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Chaa, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * 3D palmprint recognition using unsupervised convolutional deep learning network and SVM classifier

Chaaba, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Preservation and Valorisation of Morocco's Ancient Heritage: Volubilis
* Study of Effectiveness of Treatment by Nanolime of the Altered Calcarenite Stones of the Archeological Site of Volubilis Site (Morocco)

Chaaba, H. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of 3d Building Model Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning And Drone Photogrammetry

Chaaban, H.[Hussein] Co Author Listing * Towards an Automatic Annotation of French Sign Language Videos: Detection of Lexical Signs

Chaabane, F. Co Author Listing * Application of DSM theory for SAR image change detection
* Brain tumor extraction using graph based classification of MRI time series for diagnostic assistance
* Multi-temporal Sar Change Detection And Monitoring
* Multi-temporal SAR classification according to change detection operators
* Multitemporal Method for Correction of Tropospheric Effects in Differential SAR Interferometry: Application to the Gulf of Corinth Earthquake, A
* Satellite image time series classification and analysis using an adapted graph labeling
* SVM-based Zero-watermarking Technique for 3d Videos Traitor Tracing, A
* Toward a Novel LSB-based Collusion-Secure Fingerprinting Schema for 3D Video
Includes: Chaabane, F. Chaabane, F.[Ferdaous] Chaabane, F.[Faten]
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Chaabane, L.[Linda] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Active Contour Model for Size Independent Blood Vessel Lumen Segmentation and Quantification in High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Images

Chaabane, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * End-to-end Learning Improves Static Object Geo-Localization from Video
* Looking Ahead: Anticipating Pedestrians Crossing with Future Frames Prediction
* Pose Proposal and Refinement Network for Better 6D Object Pose Estimation, A
Includes: Chaabane, M.[Mohamed] Chaabane, M.

Chaabane, W.[Wafa] Co Author Listing * Supervised Biometric System Using Multimodal Compression Scheme

Chaabani, A.C.[Ali Cherif] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction from Contours Shape for Tumor Analyzing in Mammographic Images

Chaabani, C.[Chayma] Co Author Listing * Flood Mapping in a Complex Environment Using Bistatic TanDEM-X/TerraSAR-X InSAR Coherence
* InSAR Coherence-Dependent Fuzzy C-Means Flood Mapping Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Chaabene, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian myopic parallel MRI reconstruction
* Bayesian sparse regularization for parallel MRI reconstruction using complex Bernoulli-Laplace mixture priors
Includes: Chaabene, S. Chaabene, S.[Siwar]

Chaabi, Y.[Youness] Co Author Listing * Facial decomposition for expression recognition using texture/shape descriptors and SVM classifier

Chaabita, R. Co Author Listing * Wireless Sensor Network: Towards An Improvement of Security Policy

Chaabouni Chouayakh, H.[Houda] Co Author Listing * 3D Change Detection inside Urban Areas using different Digital Surface Models
* Towards Automatic 3D Change Detection inside Urban Areas by Combining Height and Shape Information
Includes: Chaabouni Chouayakh, H.[Houda] Chaabouni-Chouayakh, H.[Houda]

Chaabouni, A.[Aymen] Co Author Listing * Combining of Off-line and On-line Feature Extraction Approaches for Writer Identification
* Fractal and Multi-fractal for Arabic Offline Writer Identification
* Fuzzy Segmentation and Graphemes Modeling for Online Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* Multi-fractal Modeling for On-line Text-Independent Writer Identification
* Off-Line Features Integration for On-Line Handwriting Graphemes Modeling Improvement
* Quality assessment of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and HEVC compressed video in a telemedicine context
* Subjective and objective quality assessment for H264 compressed medical video sequences
Includes: Chaabouni, A.[Aymen] Chaabouni, A.
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Chaabouni, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * Using ROI with ISOM compression to medical image

Chaabouni, S.[Souad] Co Author Listing * ChaboNet: Design of a deep CNN for prediction of visual saliency in natural video
* Transfer learning with deep networks for saliency prediction in natural video
Includes: Chaabouni, S.[Souad] Chaabouni, S.

Chaalia, N.[Nourhene] Co Author Listing * Bi-discriminator GAN for tabular data synthesis
* RSD-GAN: Regularized Sobolev Defense GAN Against Speech-to-Text Adversarial Attacks

Chaapel, C. Co Author Listing * Very High Resolution Multiangle Urban Classification Analysis

Chaaraoui, A.A.[Alexandros Andre] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Skeletal and Silhouette-Based Features for Human Action Recognition with RGB-D Devices
* Silhouette-based human action recognition using sequences of key poses

Chaari, A.[Anis] Co Author Listing * 2D Face Recognition in the IV2 Evaluation Campaign
* Face localization by neural networks trained with Zernike moments and Eigenfaces feature vectors. A comparison
* Full motion detection system with post-processing
* IV2 Multimodal Biometric Database (Including Iris, 2D, 3D, Stereoscopic, and Talking Face Data), and the IV2-2007 Evaluation Campaign, The
* New Approach to Face Image Coding using Gabor Wavelet Networks, A
* New Clustering Approach for Face Identification, A
* New Protocol Design for Wordspotting Assistance System: Case Study of the Collaborative Library Model - ARMARIUS
* Pruning Approach Improving Face Identification Systems, A
Includes: Chaari, A.[Anis] Chaari, A. Chaari, A.[Ahmed] Chaari, A.[Abir]
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Chaari, L.[Lotfi] Co Author Listing * Bayesian grouplet transform, A
* Bayesian myopic parallel MRI reconstruction
* Bayesian sparse regularization for parallel MRI reconstruction using complex Bernoulli-Laplace mixture priors
* Bayesian Vehicle Detection Using Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Fast Joint Detection-Estimation of Evoked Brain Activity in Event-Related fMRI Using a Variational Approach
* Robust voxel-wise joint detection estimation of brain activity in fMRI
* Wavelet-based parallel MRI regularization using bivariate sparsity promoting priors
Includes: Chaari, L.[Lotfi] Chaari, L.
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