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Barz, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Content-based Image Retrieval and the Semantic Gap in the Deep Learning Era
* Deep Learning on Small Datasets without Pre-Training using Cosine Loss
* Detecting Regions of Maximal Divergence for Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection
* Finding Relevant Flood Images on Twitter Using Content-based Filters
* Hierarchy-Based Image Embeddings for Semantic Image Retrieval
* Information-Theoretic Active Learning for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Making Every Label Count: Handling Semantic Imprecision by Integrating Domain Knowledge
* Tune It or Don't Use It: Benchmarking Data-Efficient Image Classification
Includes: Barz, B.[Bjorn] Barz, B.[Björn] Barz, B.
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Barz, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Spectra Using Empirical Basis Functions
Includes: Barz, J.[Jakob] Bärz, J.[Jakob] (Maybe also Baerz, J.)

Barzaghi, R. Co Author Listing * Cultural Heritage Monitoring By Low-cost GNSS Receivers: A Feasibility Study for San Gaudenzio's Cupola, Novara
* New Insights into Long-Term Aseismic Deformation and Regional Strain Rates from GNSS Data Inversion: The Case of the Pollino and Castrovillari Faults
* Submillimeter Accuracy of InSAR Time Series: Experimental Validation
Includes: Barzaghi, R. Barzaghi, R.[Riccardo]

Barzegar Parizi, S. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Analysis From 2-D Periodic Rough Surfaces Using Complex Images Technique
Includes: Barzegar Parizi, S. Barzegar-Parizi, S.

Barzegar, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Querying 3D Cadastral Information from BIM Models

Barzegar, Z.[Zeynab] Co Author Listing * Fully automated glioma tumour segmentation using anatomical symmetry plane detection in multimodal brain MRI

Barzelay, U.[Udi] Co Author Listing * TAEN: Temporal Aware Embedding Network for Few-Shot Action Recognition

Barzelay, Z. Co Author Listing * Clothing Recognition in the Wild using the Amazon Catalog
* Harmony in Motion
Includes: Barzelay, Z. Barzelay, Z.[Zohar]

Barzic, R. Co Author Listing * Toward Hardware Building Blocks for Software-Only Real-Time Video Processing: The MOVIE Approach

Barzigar, N.[Nafise] Co Author Listing * SCoBeP: Dense image registration using sparse coding and belief propagation
* Video Super-Resolution Framework Using SCoBeP, A
Includes: Barzigar, N.[Nafise] Barzigar, N.

Barzilay, M.A.J. Co Author Listing * Subjective Quality Analysis of Bit Rate Exchange Between Temporal and SNR Scalability in the MPEG4 SVC Extension

Barzilay, N.[Noa] Co Author Listing * MISS GAN: A Multi-IlluStrator style generative adversarial network for image to illustration translation
* Neural Registration and Segmentation of White Matter Tracts in Multi-modal Brain MRI

Barzilay, O.[Ofir] Co Author Listing * On domain knowledge and feature selection using a support vector machine

Barzilay, R.[Regina] Co Author Listing * Mol2Image: Improved Conditional Flow Models for Molecule to Image Synthesis

Barzily, Z.[Zeev] Co Author Listing * linguistic approach to classification of bacterial genomes, A
* statistical model of cluster stability, A
Includes: Barzily, Z.[Zeev] Barzily, Z.

Barzin, R.[Razieh] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning in Evaluating Multispectral Active Canopy Sensor for Prediction of Corn Leaf Nitrogen Concentration and Yield
* Use of UAS Multispectral Imagery at Different Physiological Stages for Yield Prediction and Input Resource Optimization in Corn

Barzohar, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic and Robust Aerial Road Detection Based on Multihypothesis Generalized Kalman Filter Using Fully and Partially Occluded Models
* Automatic Finding of Main Roads in Aerial Images by Using Geometric-Stochastic Models and Estimation
* Completely Automatic Reliable Finding of Main Roads in Aerial Images by Using Bayesian Methods
* Fast Robust Tracking of Curvy Partially Occluded Roads in Clutter in Aerial Images
* Local-to-Global Point Cloud Registration Using a Dictionary of Viewpoint Descriptors
* New Geometric Stochastic Technology for Finding and Recognizing Roads and Their Features in Aerial Images
* Recognition of 3D Objects Based on Implicit Polynomials
* Recognizing Groups of Curves Based on New Affine Mutual Geometric Invariants, with Applications to Recognizing Intersecting Roads in Aerial Images
* Robust Fitting of Implicit Polynomials with Quantized Coefficients to 2d Data
* Stable Fitting of 2D Curves and 3D Surfaces by Implicit Polynomials
Includes: Barzohar, M. Barzohar, M.[Meir]
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Barzycka, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Methods for Distinguishing Glacier Zones Using Satellite SAR Data
* Quality Assessment and Glaciological Applications of Digital Elevation Models Derived from Space-Borne and Aerial Images over Two Tidewater Glaciers of Southern Spitsbergen

Barzykina, E.[Ekaterina] Co Author Listing * Removal of Blocking Artifacts using Random Pattern Filtering

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