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Yim, C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues
* Bi-Sequential Video Error Concealment Method Using Adaptive Homography-Based Registration
* Efficient Method for DCT-Domain Image Resizing with Mixed Field/Frame-Mode Macroblocks, An
* Quality Assessment of Deblocked Images
* Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues

Yim, C.H.[Chang Hoon] Co Author Listing * Blocking Artifact Reduction Method Based on Non-iterative POCS in the DCT Domain
* Efficient Method for DCT-Domain Separable Symmetric 2-D Linear Filtering, An
* Efficient Post-processing Using DCT Domain Projections Onto Convex Sets, An
* Evaluation of temporal variation of video quality in packet loss networks
* Hybrid error concealment method combining exemplar-based image inpainting and spatial interpolation
* Multiresolution 3-D Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues
* Occlusion Invariant Face Recognition Using Selective LNMF Basis Images
* Occlusion Invariant Face Recognition Using Two-Dimensional PCA
Includes: Yim, C.H.[Chang Hoon] Yim, C.H.[Chang-Hoon] Yim, C.H. Yim, C.H.[Chung-Hyuk]
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Yim, J.[Junho] Co Author Listing * Densely Distilled Flow-Based Knowledge Transfer in Teacher-Student Framework for Image Classification
* Enhancing the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks on Quality Degraded Datasets
* Entropy Minimization for Groupwise Planar Shape Co-alignment and its Applications
* Fast and Efficient Super-Resolution Network Using Hierarchical Dense Residual Learning, A
* Gift from Knowledge Distillation: Fast Optimization, Network Minimization and Transfer Learning, A
* Joint Fine-Tuning in Deep Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition
* NLNL: Negative Learning for Noisy Labels
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* Rotating your face using multi-task deep neural network
* Sequential Knowledge Transfer in Teacher-Student Framework Using Densely Distilled Flow-Based Information
Includes: Yim, J.[Junho] Yim, J. Yim, J.[Jonghoon]
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Yim, J.G.[Joong Gon] Co Author Listing * Rich features for perceptual quality assessment of UGC videos
* Subjective Quality Assessment for Youtube UGC Dataset
Includes: Yim, J.G.[Joong Gon] Yim, J.G.

Yim, J.H.[Jong Hwa] Co Author Listing * Filter Style Transfer Between Photos
Includes: Yim, J.H.[Jong Hwa] Yim, J.H.[Jong-Hwa]

Yim, J.J.[Jung Jae] Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic and Robust 3D Modeling for Range Scan Data of Complex 3D Objects
Includes: Yim, J.J.[Jung Jae] Yim, J.J.[Jung-Jae]

Yim, K. Co Author Listing * Fast Motion Estimator for Real-Time System, A

Yim, M. Co Author Listing * Using Smart Cameras to Localize Self-Assembling Modular Robots

Yim, P.J.[Peter J.] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of blood vessels using dynamic programming
* Gray-scale skeletonization of small vessels in magnetic resonance angiography
* Helical CT of Von Hippel-Lindau: Semi-automated Segmentation of Renal Lesions
* Isosurfaces as deformable models for magnetic resonance angiography
Includes: Yim, P.J.[Peter J.] Yim, P.J.

Yim, S. Co Author Listing * Preview Controller Design for Vehicle Stability With V2V Communication

Yim, S.H.[Sung Hoon] Co Author Listing * Robust Camera Motion Estimation for Point-of-View Video Stabilization
Includes: Yim, S.H.[Sung Hoon] Yim, S.H.[Sung-Hoon]

Yim, S.H.L.[Steve Hung Lam] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Evolution of the Wintertime Boundary Layer in Urban Beijing, China: Insights from Doppler Lidar and a 325-m Meteorological Tower
* High-Spatial-Resolution Population Exposure to PM2.5 Pollution Based on Multi-Satellite Retrievals: A Case Study of Seasonal Variation in the Yangtze River Delta, China in 2013
* Observation of Turbulent Mixing Characteristics in the Typical Daytime Cloud-Topped Boundary Layer over Hong Kong in 2019
* Vertica Wind Shear Modulates Particulate Matter Pollutions: A Perspective from Radar Wind Profiler Observations in Beijing, China
Includes: Yim, S.H.L.[Steve Hung Lam] Yim, S.H.L.[Steve H.L.] Yim, S.H.L.[Steve Hung-Lam]

Yim, Y.[Yeni] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation and Registration of Lung Surfaces in Temporal Chest CT Scans
* Smoothing Segmented Lung Boundary in Chest CT Images Using Scan Line Search
Includes: Yim, Y.[Yeni] Yim, Y.[Yeny]

Yim, Y.U.[Young Uk] Co Author Listing * Three-feature based automatic lane detection algorithm (TFALDA) for autonomous driving

Yim, Z. Co Author Listing * Temporally Adaptive Motion Estimation Based on the Temporal Subband Analysis

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