons Learned
* Characterization of the Fels Landslide (Alaska) Using Combined Terrestrial, Aerial, and Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Remote Sensing and Geovisualization of Rock Slopes and Landslides
* Robust SAR Speckle Tracking Workflow for Measuring and Interpreting the 3D Surface Displacement of Landslides, A

Donati, L. Co Author Listing * email: Donati, L.: donati AT math unice fr
* Accurate System for Fashion Hand-Drawn Sketches Vectorization, An
* Joint Angular Refinement and Reconstruction for Single-Particle Cryo-EM
* Practical Guide to Supervised Deep Learning for Bioimage Analysis: Challenges and good practices, A
* Singularities of Illuminated Surfaces
Includes: Donati, L. Donati, L.[Laurčne]

Donati, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * CloudScout: A Deep Neural Network for On-Board Cloud Detection on Hyperspectral Images

Donati, N. Co Author Listing * Deep Geometric Functional Maps: Robust Feature Learning for Shape Correspondence
* Deep orientation-aware functional maps: Tackling symmetry issues in Shape Matching
Includes: Donati, N. Donati, N.[Nicolas]

Donatiello, G. Co Author Listing * Toward Abnormal Trajectory and Event Detection in Video Surveillance

Donato, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Decay Assessment of Stone-Built Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of the Cosenza Cathedral Faįade (South Calabria, Italy)

Donato, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * email: Donato, G.[Gianluca]: luca AT salk edu
* Approximate Thin Plate Spline Mappings
* Classifying Facial Actions

Donato, P.G. Co Author Listing * Train wheel detection without electronic equipment near the rail line
* Ultrasonic sensor system for detecting falling objects on railways

Donato, T.F. Co Author Listing * credit assignment approach to fusing classifiers of multiseason hyperspectral imagery, A

Donato, V. Co Author Listing * Challenges And Opportunities for the Implementation of H-bim With Regards to Historical Infrastructures: A Case Study of the Ponte Giorgini in Castiglione Della Pescaia (grosseto: Italy)

Donatsch, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * 3D conversion using vanishing points and image warping
* Hand-held 3D light field photography and applications

Donatti, G.S.[Guillermo Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Memory Organization for Invariant Object Recognition and Categorization
Includes: Donatti, G.S.[Guillermo Sebastian] Donatti, G.S.[Guillermo Sebastián]

Donaubauer, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * BIM-GIS Integration as Dedicated and Independent Course for Geoinformatics Students: Merits, Challenges, and Ways Forward
* Combining Urban Metabolism Methods and Semantic 3D City Models
Includes: Donaubauer, A.[Andreas] Donaubauer, A.

Donavanik, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Role of Psychophysiological Measures as Implicit Communication Within Mixed-Initiative Teams, The

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