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Boufaied, A. Co Author Listing * Diagnostic Approach for Advanced Tracking of Commercial Vehicles With Time Window Constraints, A
* Dynamic delay risk assessing in supply chains

Boufama, B. Co Author Listing * Achieving Efficient Dense Matching for Uncalibrated Images
* Affine camera calibration from homographies of parallel planes
* Bag of Micro-Movements for Human Activity Recognition, The
* Better Trajectory Shape Descriptor for Human Activity Recognition, A
* Combining Mendonça-Cipolla Self-calibration and Scene Constraints
* Compound Eigenspace for Recognizing Directed Human Activities, A
* Distinction between Virtual and Physical Planes Using Homography, The
* Homography-based plane identification and matching
* Human actions recognition from streamed Motion Capture
* new method for linear affine self-calibration of stationary zooming stereo cameras, A
* New SVM + NDA Model for Improved Classification and Recognition, A
* Non-parametric Fisher's discriminant analysis with kernels for data classification
* Novel Clustering-Based Method for Adaptive Background Segmentation, A
* Novel Human Motion Recognition Method Based on Eigenspace, A
* Object Inter-camera Tracking with Non-overlapping Views: A New Dynamic Approach
* Ongoing human action recognition with motion capture
* Parallel Planes Identification Using Uncalibrated Zooming Cameras
* real-time system for motion retrieval and interpretation, A
* Region segmentation and matching in stereo images
* Self-calibration of stationary non-rotating zooming cameras
* Shape from Motion Algorithms: A Comparative Analysis of Scaled Orthography and Perspective
* survey of local feature methods for 3D face recognition, A
* Towards a Fast and Reliable Dense Matching Algorithm
* Tracking Multiple People in the Context of Video Surveillance
Includes: Boufama, B. Boufama, B.[Boubakeur] Boufama, B.[Boubaker] Boufama, B.[Bubaker]
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Boufama, B.S.[Boubakeur S.] Co Author Listing * Camera self-calibration from bivariate polynomial equations and the coplanarity constraint
* Camera self-calibration from bivariate polynomials derived from Kruppa's equations
* Camera Self-Calibration from Triplets of Images Using Bivariate Polynomials Derived from Kruppa's Equations
* Camera Self-Calibration: A New Approach for Solving the Modulus Constraint
* Efficient and Fast Active Contour Model for Salient Object Detection, An
* Epipole and Fundamental Matrix Estimation Using Virtual Parallax
* Euclidian Constraints for Uncalibrated Reconstruction
* Feature-based active contour model and occluding object detection
* Independent Motion Segmentation and Collision Prediction for Road Vehicles
* Motion and trajectory recovery for tracking multiple objects undergoing a planar motion
* Multi-baseline stereo using a single-lens camera
* Multiple Object Detection with Occlusion Using Active Contour Model and Fuzzy C-Mean
* new efficient active contour model without local initializations for salient object detection, A
* Novel Bayesian Logistic Discriminant Model with Dirichlet Distributions: An Application to Face Recognition, A
* novel Bayesian logistic discriminant model: An application to face recognition, A
* novel SVM+NDA model for classification with an application to face recognition, A
* Object Detection Using Active Contour Model with Depth Clue
* On the Recovery of Motion and Structure when Cameras are not Calibrated
* Reconstruction-Free Parallel Planes Identification from Uncalibrated Images
* Registration and Tracking In the Context of Augmented Reality
* Self Calibration of a Stereo Head Mounted onto a Robot Arm
* Self-calibration of a simplified camera using Kruppa equations
* Stable and Accurate Algorithm for Computing Epipolar Geometry, A
* Three-dimensional Projective Reconstruction from Three Views
* Three-dimensional reconstruction using the perpendicularity constraint
* Three-dimensional Structure Calculation: Achieving Accuracy without Calibration
* Understanding Positioning from Multiple Images
* Use of Homographies for View Synthesis, The
* Using Geometric-Properties For Automatic Object Positioning
* Using geometry towards stereo dense matching
Includes: Boufama, B.S.[Boubakeur S.] Boufama, B.S.[Boubakeur-Seddik] Boufama, B.S. Boufama, B.S.[Boubaker S.]
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Boufarguine, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * Virtu4D: a Real-time Virtualization of Reality

Boufenar, C. Co Author Listing * Investigation on deep learning for off-line handwritten Arabic Character Recognition using Theano research platform

Boufera, F.[Fatma] Co Author Listing * Kernel-based convolution expansion for facial expression recognition
* Kernelized Dense Layers For Facial Expression Recognition
* Learnable pooling weights for facial expression recognition
* Taylor Series Kernelized Layer for Fine-Grained Recognition
Includes: Boufera, F.[Fatma] Boufera, F.

Bouffard, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Integrating Inland and Coastal Water Quality Data for Actionable Knowledge

Bouffard, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Coastal Current Intrusions from Satellite Altimetry
* ESA Permanent Facility for Altimetry Calibration in Crete: Advanced Services and the Latest Cal/Val Results, The
* Latest Altimetry-Based Sea Ice Freeboard and Volume Inter-Annual Variability in the Antarctic over 2003-2020
* Roll Calibration for CryoSat-2: A Comprehensive Approach
Includes: Bouffard, J.[Jerome] Bouffard, J.[Jérôme]

Bouffard, M.G.[Marie G.] Co Author Listing * Increasing Forest Cover and Connectivity Both Inside and Outside of Protected Areas in Southwestern Costa Rica

Boufounas, E.M. Co Author Listing * Optimal tracking and robust intelligent based PI power controller of the wind turbine systems
* robust intelligent control for a variable speed wind turbine based on general regression neural network, A

Boufounos, P. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Surface Profilometry Via Optical coherence Tomography

Boufounos, P.T.[Petros T.] Co Author Listing * Distributed compression of zerotrees of wavelet coefficients
* Distributed Radar Autofocus Imaging Using Deep Priors
* Exploring the Resolution Limit for In-Air Synthetic-Aperture Audio Imaging
* Fusion of multi-angular aerial images based on epipolar geometry and matrix completion
* High-Resolution Lidar Using Random Demodulation
* Motion-Adaptive Depth Superresolution
* Online convolutional dictionary learning for multimodal imaging
* Recursive Born Approach to Nonlinear Inverse Scattering, A
* Streaming Compressive Sensing for high-speed periodic videos
* Video querying via compact descriptors of visually salient objects
Includes: Boufounos, P.T.[Petros T.] Boufounos, P.T.
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Bouftaih, H. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous object detection and localization using convolutional neural networks

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