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Arena, E.T. Co Author Listing * Automated and Robust Quantification of Colocalization in Dual-Color Fluorescence Microscopy: A Nonparametric Statistical Approach
* Spatially Adaptive Colocalization Analysis in Dual-Color Fluorescence Microscopy

Arena, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Multi-Parametric and Multi-Layer Study to Investigate the Largest 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Eruptions, A

Arena, L.[Livia] Co Author Listing * general framework and related procedures for multiscale analyses of DInSAR data in subsiding urban areas, A

Arena, M. Co Author Listing * Review on the Infomobility Quality: a new framework
* Service design in electric vehicle sharing: evidence from Italy

Arena, S. Co Author Listing * Digital Watermarking Applied to Mpeg-2 Coded Video Sequences Exploiting Space and Frequency Masking

Arenado, M.I.[M. Ibarra] Co Author Listing * Monovision-based vehicle detection, distance and relative speed measurement in urban traffic

Arenal, A. Co Author Listing * Solving Inaccuracies in Anatomical Models for Electrocardiographic Inverse Problem Resolution by Maximizing Reconstruction Quality
Includes: Arenal, A. Arenal, Á.

Arenas Castro, S.[Salvador] Co Author Listing * Combining Satellite Remote Sensing and Climate Data in Species Distribution Models to Improve the Conservation of Iberian White Oaks (Quercus L.)
* Ecosystem Services in a Protected Mountain Range of Portugal: Satellite-Based Products for State and Trend Analysis
* Model-Assisted Bird Monitoring Based on Remotely Sensed Ecosystem Functioning and Atlas Data
* Remotely Sensed Variables of Ecosystem Functioning Support Robust Predictions of Abundance Patterns for Rare Species
Includes: Arenas Castro, S.[Salvador] Arenas-Castro, S.[Salvador]

Arenas Garcia, J. Co Author Listing * Combinations of Adaptive Filters: Performance and convergence properties
* Efficient Kernel Orthonormalized PLS for Remote Sensing Applications
* Growing support vector classifiers with controlled complexity
* Nonnegative OPLS for Supervised Design of Filter Banks: Application to Image and Audio Feature Extraction
Includes: Arenas Garcia, J. Arenas-Garcia, J. Arenas-García, J.

Arenas, A.E. Co Author Listing * Position Verification of a Mobile Robot Using Standard Pattern

Arenas, R.T. Co Author Listing * Development of a Virtual Environment Based Image Generation Tool for Neural Network Training

Arend, K.[Kristin] Co Author Listing * Mapping Invasive Phragmites australis in the Old Woman Creek Estuary Using UAV Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Classifiers

Arend, L. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Colour Constancy

Arend, M.F. Co Author Listing * Development and Operational Analysis of an All-Fiber Coherent Doppler Lidar System for Wind Sensing and Aerosol Profiling

Arendacka, B.[Barbora] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and supervised classification of image objects in Epo doping-control
Includes: Arendacka, B.[Barbora] Arendacká, B.[Barbora]

Arends, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Application of Multi-modal Features for Terrain Classification on a Mobile System

Arendsen, J.[Jeroen] Co Author Listing * Acceptability ratings by humans and automatic gesture recognition for variations in sign productions
* learning environment for sign language, A
Includes: Arendsen, J.[Jeroen] Arendsen, J.

Arendsen, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Occlusion-invariant face recognition using simultaneous segmentation

Arendt, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Automated Dynamic Mascon Generation for GRACE and GRACE-FO Harmonic Processing

Arenella, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Real Time Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Cells by Cameras on Drones

Arens, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Trajectory Reconstruction using Stereo Matching and Instance Flow based Multiple Object Tracking
* 3D Surface Reconstruction From Multi-date Satellite Images
* 3D Vehicle Trajectory Reconstruction in Monocular Video Data Using Environment Structure Constraints
* Ad Hoc Model Generation Using Multiscale LIDAR Data from a Geospatial Database
* Annotation driven MAP search space estimation for sliding-window based person detection
* Change Detection in Urban Areas by Direct Comparison of Multi-view and Multi-temporal ALS Data
* Change detection in urban areas by object-based analysis and on-the-fly comparison of multi-view ALS data
* Computer Vision for Medical Infant Motion Analysis: State of the Art and RGB-D Data Set
* Conceptual representations between video signals and natural language descriptions
* Context Sensitivity of Spatio-Temporal Activity Detection using Hierarchical Deep Neural Networks in Extended Videos
* Data Anonymization for Data Protection on Publicly Recorded Data
* Deep Saliency Map Generators for Multispectral Video Classification
* Descriptor and Voting Scheme for Fast 3D Self-Localization in Man-Made Environments, A
* Detection and tracking of objects with direct integration of perception and expectation
* Efficient Tour Planning for a Measurement Vehicle By Combining Next Best View and Traveling Salesman
* Estimating Body Pose of Infants in Depth Images Using Random Ferns
* Evaluating the Impact of Color Information in Deep Neural Networks
* Evaluation of Background Subtraction Algorithms on Fused Infrared-Visible Video Streams, An
* Feature based person detection beyond the visible spectrum
* Generative 2d and 3d Human Pose Estimation with Vote Distributions
* Handling Missing Observations with an RNN-based Prediction-Update Cycle
* Hierarchical Grouping Using Gestalt Assessments
* Hierarchical Grouping: The Gestalt Assessments Method
* Hierarchical Hough forests for view-independent action recognition
* High-level situation recognition using Fuzzy Metric Temporal Logic, case studies in surveillance and smart environments
* Human pose estimation with implicit shape models
* Image-based Out-of-Distribution-Detector Principles on Graph-Based Input Data in Human Action Recognition
* Impact of Fused Visible-Infrared Video Streams on Visual Tracking
* Information Acquisition on Pedestrian Movements In Urban Traffic with A Mobile Multi-sensor System
* Instance flow based online multiple object tracking
* Joint Detection and Online Multi-object Tracking
* Learning and Tracking the 3D Body Shape of Freely Moving Infants from RGB-D sequences
* Local Feature Based Person Reidentification in Infrared Image Sequences
* Local multi-modal image matching based on self-similarity
* Measuring the quality of figure/ground segmentations
* MissFormer: (In-)Attention-Based Handling of Missing Observations for Trajectory Filtering and Prediction
* Modeling vs. learning approaches for monocular 3D human pose estimation
* Monocular Camera Trajectory Optimization using LiDAR data
* Moving object reconstruction in monocular video data using boundary generation
* On the Benefit of State Separation for Tracking in Image Space with an Interacting Multiple Model Filter
* On the effect of temporal information on monocular 3d human pose estimation
* Online multi-person tracking using Integral Channel Features
* Person re-identification in multi-camera networks
* Real-time 2D video/3D LiDAR registration
* Recognition of Symmetry Structure by Use of Gestalt Algebra
* RED: A Simple but Effective Baseline Predictor for the TrajNet Benchmark
* Revisiting Click-Based Interactive Video Object Segmentation
* RNN-Based IMM Filter Surrogate, An
* Searching Remotely Sensed Images For Meaningful Nested Gestalten
* Single Frame Based Video Geo-Localisation Using Structure Projection
* Supporting Annotation of Anatomical Landmarks Using Automatic Scale Selection
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Utilization of 3D City Models and Airborne Laser Scanning for Terrain-based Navigation of Helicopters and UAVs
* View-invariant person re-identification with an Implicit Shape Model
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Voting Strategies for Anatomical Landmark Localization Using the Implicit Shape Model
Includes: Arens, M. Arens, M.[Michael]
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Arens, T. Co Author Listing * Indicator Functions for Shape Reconstruction Related to the Linear Sampling Method

Arents, J.[Janis] Co Author Listing * Synthetic Data of Randomly Piled, Similar Objects for Deep Learning-Based Object Detection

Arentz, W.A.[Will Archer] Co Author Listing * Classifying offensive sites based on image content

Arentze, T.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Personalized Travel Information Systems: A Bayesian Method to Learn Users' Personal Preferences in Multimodal Transport Networks

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