12 Registration, Matching and Recognition Using Points, Lines, Regions, Areas, Surfaces

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Code, Stereo. Code, Time Warping. Code, Tracking. Context. Contour Matching. Copy Detection. Corner Matching. Correlation Matching. Curvature. Database. Dataset, Change Detection. Dataset, Matching. Dataset, Multi-Focus. Dataset, Object Detection. Dataset, Object Pose. Dataset, Object Recognition. Dataset, People. Dataset, Pose Estimation. Deformable Registration. Deformable Template. Deformation Matching. Depth. Descriptions, Three-Dimensional. Digital Curvature Estimation. Digital Terrain Map. Duplicate Image. Duplicate Video. Edge Matching. Eigen Representations. Epipolar Constraint. Evaluation, Invariants. Evaluation, Matching. Evaluation, Registration. Face Recognition. Filters for Matching. Finite Element Analysis. Focus. Fourier Descriptors. Fourier Moments. Fourier Transform. Fusion. Gelerkin Approximation. Hashing. Hausdorff Distance. Hierarchical Matching. Hierarchical Registration. High Level Vision. Homography Estimation. Hopfield Networks. Hough. Hough Transform. Hyperspectral. ICP. Image Copy. Image Fusion. Image Matching. Image Registration. Indexing. Industrial Applications. Information Fusion. Infrared. Inspection. Invariants. Invariants, Points. Iterative Closest Point. Jigsaw Puzzle. Knowledge-Based Vision. Landsat. Lidar. Lidar Registration. Lie Groups. Line Matching. Logo Recognition. Mahalanobis Distance. Match Measure. Matched Filter. Matching, Accumulation. Matching, Chamfer. Matching, Contours. Matching, Correlation. Matching, Edges. Matching, Evaluation. Matching, Fourier. Matching, Hashing. Matching, Hierarchical. Matching, Images. Matching, Indexing. Matching, Invariants. Matching, Lines. Matching, Models. Matching, Moments. Matching, Points. Matching, Range. Matching, Range Data. Matching, Regions. Matching, Relaxation. Matching, Scale-Space. Matching, Sequence. Matching, Signature. Matching, Surfaces. Matching, Templates. Matching, Tree Search. Matching, Video. Medial Axis Transform. Medical. Medical, Applications. Mesh Registration. Moment Invariants. Moment Matching. Moments. Moments, Computation. Mosaic. Motion, Matching. Multi-Focus Fusion. Multi-Modal. Multiple Resolutions. Multiscale Representation. Neural Networks. Non-Rigid Registration. OCR. Object Recognition. Octree. Pan-Sharpening. Pansharpening. Patch Matching. Pattern Alignment. Performance Analysis. Ph.D.. Phase Correlation. Point Cloud Registration. Point Clouds. Point Matching. Polygon Matching. Pose Estimation. Pose Estimation, Evaluation. Pose Estimation, Lines. Pose Estimation, Perspective. Pose Estimation, Points. Pose Estimation, Range Data. Proximity Matrix. Pyramid Structure. Pyramid Structures, Matching. Radar. Radar Change Detection. Range. Range Matching. Recognition, Indexing. Recognition, Using Shape. Recognize Aircraft. Recognize Line Models. Recognize Range Data. Recognize Three-Dimensional Objects. Recognize Two-Dimensional Objects. Region Matching. Registration. Registration, 3-D. Registration, InSAR. Registration, Range. Registration, SAR. Registration, Ultrasound. Relaxation. Relaxation, Matching. Remote Sensing. SAR. SAR Change Detection. SAR Imagery. SAR Registration. Scale Space. Scale-Space Matching. Segmentation. Sensor Fusion. Shape Signature. Shredded Documents. Similarity Measures. Simulated Annealing. Spatial Reasoning. String Matching. Subpixel. Subpixel Registration. Super Resolution. Surface Matching. Surface Mosaics. Survey, Alignment. Survey, Change Detection. Survey, Correlation. Survey, Data Fusion. Survey, Descriptions, Three-Dimensional. Survey, Fusion. Survey, Image Fusion. Survey, Image Registration. Survey, Inage Fusion. Survey, Matching. Survey, Moments. Survey, Pan-Sharpening. Survey, Pansharpening. Survey, Range Registration. Survey, Recognition. Survey, Registration. Survey, Sensor Fusion. Survey, Shape Matching. Survey, Template Matching. Survey, Video Copy. Survey, Video Duplicates. Synchronization. Syntactic Analysis. Synthetic Aperture Radar. TLS. Tactile Sensing. Target Pose Estimation. Template Matching. Terrestrial Laser Scanner. Thermal Imaging. Three Dimensional Points. Tracking. Two Dimensional Points. Ultrasound. Video Copy Detection. Video Synchronization.
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