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NTIRE16 * *New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
* Blind Image Deblurring Using Elastic-Net Based Rank Prior
* CNN-GRNN for Image Sharpness Assessment
* Debluring Low-Resolution Images
* Dual Adaptive Regularization Method to Remove Mixed Gaussian-Poisson Noise, A
* Generic 3D Convolutional Fusion for Image Restoration
* Local Feature-Based Photo Album Compression by Eliminating Redundancy of Human Partition
* Low-Rank Tensor Recovery and Alignment Based on Lp Minimization
* Model and Dictionary Guided Face Inpainting in the Wild
* Patch Group Based Bayesian Learning for Blind Image Denoising
* Robust Noisy Image Super-Resolution Using l1-norm Regularization and Non-local Constraint
* Single Image Dehazing Using Fixed Points and Nearest-Neighbor Regularization
* Single Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Based on Edge-Preserving with External and Internal Gradient Prior Knowledge
* Video Super Resolution Using Non-Local Means with Adaptive Decaying Factor and Searching Window
* Visual Smoke Detection
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NTIRE17 * *New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
* Balanced Two-Stage Residual Networks for Image Super-Resolution
* Beyond Deep Residual Learning for Image Restoration: Persistent Homology-Guided Manifold Simplification
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network with Selection Units for Super-Resolution, A
* Deep Wavelet Prediction for Image Super-Resolution
* Depth-Stretch: Enhancing Depth Perception Without Depth
* Enhanced Deep Residual Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Exploiting Reflectional and Rotational Invariance in Single Image Superresolution
* Fast and Accurate Image Super-Resolution Using a Combined Loss
* Fast External Denoising Using Pre-Learned Transformations
* FAST: A Framework to Accelerate Super-Resolution Processing on Compressed Videos
* FormResNet: Formatted Residual Learning for Image Restoration
* Image Denoising via CNNs: An Adversarial Approach
* Image Super Resolution Based on Fusing Multiple Convolution Neural Networks
* Locally Adaptive Color Correction for Underwater Image Dehazing and Matching
* Multi-Resolution Data Fusion for Super-Resolution Electron Microscopy
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Dataset and Study
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* PaletteNet: Image Recolorization with Given Color Palette
* SRHRF+: Self-Example Enhanced Single Image Super-Resolution Using Hierarchical Random Forests
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